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US Millionaire flees US to seek political asylum in Sweden

Where is Richard "Ritt" Goldstein?

That question is asked in [this OpEd article]

Video Ritt made before fleeing the US, so terrorized by police, seeking political asylum in Sweden:


As of 3:32 PM EST, I found this [located here]:

Dagens debattör

Ritt Goldstein

57 år, undersökande journalist, Falun.

The date of that seemingly Swedish language post is late August of this year. Does anyone out there know Swedish, and will you help me contact Ritt Goldstein?

added 4:39 PM EST:

Om du är i Sverige, vet att det svenska språket, kan du hjälpa mig få kontakt med Ritt Goldstein?

Är Ritt Goldstein fortfarande bor i Sverige utan "inhemska tidningar", olagligt?

Skriv i ämnesraden för eventuella e-post ", Ritt Goldstein". Tack.

Если Ритт Гольдштейн все еще живет в Швеции вы помочь мне найти его?

Написать в теме какой-либо электронной почте, "Ритт Гольдштейна". Спасибо.

Wenn Ritt Goldstein immer noch das Leben in Schweden werden Sie mir helfen, ihn finden?

Schreiben Sie in die Betreffzeile einer E-Mail, "Ritt Goldstein." Danke.

I was able to do the above myself with a language conversion tool for web pages found [here]. Just cut and paste the text and you can respond to someone in their language, or cut and paste their language in the box and get back English ... Wow... Cool!

* * * *
* * * *

There would be actual justice if scumbag lawyers didn't oversee each other. If you lodge an attorney misconduct complaint, a board of lawyers hears your complaint. They side with each other. I think the worst, and most dishonest, attorney in the State of Connecticut calls himself the, "DCF Specialist", Michael H. Agranoff. [click here] for my complaint to the Connecticut Attorney General regarding Agranoff.

Letter Complaining to CT Atty Gen about Attorney Michael H. Agranoff

Attorney Michael H. Agranoff

* * * *

The below [found here]

Hollywood Blacklist McCarthyism

The Hollywood blacklist—more precisely the entertainment industry blacklist, into which it expanded—was the mid-twentieth-century list of screenwriters, actors, directors, musicians, and other U.S. entertainment professionals who were denied employment in the field because of their political beliefs or associations, real or suspected. Artists were barred from work on the basis of their alleged membership in or sympathy toward the American Communist Party, involvement in liberal or humanitarian political causes that enforcers of the blacklist associated with communism, and/or refusal to assist federal investigations into Communist Party activities; some were blacklisted merely because their names came up at the wrong place and time. Even during the period of its strictest enforcement, the late 1940s through the late 1950s, the blacklist was rarely made explicit and verifiable, but it caused direct damage to the careers of scores of American artists, often made betrayal of friendship (not to mention principle) the price for a livelihood, and promoted ideological censorship across the entire industry.

The first systematic Hollywood blacklist was instituted on November 25, 1947, the day after ten writers and directors were cited for contempt of Congress for refusing to give testimony to the House Committee on Un-American Activities. A group of studio executives, acting under the aegis of the Motion Picture Association of America, announced the firing of the artists—the so-called Hollywood Ten—in what has become known as the Waldorf Statement. On June 22, 1950, a pamphlet called Red Channels appeared, naming 151 entertainment industry professionals in the context of "Red Fascists and their sympathizers"; soon most of those named, along with a host of other artists, were barred from employment in much of the entertainment field. The blacklist was effectively broken in 1960 when Dalton Trumbo, an unrepentant member of the Hollywood Ten, was publicly acknowledged as the screenwriter of the films Spartacus and Exodus. A number of those blacklisted, however, were still barred from work in their professions for years afterward.

The Hollywood Ten and other 1947 blacklistees

The Hollywood Ten
Alvah Bessie, screenwriter
Herbert Biberman, screenwriter and director
Lester Cole, screenwriter
Edward Dmytryk, director
Ring Lardner Jr., screenwriter
John Howard Lawson, screenwriter
Albert Maltz, screenwriter
Samuel Ornitz, screenwriter
Adrian Scott, producer and screenwriter
Dalton Trumbo, screenwriter

Hanns Eisler, composer (Herman 1997: 356; Dick 1989: 7)
Bernard Gordon, screenwriter (Gordon 1999: 16)
Joan Scott, screenwriter (Ceplair and Englund 2003: 403; Goldstein 1999)

