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Do the most corrupt in the US mainly have Yale ties?

I stole the above image out of this [forum thread]

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[Connecticut] State police have begun an internal affairs investigation into a racially offensive video and still photograph that were e-mailed several months ago among troopers assigned to the state police forensic laboratory, including to its commander.

One e-mail shows a still photograph of a black man lying on the street surrounded by watermelon rinds and chicken bones. The headline on the e-mail read "fatal overdose?" Another e-mail had a video attachment of a tow-headed white girl with a lisp, who sat at her kitchen table in a yellow shirt and spewed hateful racial slurs with the encouragement of two adults. The subject line simply says: "Little girl with a speech problem." [more found here, scroll down]

Prison Corporation USA


Penn. Judges Accused of Taking Kickbacks for Jailing Youths in Private Prisons

In Pennsylvania, two judges are being accused of taking millions of dollars in bribes in return for placing youths in privately owned jails. Luzerne County President Judge Mark Ciavarella and Senior Judge Michael Conahan are said to have received $2.6 million for ensuring juvenile suspects were jailed in prisons operated by the companies PA Child Care and a sister company, Western PA Child Care. Some of the youths were jailed over the objections of their probation officers. Philadelphia’s Juvenile Law Center says it’s considering a class-action suit on behalf of several jailed youths.


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Judges Plead Guilty to Corruption

Tue, Jan 27, 2009

Home, Justice

Corrupt Judge Mark Ciavarella flees the courthouse, hopefull yon his way to spend the next seven years in a louse-ridden juvenile facility.Two Pennsylvania judges have plead guilty to fraud charges, after taking $2.6 million in kickbacks in return for placing juvenile offenders in specific detention facilities.

The plea agreements for Luzerne County President Judge Mark Ciavarella and Senior Judge Michael Conahan call for sentences of more than seven years in prison. Both have agreed to step down from the bench.

The judges took kickbacks between 2003 and 2007 in exchange for guaranteeing the placement of juvenile offenders into facilities operated by PA Child Care and Western PA Child Care LLC. In some cases, Ciavarella ordered children into detention even when juvenile probation officers did not recommend it.

“They sold their oaths of offices to the highest bidders,” said Deron Roberts, chief of the FBI’s Scranton office.

US Attorney Martin Carlson said the charges were “the first developments in an ongoing investigation” into public corruption at the courthouse in Wilkes-Barre.

PA Child Care and Western PA Child Care have not been charged with wrongdoing, for some bizarre reason beyond the comprehension of the human intellect.

County District Attorney Jackie Musto Carroll said her office would review cases in which offenders might have been improperly placed into juvenile detention.

The Juvenile Law Center, a Philadelphia-based advocacy group, complained last year to the state Supreme Court about the treatment of children in Luzerne County juvenile court, asking for the nullification of decisions in hundreds of cases. Juveniles were often denied their constitutional right to lawyers and were disproportionately sentenced to ill-advised, out-of-home placements, the group said.


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[click here] for:

My continuing thoughts on the US Prison "System"

Self-fulfilling prophecies, an Inmate's version of the holidays, and Prison Rape?

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[click here] for: "What is prison really like?"

Printing Money to Solve the Problem?

Glenn Beck of Fox News explains the US Government "scheme" and where it is taking us. The video in the link below, "Inconvenient Debt", says it after the short advertisement.

Inconvenient Debt

The amount of U.S. dollars in circulation is skyrocketing. What does it mean for you? Watch then share this video!

Click here to see the history and shocking Fed forecast

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US Torturing the World, the Issue

Image of medieval torture device was stolen [from here]

Welcome to the US, we may not need to face the Statue of Liberty the other direction where freedom lies outside the US. There was little possibility of justice under the Bush Regime.

Click title for below post.

Ending the Reign of the Den of Thieves by Steven Erickson

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Obama's Executive Orders: Is Egypt Listening?

by William Fisher

[source, OpEd News]

You may have missed it because it was ignored by virtually the entire the American mainstream press, but there's a really creepy irony that accompanied President Obama's decision to close Guantanamo and end torture, secret prisons and extraordinary rendition.

The irony is that some of the most lavish praise for Obama came from the press in countries that most of us would find, what shall we say, paradoxical. Countries that for many years have been the poster boys for unlawful detention, torture, secret prisons and "disappeared" prisoners. Countries in a part of the world that has been a consistent destination for those rendered by our CIA.

That would be the Middle East, where most of the press is owned or controlled by authoritarian governments. Countries in which political dissent is about as welcome as a pandemic of the Black Plague.

Top of the poster-boy list has to be Egypt, a beautiful country full of gracious, hospitable people - and some not so much -- where my family and I lived for several years.

Egypt has been ruled by Hosni Mubarak since 1981, when the then vice-president took on the top job following the assassination of Anwar Sadat. Since then, the country's now 80-year-old president has been a kind of caricature of old-style Arab potentates.

For all those years, Egypt has lived under so-called Emergency Laws. These laws give the government sweeping powers and give the citizens no powers. Public gatherings are banned unless they get government permits. And until recently -- when Bush's democracy promotion mantra finally began exerting ever-so-gentle pressure on the Mubarak regime to clean up its act -- political parties were banned or otherwise prevented from participating in the annual referendums that reelected the president with math-like precision.

Egypt's security services are omnipresent. Public intellectuals - including journalists and bloggers -- who dare to express dissent with the government wait, literally, for the knock at the door at 3 A.M. And the knock comes all too often. The security cops can and do take you away, destination often unknown, and can hold you indefinitely. You may never be charged with anything, nor have a lawyer represent you. The "justice system," as we understand justice, is virtually non-existent. The security courts are in Hosni Mubarak's pocket.

