Monday, December 29, 2008

Visitor Traffic and "Sex, Lies, the Rich and Famous"

A post called, "Sex, lies, Connecticut, and the exploits of the Rich headed for Divorce," about Howard and Susan Sosin seems to be getting a lot of hits lately.

[click here] for that post

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Judicial, Police, Attorney, Prosecutorial, and Official Misconduct

[click here] for the Connecticut State Police Misconduct complaints that I lodged. They have a policy called, "Arrest and Discredit" for complainers.

If you are a Green Party Campaign Manager, the Connecticut State Police just might put you on their "Secret Police Enemies List". Journalist Kenneth Krayeske found all about their list [more]

Ritt Goldstein found all about the lying lawyers on the legislative Judiciary Committee. He fled the US seeking political asylum in Sweden after proposing Civilian Oversight of Police legislation to elected officials, so terrorized by police. [video and more]

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Steven G. Erickson posts on OpEd News [click here] [my blogging on OpEd]

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Is GEICO automobile insurance "bogus", do they do all they can, not to pay claims? Check out the comments in [this post].


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