Persons first blacklisted between January 1948 and June 1950
(an asterisk after the entry indicates the person was also listed in Red Channels)
Ben Barzman, screenwriter (Ceplair and Englund 2003: 401)
Sheridan Gibney, screenwriter (Navasky 1980: 88)
Lillian Hellman, playwright and screenwriter* (Newman 1989: 140)
Canada Lee, actor (Goudsouzian 2004: 88)
Paul Robeson, actor and singer (Gill 2000: 50–52)
Edwin Rolfe, screenwriter and poet (Nelson and Hendricks 1990: 53)
William Sweets, radio personality* (Cogley 1956: 25–28)

The Red Channels list
(see, e.g., Schrecker [2002], p. 244; Barnouw [1990], pp. 122–124)
Larry Adler, actor and musician
Luther Adler, actor and director
Stella Adler, actress and teacher
Edith Atwater, actress
Howard Bay, scenic designer
Ralph Bell, actor
Leonard Bernstein, composer and conductor
Walter Bernstein, screenwriter
Michael Blankfort, screenwriter1
Marc Blitzstein, composer
True Boardman, screenwriter
Millen Brand, writer
Oscar Brand, folk singer
Joseph Edward Bromberg, actor
Himan Brown, producer and director
John Brown, actor
Abe Burrows, playwright and lyricist
Morris Carnovsky, actor
Vera Caspary, writer
Edward Chodorov, screenwriter and producer
Jerome Chodorov, writer
Mady Christians, actress
Lee J. Cobb, actor
Marc Connelly, playwright
Aaron Copland, composer
Norman Corwin, writer
Howard Da Silva, actor
Roger De Koven, actor
Dean Dixon, conductor
Olin Downes, music critic
Alfred Drake, actor
Paul Draper, actor and dancer
Howard Duff, actor
Clifford J. Durr, attorney
Richard Dyer-Bennett, folk singer
José Ferrer, actor
Louise Fitch (Lewis), actress
Martin Gabel, actor
Arthur Gaeth, radio commentator
William S. Gailmor, journalist and radio commentator
John Garfield, actor
Will Geer, actor
Jack Gilford, actor
Tom Glazer, folk singer
Ruth Gordon, actress and screenwriter
Lloyd Gough, actor
Morton Gould, pianist and composer
Shirley Graham, writer
Ben Grauer, radio and TV personality
Mitchell Grayson, radio producer and director
Horace Grenell, conductor and music producer
Uta Hagen, actress and teacher
Dashiell Hammett, writer
E. Y. "Yip" Harburg, lyricist
Robert P. Heller, television journalist
Lillian Hellman, playwright and screenwriter
Nat Hiken, writer and producer
Rose Hobart, actress
Judy Holliday, actress
Roderick B. Holmgren, journalist
Lena Horne, singer and actress
Langston Hughes, writer
Marsha Hunt, actress
Leo Hurwitz, director
Charles Irving, actor
Burl Ives, folk singer and actor
Sam Jaffe, actor
Leon Janney, actor
Joseph Julian, actor
Garson Kanin, writer and director
George Keane, actor
Donna Keath, radio actress
Pert Kelton, actress
Alexander Kendrick, journalist and author
Adelaide Klein, actress
Felix Knight, singer and actor
Howard Koch, screenwriter
Tony Kraber, actor
Millard Lampell, screenwriter
John La Touche, lyricist
Arthur Laurents, writer
Gypsy Rose Lee, actress and ecdysiast
Madeline Lee, actress2
Ray Lev, classical pianist
Philip Loeb, actor
Ella Logan, actress and singer
Alan Lomax, folklorist and musicologist
Avon Long, actor and singer
Joseph Losey, director
Peter Lyon, television writer
Aline MacMahon, actress
Paul Mann, director and teacher
Margo, actress and dancer
Myron McCormick, actor
Paul McGrath, radio actor
Burgess Meredith, actor
Arthur Miller, playwright
Henry Morgan, actor
Zero Mostel, actor
Jean Muir, actress
Meg Mundy, actress
Lyn Murray, composer and choral director
Ben Myers, attorney
Dorothy Parker, writer
Arnold Perl, producer and writer
Minerva Pious, actress
Samson Raphaelson, screenwriter and playwright
Bernard Reis, accountant
Anne Revere, actress
Kenneth Roberts, writer
Earl Robinson, composer and lyricist
Edward G. Robinson, actor
William N. Robson, radio and TV writer
Harold Rome, composer and lyricist
Norman Rosten, writer
Selena Royle, actress
Coby Ruskin, TV director
Robert St. John, journalist
Hazel Scott, jazz and classical musician
Pete Seeger, folk singer
Lisa Sergio, radio personality
Artie Shaw, jazz musician
Irwin Shaw, writer
Robert Lewis Shayon, former president of radio and TV directors' guild
Ann Shepherd, actress
William L. Shirer, journalist
Allan Sloane, radio and TV writer
Howard K. Smith, journalist
Gale Sondergaard, actress
Hester Sondergaard, actress
Lionel Stander, actor
Johannes Steel, journalist
Paul Stewart, actor
Elliott Sullivan, actor
William Sweets, radio personality
Helen Tamiris, choreographer
Betty Todd, director
Louis Untermeyer, poet
Hilda Vaughn, actress
J. Raymond Walsh, radio commentator
Sam Wanamaker, actor
Theodore Ward, playwright
Fredi Washington, actress
Margaret Webster, actress, director and producer
Orson Welles, actor, writer and director
Josh White, blues musician
Irene Wicker, singer and actress
Betty Winkler (Keane), actress
Martin Wolfson, actor
Lesley Woods, actress
Richard Yaffe, journalist
Note 1: Michael Blankfort gave cooperative, if uninformative, testimony to HUAC and was not blacklisted (see Navasky 1980: 101–102).