Since 1995, when Bill Clinton was president, Egypt has been one of the CIA's favorite destinations for victims of "extraordinary rendition," which is government-ese for kidnapping. Since that time, by the most conservative estimate, U.S. authorities have spirited at least twenty people off to Egyptian prisons. Many have been tortured. Some have died. Others have simply disappeared. Little wonder then that each and every year Egypt's abuses are high on the list in our State Department's annual human rights reports.

But, at the same time, in some other place in our government, foreign policy-makers are drafting the latest request to Congress for more billions in U.S. military and economic aid. U.S. aid to Egypt has averaged more than $2 billion every year 1979. It is second only to Israel.

U.S. aid to Egypt is its reward for making peace with Israel in 1979, following the Camp David Accords. And it continues because Egypt has been playing a peacemaker role between the warring Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah, as well as between Israelis and Palestinians.

Since 9/11, the government has used George W. Bush's "global war on terror" to suppress dissent from its leading opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood. But denial of the most basic human rights is not directed only at the Brotherhood; it applies to every Egyptian citizen.

Given that background, I found it more than a bit ironic that one of Egypt's leading newspapers, Al Ahram, would be trumpeting President Obama's GITMO executive orders as a huge victory for human rights.

Calling Guantanamo "a dark spot in U.S. history" and "a symbol of injustice and oppression," the newspaper wrote, "The prison is arguably one of the worst mockeries of international law, which was itself drafted partly by American legal experts. Past U.S. administrations may not have been devoted followers of the Geneva Conventions, but neither have they ever discarded international treaties as openly and as arrogantly as the current one."

"Former attorney-general Alberto Gonzales, a personal friend of President Bush, mastered this art in a way that allowed his bosses to adorn their gratuitous actions with the air of legitimacy. Guantanamo was his ultimate masterpiece," its story concluded.

There is little dispute among those of us George Bush has not terrorized into a perpetual state of fear that GITMO and what happened there is a disgrace to the United States. But offhand I can't think of a hypocrisy greater than its denunciation by a country that invented its own Guantanamos many years before ours - and arguably even more brutal and law-free.

That said, there may yet be an upside for the Egyptian people in Obama's decision to close the place down. Beirut's Daily Star newspaper - one of the best in the region - captured the possible gain.

It wrote of the negative effects U.S. interrogation practices have had on the observance of human rights by Arab governments. "With public knowledge of the American use of waterboarding in Guantanamo and elsewhere, why would Arab leaders promote human rights and political reforms? The closing of Guantanamo will send an important message that torture will not be tolerated by the Obama administration," the paper said.

Will Obama's actions rob Mr. Mubarak of one of his most useful fig leaves? Maybe. But it's a real longshot.

I wouldn't take it to the bank just yet.

William Fisher has managed economic development programs in the Middle East and elsewhere for the US State Department and the US Agency for International Development. He served in the international affairs area in the Kennedy Administration and now (more...)

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This blogger's email:

I love animals, they're tasty,

it all depends on how they're cooked and what kind of sauce you put on them.

I stole the below images from Vegan School 101 blog.

I stole this one [from here]

And this one [from here]

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Government and "Justice" For Sale

Hartford, Connecticut, Mayor Eddie Perez photo was stolen [from here]

The below [found here]

Corruption in
Connecticut politics

Last Edited: Tuesday, 27 Jan 2009, 6:23 PM EST
Created On: Tuesday, 27 Jan 2009, 5:36 PM EST

Hartford (WTNH) - They are the cases and the faces that earned us the nick name Corrupticut. Governor Rowland resigns, serves time in prison and mayors too; Waterbury's Philip Giordano, Bridgeport's Joe Ganim both remain behind bars. And now, Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez is under investigation.

"With everything that happened to Joe Ganim, you'd think people would have realized that it's not a game, not a joke," Robert Walsh, of the Bridgeport City Council, said.

Bridgeport Councilman Walsh said when Mayor Ganim was arrested in 2003, doing the city's business became difficult.

"The business, in many ways, continued to function," Walsh said. "It just seemed like there were less people that wanted to do business with the city."

A common thread in these cases: the trouble starts at home. For then Governor John Rowland it was renovations at his lake side cottage; specifically a hot tub he didn't pay for.

And, Mayor Joe Ganim had work done on his Bridgeport home by those looking for city contracts.

And now, renovations at the home of Mayor Perez has led to the mayor's arrest.

Investigations and arrests don't mean political leaders leave office right away. For Governor Rowland, the process to remove him from office began, only then did he resign, later convicted.

Waterbury's mayor was arrested but only after making a deal with the city did he resign and later convicted.

And, Bridgeport's Mayor Ganim was arrested, then convicted only then did he resign.

Mayor Perez has been arrested but is vowing to stay in office.

"I don't know when they're going to learn it just seems to be the same thing over, and over and over again," Walsh said. "Whether it's Ganim, Perez, Rowland."

Bridgeport has since revised its system of awarding city contracts.

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Bill Curry on Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell's complicity in corruption with John G. Rowland

"CCR: Has the Lt. Governor, Jodi Rell, been implicated?

CURRY: When her son was found by state environmental officers to be running a stolen property ring out of her basement for Skidoos, the environmental officers who made the arrests had their careers threatened. They suffered until it hit the press and then the administration backed off. She denied any involvement in the retaliation.

Again, Connecticut's extraordinary unwillingness to investigate the apparent corruption of its own elected officials saved her from further public embarrassment. In any event, she has been a happy, willing partner and an insider in the Rowland administration for nine years."

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The below [found here]

In Bold Extension of Exec Power, Bush Sent Rove a Letter Saying He Still Doesn't Have to Testify

by Jason Leopold

George W. Bush is seeking to extend his sweeping concept of executive privilege into his post-presidency, with the first battle likely to be fought over a renewed demand from House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers that Karl Rove finally testify about the politicization of the Justice Department.

