Thursday, December 11, 2008

Should GEICO have a mascot change?

We have all seen the GEICO commercials with the gecko and cavemen themes. There are so many, so often, what are they really hiding? Putting lipstick on a pig does not, a model make.

I think GEICO's true personality should be represented by a flesh ripping dinosaur or a morph between Chuckie from the movie, "Child's Play", and a caveman. Horror movie theme music should be played in the background.

[click here] for a complaint post on GEICO's business practices. They don't seem to pay claims, and seem to have a lack of ethics as compared to other insurance companies. Feel free to add your comment, negative, or positive, on your experiences with GEICO.

Contacting your local and federal legislators, State's Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner, etc. might not be enough. Some sort of documentary distributed online would be a good way to expose to those who might be future victims of insurance companies if not properly educated on which companies are better than others.

With the lack of cash held back, wrongly, by GEICO, medical providers could falter, and families could even break up under the strain of losing income due to GEICO insured driver taking them out of their jobs, causing an auto accident causing personal injury. GEICO, if not stopped, could also be further harming the US economy with their practices and procedure, pursuing profit with the lack of caring for the harm they are causing. Other insurance companies can be as bad, or worse, let's expose these companies, also.


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check out the comments in the post linked to above

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