Note 2: Madeline Lee—who was married to actor Jack Gilford, also listed by Red Channels—was frequently confused with another actress of the era named Madaline Lee.

Other persons first blacklisted after June 1950
Eddie Albert, actor (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 188)
Nelson Algren, writer (Hazucha 2002: 49)
Lew Amster, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 28)
Richard Attenborough, director and producer (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 253)
Norma Barzman, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 159)
Sol Barzman, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 146)
Orson Bean, actor (Faulk 1963: 7)
Albert Bein, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 28)
Barbara Bel Geddes, actress (Katz 1994: 106)
Ben Bengal, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 50)
Seymour Bennett, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 123)
Leonardo Bercovici, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 21)
Herschel Bernardi, actor (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 42)
John Berry, actor, screenwriter and director (Denning 1998: 374; Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 108)
Henry Blankfort, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 31)
Laurie Blankfort, artist (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 31)
Roman Bohnen, actor (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 49)
Allen Boretz, screenwriter and songwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 83)
Phoebe Brand, actress (Schwartz, J. 1999; Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 50)
John Bright, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 2)
Phil Brown, actor (Barzman 2004: 449)
Harold Buchman, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 22)
Sidney Buchman, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 128)
Luis Buñuel, director (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 6)
Val Burton, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 17)
Hugo Butler, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 22)
Alan Campbell, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 129)
Charles Chaplin, actor, director and producer (Katz 1994: 241)
Maurice Clark, screenwriter (Navasky 1980: 283)
Richard Collins, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 73)
Charles Collingwood, radio commentator (Faulk 1963: 7–8)
Dorothy Comingore, actress (Denning 1998: 374; Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 20)
Jeff Corey, actor (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 77)
George Corey, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 151)
Oliver Crawford, screenwriter ("Oliver Crawford" 2008)
John Cromwell, director (Lumenick 2007a)
Charles Dagget, animator (Cohen 2004: 178)
Jules Dassin, director (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 105)
Karen DeWolf, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 5)
Howard Dimsdale, writer (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 250)
Ludwig Donath, actor (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 49)
Arnaud d'Usseau, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 83)
Phil Eastman, cartoon writer (Cohen 2004: 178)
Leslie Edgley, screenwriter (Navasky 1980: 282)
Edward Eliscu, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 7)
Faith Elliott, animator (Barzman 2004: 89)
Cy Endfield, screenwriter and director (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 137)
Guy Endore, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 83)
Francis Edward Faragoh, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 14)
Howard Fast, writer (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 48)
John Henry Faulk, radio personality (Faulk 1963: 6–7)
Jerry Fielding, composer (Burlingame 2000: 74)
Carl Foreman, producer and screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: xi)
Anne Froelick, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 250)
Lester Fuller, director (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 251)
Bert Gilden, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 105)
Lee Gold, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 139)
Harold Goldman, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 16)
Michael Gordon, director (Dick 1982: 80)
Jay Gorney, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 96)
Lee Grant, actress (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 31)
Morton Grant, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 13)
Anne Green, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 95)
Jack T. Gross, producer (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 37)
Margaret Gruen, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 164)
Tamara Hovey, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 15)
John Hubley, animator (Cohen 2004: 178)
Edward Huebsch, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 18)
Ian McLellan Hunter, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 86)
Kim Hunter, actress (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: viii)
John Ireland, actor (Doherty 2003: 236)
Daniel James, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 80)
Paul Jarrico, producer and screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 134)
Sidney Kingsley, playwright
Gordon Kahn, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 250)
Victor Kilian, actor (Graulich and Tatum 2003: 115)
Alexander Knox, actor (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 194)
Mickey Knox, actor (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 106)