On Monday, Conyers reissued a subpoena for Rove, a former White House deputy chief of staff, to testify before Congress about his role in firing nine federal prosecutors deemed not “loyal Bushies” as well as the controversial prosecution of Alabama’s former Democratic Gov. Don Siegelman.

Rove’s attorney, Robert Luskin, told the Washington Post that former President Bush recently sent a letter to Rove reasserting executive privilege that would prevent Rove and possibly other ex-White House officials from testifying. Bush sent the letter at Rove's request before he left office, according to Luskin.

However, it does appear that Bush is determined to extend his broad claims of executive privilege beyond his departure from the White House on Jan. 20.

In his last years in office, Bush succeeded in frustrating congressional inquiries by asserting a sweeping interpretation of executive privilege, a tradition that grants some confidentiality for advice between the President and his top aides. Bush expanded the scope of the privilege to include even discussions among his subordinates inside and outside the White House.

In September 2008, U.S. District Judge John Bates rejected Bush’s position, saying the concept of blanket executive privilege lacked legal precedent.

“The Executive cannot identify a single judicial opinion that recognizes absolute immunity for senior presidential advisors in this or any other context,” wrote Bates, a Bush appointee. "In fact, there is Supreme Court authority that is all but conclusive on this question and that powerfully suggests that such advisors do not enjoy absolute immunity.”

However, Bush’s lawyers appealed Bates’s ruling to a Republican-dominated Appeals Court panel in Washington that relied on a technicality – the looming adjournment of the 110th Congress – to declare the issue moot. [See’s “GOP Judges Aid White House Cover-up.”]

At the time, Conyers promised not to let the issue drop, and his announcement that he is reissuing the Rove subpoena under the 111th Congress indicates the case may soon return to the federal courts.

“I have said many times that I will carry this investigation forward to its conclusion, whether in Congress or in court,” Conyers said in a prepared statement. “Change has come to Washington, and I hope Karl Rove is ready for it. After two years of stonewalling, it’s time for him to talk.”

The subpoena demands that Rove appear before Congress for a deposition on Feb. 2, at 10 a.m. But it appears unlikely Rove, who was considered Bush's political guru, will show up to give testimony to the committee.

Conyers’s Judiciary Committee also has pursued testimony and documents from Bush’s last White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten and former White House Counsel Harriet Miers about their involvement in the decision to fire the federal prosecutors. It is believed subpoenas will be issued for their testimony as well in the weeks ahead.

Rove as Victim

In public comments, Rove has presented himself as the victim of a Democratic witch-hunt, particularly after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Fox News’ Chris Wallace two weeks ago that she supported a renewed probe into the politicization of the Justice Department.

“I think that we have to learn from the past, and we cannot let the politicizing of the — for example, the Justice Department, to go unreviewed. Past is prologue. We learn from it," Pelosi said.

Rove, a Fox News contributor, was asked about the exchange and said Pelosi was out to get him.

"What do you think she's talking about?" Rove said. "Who do you think she was pointing a finger towards? Read carefully the description of who she said we ought to be looking at."

Rove’s lawyer Luskin argued that Rove and other Bush administration officials are protected by an umbrella of executive privilege that extends past the end of Bush’s term.

"It's generally agreed that former presidents retain executive privilege as to matters occurring during their term," Luskin said. "We'll solicit the views of the new White House counsel and, if there is a disagreement, assume that the matter will be resolved among the courts, the President and the former President."

However, President Barack Obama stated during Campaign 2008 that he believed Bush was overreaching with his claims of executive privilege. On his first full day in office, Obama also signed an executive order reining in the power of former presidents to keep their historical records secret.

Obama directed the National Archives and Records Administration to consult with the Justice Department and White House counsel "concerning the Archivist's determination as to whether to honor the former President's claim of privilege or instead to disclose the presidential records notwithstanding the claim of privilege."

Theoretically, the standoff could lead to the arrests of Bush administration officials who refuse to comply with congressional subpoenas, though that practice has not been employed in recent times. Traditionally, disputes over executive privilege are resolved through negotiations, but Bush’s position was so broad that talks between Congress and the White House broke down.

Last year, Rove made an end-around against Democratic leaders by having his denial of sponsoring Siegelman’s prosecution inserted into the Congressional Record by Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, the Judiciary Committee’s ranking Republican.

In written responses to questions from Smith, Rove denied speaking to anyone “either directly or indirectly” at the Justice Department or to Alabama state officials about bringing corruption charges against Siegelman.

Siegelman was convicted of corruption in 2006, but was released from prison on bond in March 2008 after an appeals court ruled that “substantial questions” about the case could very well result in a new trial or a dismissal.

Siegelman has long maintained that Rove was intimately involved in the prosecution and other attempts to blunt Democratic southern inroads that Siegelman’s governorship represented.

In an interview with The Anniston Star on May 18, 2008, Siegelman said Rove first targeted him in 1998.

“It started when Karl Rove's bag man, I call him, Jack Abramoff, started putting Indian casino money into Alabama to defeat me in 1998,” Siegelman told the newspaper. “Shortly after I endorsed Al Gore in 1999, Karl Rove's client, the attorney general of Alabama (Bill Pryor) started an investigation.

“In 2001, Karl Rove's business associate and political partner's wife, Leura Canary, became a U.S. Attorney and started a federal investigation,” Siegelman said. “It started with the attorney general and the state investigation, followed by the federal investigation, followed by indictments in 2004, and then another series of indictments leading up to the 2006 election.”

On Monday, several Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee said if Rove refuses to comply with the subpoena this time they will urge Conyers to have Rove arrested.

Jason Leopold is editor of the online investigative news magazine The Public Record,, and the author of the National Bestseller, "News Junkie," a memoir. Visit for a preview. He is also a two-time (more...)

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[click here] for:

"We appoint judges who are dishonest"

scroll down for links to videos and more of Bill Cosby's Connecticut appearance on the subject of fatherhood and fatherlessness.

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[click here] for:

Connecticut Official Sleazebags on Parade

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[click here] for:

State Police "Mob Hits", "Pay to Play" for Gambling Racketeers, etc?

What do all the re-posted videos and posts have to do within each other? Well, it looks like pattern and practice of public corruption, police, attorney, prosecutorial, official, legislator, and judicial misconduct in the state of Connecticut. Gambling racketeering thugs, the Mafia, State Police, Judges, Big Wig Attorneys, and their elected official friends all seem to have a "thing of ours".


The Connecticut State Police Omerta Crumbling?

Arthur L. Spada, former Connecticut State Police Commissioner

Witness Reveals `Secret' Meeting Says Session Involved Public Safety Chief, Father Of Slain Man

June 9, 2006 By TRACY GORDON FOX And ALAINE GRIFFIN, Courant Staff Writers

MERIDEN -- A former state police commissioner went behind the backs of detectives feverishly tracking leads in the 2003 mob-style killing of a Middletown businessman, holding a "secret meeting" with the victim's father and attorney, according to testimony in the larceny trial of former state police Maj. Greg Senick.

Timothy Barry, a former commander and colonel of the state police, made the accusations against his former boss, Public Safety Commissioner Arthur Spada, during testimony Wednesday in Senick's trial in Superior Court in Meriden. The trial has become a fish bowl of the dysfunctional state police hierarchy during Spada's tenure, which ended in 2004. [more]

Monday, January 26, 2009

Why shouldn’t Governors be able to sell your children and take bribes?

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas reportedly openly took gifts that appear to be bribes. So, then why should judges such as Thomas have anything to do with examining public corruption or ethics of any other official or individual. It seems too sleazy to me. Check out my comment [in this OpEd News post] questioning the Supreme Court Justices possible racist way of flubbing Obama's oath into office.

[click here] for:

Supreme Court Justice For Sale?

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas image stolen [from here]

* * * *

Will the judge judging Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich be more tainted, have taken more bribes, been more corrupt, and done more damage to the economy and public trust than did Blago? Judges, more covertly, ruin, circumvent, and obstruct justice.

* * * *

[click here, scroll down in post] for Chris Kennedy and Bill Cosby on the subject of Fatherhood and Fatherlessness videos and text.

* * * *

There is a January 25, 2009, story about a lawyer paid 6 figures in tax dollars; who lied, obstructed justice, manufactured evidence, used a false identity to get another official fired on an ethics panel, and committed felonies.

Was she disbarred, fired, to face a trial and prison?

No, DCF, Connecticut Department of Children and Families Attorney Maureen Duggan got a raise. [story]

* * * *

Former Governor John G. Rowland's wife was allegedly telling his staffer to make sure that former Department of Children and Families (DCF) head, Kristine Regaglia, wore underwear when bending over in front of Rowland's desk. They allegedly had a torrent affair.

Rowland was known as "Johnny" to both Presidents Bush. "Johnny" and his alleged "sweet tart" took bribes and freebies from Organized Crime and their friends to Organized Crime could build, run, and supply "Kiddie Max" prisons for kids. Rowland was also known as "Johnny Handout".

[click here] for text of my letter to Rowland meant to arrive for his first day of Federal Prison.
Note: date of post is not date of letter being sent. My new address listed at bottom of post.

[click here] for:

DCF and Connecticut's Official Whore House


Kristine D. Ragaglia

* * * *

The State of Connecticut, and other states, get federal tax dollars to take away as many children as possible, confine them, process them, and to adopt them out. Maybe ten times more kids are taken away than should be at your tax dollar expense.

The courts also process as many men, and fathers, as is possible through the courts as placing restraining orders, processing as many citizens in courts as is possible, arresting as many as possible, making take court ordered classes, placing on probation, on parole, in mental hospitals, and prisons brings in federal tax dollars to cash strapped states. Federal tax dollars are being used to abuse.

The Lawyer Mafia runs the legislatures and lawyers make more money if their is strife, unfairness, abuse, bureaucracy, divorce, anarchy, and if the economy is in shambles.

Lawyers become judges.

* * * *

[click here] for:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Contacting Former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland

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[click here] for:

Pedicure or Toenail Painting?

Richard "Dick" Blumenthal, the Connecticut Attorney General.

* * * *

The Connecticut Judicial Branch is rotten from the top down. [Click Here] for more on the example below:

Friday, November 24, 2006

Arrest and Prosecute this Judge:

WILLIAM SULLIVAN, left, the former chief justice of the state Supreme Court, appears stunned after the Judicial Review Council sanctioned him on two of five counts of judicial misconduct on Friday at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford. With him is one of his attorneys, Robert J. Cooney.

* * * *
* * * *

[click here] for a legislative solution to police, legislator, judicial, prosecutorial,, and official misconduct. If you lodge a police misconduct complaint or allege brutality, you complain to police about police. You complain to lawyers about lawyers. What would happen if the credit companies were self-regulating and made laws?

What happened when priests self-policed their own flock regarding pedophilia and child rape?

Well, the system we have now is just that crazy. Everyone should be equally accountability to the same laws, from the US President on down. Everyone should fear arrest, being hauled away in handcuffs, and prosecuted for not obeying laws.

* * * *

[click here] for:

Government above the law

Spiro T. Agnew as the former Republican Governor of Maryland and as the former Vice-President of the US, allegedly had a coat with large pockets hanging in his offices. Agnew expected those who visited him to put bundled cash in the pockets of the coat to speak to him.