Lester Koenig, producer (Herman 1997: 356)
Charles Korvin, actor (Korvin 1997)
Hy Kraft, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 39)
Millard Lampell, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 51)
Constance Lee, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 24)
Robert Lees, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 86)
Carl Lerner, editor and director (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 150)
Irving Lerner, director (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 53)
Lewis Leverett, actor (Schwartz 1999)
Alfred Lewis Levitt, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 130)
Helen Slote Levitt, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 130)
Mitch Lindemann, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 37)
Norman Lloyd, actor (Denning 1998: 374; Lumenick 2007b)
Ben Maddow, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 110)
Arnold Manoff, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 20)
Robert A. McGowan, screenwriter and director
John McGrew, animator (Cohen 2004: 178)
Ruth McKenney, writer (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 142)
Bill Meléndez, animator (Cohen 2004: 178)
John "Skins" Miller, actor (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 8)
Paula Miller, actress (Schwartz 1999)
Josef Mischel, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 110)
Karen Morley, actress (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 78)
Henry Myers, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 26)
Mortimer Offner, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 7)
Alfred Palca, writer and producer (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 157)
Larry Parks, actor (Navasky 1980: 371–373)
Leo Penn, actor (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 45)
Irving Pichel, director (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 10)
Louis Pollock, screenwriter (Ceplair and Englund 2003: 388)
Abraham Polonsky, screenwriter and director (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 13)
Vladimir Pozner, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 11)
Stanley Prager, director (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 15)
John Randolph, actor (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 247)
Maurice Rapf, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 163)
Rosaura Revueltas, actress (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 253)
Robert L. Richards, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 80)
Frederic I. Rinaldo, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 1)
Martin Ritt, actor and director (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 18)
W. L. River, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 5)
Marguerite Roberts, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 88)
Louise Rousseau, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 6)
Jean Rouverol (Butler), actress and writer (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 142)
Shimen Ruskin, actor (Navasky 1980: 282)
Madeleine Ruthven, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 55)
Waldo Salt, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 208)
John Sanford, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 101)
Bill Scott, voice actor (Cohen 2004: 178)
Martha Scott, actress (Ceplair and Englund 2003: 388)
Joshua Shelley, actor (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 45)
Madeleine Sherwood, actress
Reuben Ship, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 218)
Viola Brothers Shore, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 11)
George Sklar, playwright (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 6)
Art Smith, actor (Schwartz, J. 1999)
Louis Solomon, screenwriter and producer (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 63)
Ray Spencer, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 37)
Janet Stevenson, writer (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 49)
Philip Stevenson, writer (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 49)
Donald Ogden Stewart, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 36)
Arthur Strawn, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 91)
Bess Taffel, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 15)
Julius Tannenbaum, producer (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 22)
Frank Tarloff, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 175)
Shepard Traube, director and screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 17)
Dorothy Tree, actress (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 47)
Paul Trivers, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 141)
George Tyne, actor (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 45)
Michael Uris, writer (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 90)
Peter Viertel, screenwriter (Navasky 1980: 93–94)
Bernard Vorhaus, director (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 9)
John Weber, producer (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 209)
Richard Weil, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 18)
Hannah Weinstein, producer (Buhle and Wagner 2003b: 66)
John Wexley, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 111)
Michael Wilson, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: vii)
Richard N. Wright, writer (Hazucha 2002: 49)
Nedrick Young, actor and screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 248)
Julian Zimet, screenwriter (Buhle and Wagner 2003a: 83)


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