If you don't punish behavior like Agnew's, eventually you will get a George W. Bush style regime.

* * * *

[click here] for:

Rights Talk: First Amendment
Setting aside an area to exercise our 1st amendment rights is not what the writers of the Bill of Rights had in mind

* * * *

This blogger's email:
My address: PO Box Eight Seventy-Four, Brattleboro, VT 05302

To share this post, click on white envelope below

Prosecuting George W. Bush domestically and/or internationally



2400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20008

Telephone: (202) 483-6960
Fax: (202) 234-4508

The United States Information Service (USIS) office in Asuncion is on the Web.

The Embassy of Paraguay is located on "Embassy Row," on Massachusetts Avenue.

* * * *
* * * *

Text of email to Paraguay Embassy in Washington, DC:

To whom it may concern:
It has been alleged that George W. Bush and his family members bought property in Paraguay because Paraguay doesn't have an extradition treaty with the US, and Bush could flee the US to Paraguay to avoid extradition and prosecution. Will you answer my questions posed to you, so I may post your answer on

If US citizens in the US travel to Paraguay is it possible to sue George W. Bush for damages his Presidency caused to US citizens to seize ownership of his properties if there is a judgment in your civil court system in our favor?

Does Paraguay recognize the International World Court, The Hague? If so, and if George W. Bush is in Paraguay, could George W. Bush be extradited to the Hague for prosecution for Crimes Against Humanity, for War Crimes, and for the murder of US Citizens due to his lying the US into a ground war with Iraq ?

Please get back to me with answers ASAP.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box Eight Seventy-Four
Brattleboro, VT 05302 USA

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Charles Ponzi

Charles Ponzi

Charles Ponzi is credited with being the originator of the "Ponzi Scheme".

[click here] for a post on Bernard "Bernie" Madoff and a link to the story of the originator of the Ponzi Scheme.

* * * *

[click here] for post called:

State Police "Mob Hits", "Pay to Play" for Gambling Racketeers, etc?

The way courts and prisons are run all over the country, can often be connected to schemes tried first in Connecticut. The State of Connecticut might just be the capitol of police, judicial, attorney, prosecutorial, and official misconduct.

There were allegedly top prison policy officials from Connecticut who may have been the precipitate for Abu Ghraib.

[click here] for:

America's Face?

I watched a documentary called "Standard Operating Procedure" about how the US treated prisoners in Iraq. The whole Abu Ghraib scandal, complete with the review of the globally notorious photos is examined. I review "Standard Operating Procedure" [here]

* * * *

The George W. Bush regime was just a Ponzi Scheme with a standing arming and nuclear weapons.

-Steven G. Erickson

Time to prosecute Bush and crew too. [more]

There would be so many Ponzi Schemes, public corruption, police misconduct and brutality, banking scandals, governor such as Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland and Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich taking bribes and selling America's soul, and a tanking economy if we had an effective Grand Jury System. System explained and the argument for why we need one [click here].

Randy Kelton of Texas shows how Grand Juries can be used to keep public officials in line. [post]

Deborah Stevens and Randall Kelton


* * * *

I believe the George W. Bush regime is a more elaborate and expanded criminal form of drug dealing, violence, and crime syndication as was shown in the movie, "Rise of the Foot Soldier".

[click here] for:

Movie Review "Rise of the Foot Soldier"

* * * *

Former Texas Stripper tells about George W. Bush's days of heaving drinking and allegedly paying for prostitutes with cocaine:

I shot the above video when I was hanging out with Vincent Bugliosi walking about the streets of Montpelier, Vermont.

* * * *
* * * *

Why does GEICO automobile insurance absolutely suck? Scroll down for my comments in [this post] for the answer.

I have seen how the legal and legislative system "works" in Connecticut. There is no fairness. There is no semblance of justice.

Those who want reform of the judiciary and a government out of control, have been active and banging their heads for a long time. Some for decades.

A judge can be completely out of control, harm children, families, the economy, twist and mangle "justice" and still not be removed by legislators who claim that is their job. [scroll down in this post for pictures, video, and stories of judges out of control]

The Lawyer Mafia runs legislatures. If they didn't, a lawyer paid 6 figures wouldn't be allowed to keep her taxpayer paid job after lying, committing perjury, manufacturing evidence, obstructing justice, and committing other felonies. [story]

So, when GEICO recently screwed me and medical providers out of being paid what is owed, and doing so timely, to date, I considered going to Washington, DC, to personally lobby US Senators and Congresspersons to do something about the scourge that passes as insurance in this country. I had planned on going down to plead my case and press [this legislation] anyway.

I'll talk to friends with vast legal knowledge and ask them that if I have someone draw, or paint a picture of the GEICO gecko, borrow a shotgun, and post a video called, "GEICO Gecko vs. Shotgun", drip blood red paint over the picture, "Will I end up in civil or criminal trouble if I do this?"

If I feel I can get away with it to expose GEICO for the scumbags I believe they are, I probably will.

[click here] for:

GEICO has the highest amount of complaints in Hawaii

Friday, January 23, 2009

Holding the Culprits of 9-11 Profiteering Accountable?

The image of Bernie Sanders was stolen from [here]

Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders, a professed Socialist, is interviewed by Rob Kall of OpEd News. [OpEd post]

Mr. Kall's text with above video:
"Rob Kall and Bernie Sanders talking Economics

Rob Kall interviews Senator Bernie Sanders (I- VT) on:

-how big companies that are too big to fail are using bailiout money to get bigger

-on investigating who and what caused the economic crisis

-on investigating people who profited from 911

-on where's the bottom-up in the bailout"

* * * *
* * * *

[click here] for my letters to Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy and Congressman Peter Welch on a similar subject.

* * * *

Text of email I just sent to Bernie Sanders:

Sir, I just watched a video of you being interviewed by Rob Kall of and would like to commend you.

I am posting this open letter to you [here].

I would like to see those who were involved in profiteering from 9-11 on, brought to justice. I would also like to see those who caused the unnecessary deaths of our US Troops in the ground war in Iraq brought to justice and charged with murder here in the US. If we weren't lied into war, they would not have been so much suffering, death, and our US economy wouldn't be in shambles.

If George W. Bush and his co-conspirators aren't brought to justice, we could eventually have a regime similar to Saddam's here in the US. Please help us and the US to make sure it doesn't happen. Let's make it so that George W. Bush is the first American President to be arrested, hauled off in handcuffs, fingerprinted, has his mug shot taken, and is then ferried by paddy wagon or prison barge to the appropriate lock down facility or prison. Let's make sure his co-conspirators are similarly situated.

I also would like you to look into [this constituent complaint for remedy].

Steven G. Erickson

Post Office Box Eight Seventy-Four
Brattleboro, VT

Bush/Cheney Indict Vote Brattleboro, VT 03-04-08

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Young Adolf Hitler taken away from his parents

Dec. 16, 2008: Adolf Hitler Campbell, 3, poses in Easton, Pa., with his mother Deborah Campbell. Fox News photo

Mystery Surrounds Removal of Young 'Adolf Hitler' and Nazi-Named Sisters

Friday, January 16, 2009 [source, Fox News]

Exactly why the state of New Jersey removed 3-year-old Adolf Hitler Campbell and his two younger sisters from their parents' home last week remains a mystery.

A state official was adamant Friday that a child would never be removed from his parents based solely on his name. But a First Amendment expert said that the boy's name might have had something to do with it.

Young Adolf Hitler was removed one week ago — along with his sisters JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, 23 months, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, 9 months — by the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services. A family court hearing for the children's parents, Heath and Deborah Campbell, was postponed Thursday.

Although privacy laws prevent authorities from discussing specifics of the case, DYFS spokeswoman Kate Bernyk reiterated Friday that the agency "would never remove a child simply based on that child's name."

But a name like Adolf Hitler could have contributed to their removal, said Rod Smolla, dean of the Washington and Lee Law School.

"I doubt that the name alone would be enough to trump the First Amendment interests that the parents have, but if it were coupled with other things, it could be a factor that tells us that society has a legitimate reason to intervene with regard to the children," Smolla said.

Bernyk, speaking generally, told Friday that the agency removes children from their parents only when "there's an imminent danger to the child's safety or well-being."

The children were taken on Jan. 9 without incident from the family's home, Sgt. John Harris of the Holland Township Police Department told on Wednesday.

"I’ve dealt with the family for years and as far as the children are concerned, I have never had any reports of any abuse with the children," Harris said. Speaking of the children's father, he said, "As far as I know, he's always been very good with the children."

He said the DYFS did not tell police why the children were taken from their parents.

"They’re very confidential when it comes to their dealings because people make accusations and they have to follow up on them and, God forbid, an accusation’s not true," Harris said Wednesday. "You don’t need to parade people through the media and stuff."

The police department referred all inquiries about the case to the Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office, which did not return phone calls Friday.

Smolla said the First Amendment protects parents' rights to make decisions regarding their children.

"There are actually cases from early in the last century, like in the 1920s, about the rights of parents to teach their children a foreign language, like German, and to make other decisions like that for their own children, and the decision to name the child is clearly a very personal decision," Smolla said.

He said, though, that even some names can go too far.

"The burden would be on the government to say that to name your child after Adolf Hitler places such a stigma on the child and would be so damaging to the child’s future in society that the government would have a right to intervene and prevent that name from being used," Smolla said.

"I’ve never heard of such a case, but I could see the argument."

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No Birthday Cake for Tot Named Adolf Hitler

Tuesday, December 16, 2008
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A supermarket refused to personalize a cake with name of the leader of the Third Reich. Go figure.


Getty Images

A couple in New Jersey is upset because their local ShopRite refused to personalize a birthday cake with the name of their 3-year-old son ... who just happens to be named Adolf Hitler. Heath and Deborah Campbell, both self-proclaimed "Holocaust deniers," protested the decision, saying: "ShopRite can't even make a cake for a 3-year-old. That's sad."

It's not the first time the Campbells have had their cake request denied before -- the ShopRite also refused to make a cake bearing the name of Adolf's sister, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, who turns 2 in February.

The cake debacle could be a window into how the children, because of their controversial names, will be treated in the future by classmates or even (someday) employers. But the Campbells aren't worried in the least: "I just figured that they're just names," mom Deborah Campbell said. "They're just kids. They're not going to hurt anybody." Um, good luck with that.

Heath and JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell


The ShopRite store was so adamant that the name Hitler should not grace a cake that they even refused to provide a blank cake for the parents to write the name themselves, saying only that "we believe the request ... to inscribe a birthday wish to Adolph Hitler is inappropriate." Ya think?

Do you agree with ShopRite's refusal to write Adolf Hitler on a cake? What about the store's refusal to even sell them a blank cake to write the name themselves? Comment in the momlogic community.

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Anthrax Attacks Were An Inside Job-Do You Agree

By Gene Cappa

* * * *

Is the US Government going to franchise their alleged national plan of Concentration style prison camps. Is there anything to the breaking news out of Arizona about “Wackenhut G4S”
[click here for story]

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shadow Government, Agents Needed?

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Is the new government goon motto, "Trading your liberties for our security"?

Note: if I post something here written by someone else, it doesn't mean that I agree, or disagree, just that I found it interesting.

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Secret Government

Diary Entry by 911insidejob

The Federal Reserve Bank by its power to control the money supply and interest rate controls the military industrial oil complex. The Federal Reserve Bank together with the military-industrial oil complex is the Secret Government described by Bill Moyers in his documentary aired on PBS in 1987. The CIA is its secret Army.


Since the creation of the CIA by Congress in 1947, the CIA grew quickly into a very powerful secret element of this government. At the end of his two terms as president, President Eisenhower warned against the increasing power of the military-industrial complex.

What President Eisenhower failed to warn against was the insidious, well hidden power of the private central bankers of the world, namely the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of England. Neither the Federal Reserve Bank nor the Bank of England are departments of the federal government. Each is a cartel of private banks. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, about 75% of the Federal Reserve Bank is owned by the Bank of England.

These central bankers convinced the political powers in each country to allow a private central bank to print the money for the country and then lend it back to the country at interest. If they were not able to be convinced that this was beneficial to the country, then the bankers paid those politicians whatever their “price” was to go along with this scam.

The Bank of England sent their lobbyists to the United States Congress in the early 20th century to lobby for the third reincarnation of a private central bank in this country. The previous two private central banks in the United States had been disbanded as a result of members of Congress and various United States presidents realizing the evil of allowing a private bank to control the supply of a country’s money. The United States Constitution gives the power to print money only to Congress. Some of these well-known United States politicians who realized the evil of a private central bank were Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

President Kennedy had passed an Executive Order six months before his assassination. This Executive Order called for the federal government to start printing money based on the silver standard. This would have been the beginning of the end of the Federal Reserve Bank. Benjamin Franklin was very clear that one of the principal reasons for the American Revolution was King George’s insistence that the colonists use the Bank of England currency. Benjamin Franklin was very clear that this would just place the colonists in debt to the Bank of England. Of course, the history books do not tell us this reason for the American Revolution.

The Bank of England reached an agreement with Woodrow Wilson so that the President of Princeton could be elected president of the United States. The agreement was that the Bank of England paid for his campaign and in return he would allow the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. Woodrow Wilson allowed the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank and then sanctioned the passing of the federal income tax amendment so that “we the people” would pay the interest charged by the Federal Reserve Bank for printing without any constitutional power the currency of this country.

The Income Tax Amendment to the United States Constitution was illegally and improperly signed into law by the United States Congress without the necessary number of states ratifying this Amendment. The United States Supreme Court ruled that this amendment gave no additional taxing power to the federal government. Despite this Supreme Court ruling, which has not been overturned, the IRS and most people in this country act as if the federal income tax is legal and enforceable.

After Woodrow Wilson left office, he was quoted as saying that he had done the worst thing that he could have done to his country by allowing the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. Henry Ford has been quoted as saying that, if the people knew what the Federal Reserve Bank was doing relative to printing money and lending it to this government at interest, then the people would be revolting in the streets the next day.

Bill Moyers Secret Government documentary which aired on PBS in 1987 warned of this "secret government". I have not watched this video in a good while but my memory tells me that Bill Moyers did not touch upon how the Federal Reserve Bank has the final say in what the military industrial complex does. Since the Federal Reserve Bank controls the supply of money and the interest rate, it then controls the ability of the military industrial complex to manufacture weapons of mass destruction. Moreover, the United States government could not afford the huge military budget which facilitates the domination of those countries whose resources are needed by this complex without the Federal Reserve Bank creating the money from nothing and then lending it to the United States government so that they can purchase weapons from the military-industrial complex.

So getting back to President Eisenhower. I question how he could not have known about the insidious power of the Federal Reserve Bank while he was president. So many former United States Presidents had known about this and warned about this. It was under President Eisenhower’s watch that the CIA overthrew the government of Iran.

However, I do not think President Eisenhower would have guessed that in the few years after leaving office that the CIA would move its operations onto United States soil and kill President Kennedy. He was clearly warning that the military-industrial complex was gaining too much power.

He surely knew the potential for the CIA to go on to overthrow by political means including assassination many government leaders in various countries. This of course was explained as necessary in the Cold War. In reality, the CIA supported the military industrial complex in its plan to steal the resources of what we refer to as "Third World countries". They are third world countries because the "economic hit Men" manipulated them into irreversible economic hardship for the benefit of the military-industrial complex.

Let’s jump ahead in time to the establishment of the neoconservative think tank known as the Project for New American Century. The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) is an American neoconservative think tank based in Washington, D.C., co-founded in early 1997 as a non-profit educational organization by William Kristol and Robert Kagan. The PNAC's stated goal is "to promote American global leadership. Fundamental to the PNAC are the views that "American leadership is both good for America and good for the world" and support for "a Reaganite policy of military strength and moral clarity.

If a group of people made a public statement saying that having a new Pearl Harbor would be the only way the public would support their agenda, and these same people were in positions that would allow them to conduct, permit or enable such an event when that event actually took place...would they deserve your suspicion? Well this is EXACTLY what happened. The very people with established motives for conducting an event like the one that took place on 9/11/2001 were responsible for national security when we had that most unlikely, unrealistic and implausible complete catastrophic failure of every single defense procedure in operation. Yet Americans look to these people for protection now.

The US military was running as many as 15 defense drills that day. Some of these drills were live fly hijacking simulations. Some of the drills were practicing for the possibility of having planes fly into government buildings. Could it be that someone decided that these drills would go live! Why have the corporate news media refused to report the drills to the public? Could it be because you would start asking REAL questions about that day? Well, it is time that you start asking questions because you may just be supporting the real terrorists!

After hundreds of hours of research, it is my opinion that 9/11 was an inside job planned and orchestrated by elements of the United States government with probably the assistance Mossad, the Israeli secret service. I will not get into all of the reasons for my opinion but you can find these reasons in the form of many articles and videos on my website which is

This false flag attack was the linchpin that allowed this neoconservative government to implement PNAC’s world domination and New World Order agenda. It has allowed this government to decimate the United States Bill Of Rights and to illegally attack Afghanistan and Iraq resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

This false flag attack has allowed the neoconservative executive branch to start the “fake war on terror” in order to support its agenda of world domination by spending trillions of dollars for the military and for homeland security. This neoconservative executive branch was made up of at least 32 Israeli dual citizens, many of whom are members of PNAC. The anthrax attack on leading members of Congress in 2001 made it clear to members of Congress that if you “are not with us, then you are against us” and in addition, something detrimental will happen to you.

The military-industrial oil complex, which is funded by the private central banks of the world, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Bank of England, etc. has over the past eight years perpetrated an economic 9/11 on this country.

The Congress and White House together intentionally allowed the “mortgage and credit bubble” to expand exponentially over the past eight years. The White House stopped all “in progress” prosecutions of mortgage companies by State Attorney Generals, including Eliot Spitzer in New York. Eliot Spitzer wrote an editorial in the Washington Post newspaper several weeks before he was politically assassinated by the Bush administration. In this article, Attorney General Spitzer blew the whistle on the White House’s role in allowing the decimation of the US financial markets. The purpose of this intentional economic 9/11 is to destroy the US dollar, create a new North American currency and further the agenda of a one world government with one currency and one private central bank printing the money for the world. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Do you honestly think that the people behind this New World Order Agenda, who facilitated the stealing of the last two presidential elections, would actually allow a president to be elected who would stand in the way of their agenda. The 2004 election was stolen by electronic voting machine fraud and voter suppression. You will not hear this in the mainstream media but the strong, irrefutable evidence is clearly spelled out on my website.

It was a win-win situation in the 2008 presidential election for the military-industrial oil private central banking complex. Both McCain and Obama have signed on to PNAC’s world domination agenda and their “fake war on terror”. They both have also signed onto furthering the catastrophic impact of the economic 9/11 by supporting bailouts and the Federal Reserve Bank’s printing of trillions of more US dollars.

The printing of this debt-based money will devalue the dollar to almost nothing. The value of the dollar has decreased 95% since the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. Obama Is supporting the devaluing of the dollar to zero. He has appointed a Federal Reserve Bank President and many of the other bankers who implemented this entire financial fraud knowing full well what the end result would be.

In other words,Obama Is the front man for this secret cabal whose purpose is to create a New World Order. It is the perfect set up. Most people, even those who consider themselves to be very well-informed and politically astute, think that Obama will save us. No matter what I or any of those few people, who realize that Obama was put there to further the agenda of the New World Order say, we will be marginalized and thought to be pessimistic. People will say “I am going to give him a chance” or “anything is better than George Bush”.

In my opinion,Obama will be at the helm when martial law is declared as a result of the economic 9/11and people will accept his word that it was necessary. People will accept his word that Israel was compelled to attack Iran. People will accept his word that a new monetary currency is necessary since the US dollar is now defunct.

Unless we wake up now, it is my opinion that it is a done deal.

Go to

I am an attorney and the webmaster of The day after the 2004 presidential election I started reading numerous articles on progressive Internet news sites about how Bush stole the election by computer fraud. I am a member of the Coalition against Election Fraud which was founded several weeks after the election. We lobbied the electoral College in my state and actually were instrumental in the electoral College passing a unanimous vote on the floor of the electoral College December, 2004 asking for a full investigation of the presidential election in Ohio. We lobbied the United States senators for the purpose of having them object to the certification of the electoral College votes for Ohio, Florida and other states. About 15 of us met with 15 different United States senator's aides on January 5, 2005 in Washington, DC for the purpose of educating them about how Bush stole the election by computer fraud and voters suppression. As you know, Senator Boxer at least had the nerve to object to the certification.

In early 2005, I started researching 9/11. It only took me less than one hour of looking at the evidence to know that the official 9/11 conspiracy theory was completely bogus and unsupported by the facts.About one year later I started investigating the Federal Reserve Bank. It did not take long to realize that it is the biggest scam imaginable and it's main purpose is to devalue the dollar and make us a debtor nation.

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[click here] for the Judicial Abuse blog, a forum on judicial misconduct and suggested solutions. I ask Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy about prosecuting George W. Bush now that Barack Obama is US President [click here]

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vice President Richard "Dick" Cheney in a Wheelchair

I have a number of questions regarding Cheney's injury moving boxes out of his office.

Why did he wait so long to do this? Did he expect not to have to move out of office and out of power? Did "stay in power" plans, or a plot, fall through?

Why did Cheney move boxes himself? There are plenty of helpers to do that sort of thing, and Dick Cheney is dirty rich.

Something doesn't pass the smell test.

Dick Cheney In A Wheelchair On Inauguration Day 1-20-09

Would [this sort of thing have happened] if George W. Bush was not our US President the last 8 years?

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My break with George W. Bush

posted on OpEd News [found here]

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On Spiro T. Agnew

Richard M. Nixon and Spiro T. Agnew were the first US President and Vice-President team to resign from office. Agnew was known to have a coat with large pockets hanging in his office at all times. First as Maryland Governor, and then as Vice-President, Agnew expected visitors to his office to just load the large pockets of his hanging coat with bundles of cash. Agnew and Nixon spent no time in jail. The time of the "free-for-all" should end. See to it that Bush DOES jail time.

Bush, Prostitutes, & Cocaine

Steven G. Erickson and Charles Manson Prosecutor and Author, Vincent Bugliosi, walk around Montpelier, Vermont, talking to passersby about prosecuting George W. Bush for murder in Vermont.

A former Texas topless dancer working at the time George W. Bush was drinking heavily, alleges that Bush was doing cocaine and cavorting with prostitutes.

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