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Ann Coulter, Godzilla and Republican Darling?

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Ann Coulter Banned from NBC? No Time For Coulter but Make time For Perez Hilton

Banning Ann Coulter … the woman that liberals love to hate.

What do we make of this? As reported at Drudge, Ann Coulter has been banned for Ann_Coulter2life at NBC. Book banning? Is it not the liberals that are pushing the so-called “Fairness Doctrine”? How sad and pathetic has it go that the bias in the media would become so obvious and pander to those that would prevent free speech.

Be very careful of what you wish for. All during the Presidential election the media carried the water for Barack Obama. now it appears that according to Sundries Shack, “dissenters will no longer be allowed to inflict their tawdry criticisms of The One on the delicate sensibilities of the American television viewer.” Dissent is supposed to be embraced in America, not banned.

The nation’s top selling conservative author has been banned from appearing on NBC, insiders tell the DRUDGE REPORT.

“We are just not going to have her on any more, it’s over,” a top network source explains.

But a second top suit strongly denies there is any “Coulter ban”.

“Look for a re-invite, as soon as Wednesday,” said the news executive, who asked not to be named.

NBC’s TODAY show abruptly cut Ann Coulter from its planned Tuesday broadcast, claiming the schedule was overbooked.

Executives at NBC TODAY replaced Coulter with showbiz reporter Perez Hilton, who recently offered $1,000 to anyone who would throw a pie at Ann Coulter. Hilton is also launching a new book this week, RED CARPET SUICIDE.

Hot Air reiterates the point that the news in Washington and the Middle East is sufficiently dire to leave no time for Coulter but some time for Perez Hilton?

The Counter Watch: Guilty

NBC has denied that Coulter has been banned why then was she replaced?

Late today, NBC News denied the story with this statement: “We’ve had Ann Coulter on ‘Today’ many times, but because of the news in Washington and the Middle East, we decided to cancel her appearance tomorrow. Understanding the media as well as she does, we are sure she knows this happens from time to time. We look forward to welcoming her back in the future.”…

The Drudge story says NBC “replaced Coulter with showbiz reporter Perez Hilton,” who also has a book being released tomorrow. NBC tells TVNewser Hilton is just appearing in the fourth hour and had been booked far in advance.

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العالم ينتظر 20 يناير 2009 عن الرئيس الامريكى جورج دبليو بوش على الاستقالة.

وآمل أن يفعل. العالم سيكون مكانا أفضل.

Мир ждет 20 января 2009 года для президента США Джорджа Буша в отставку.

Я надеюсь, что он делает. Мир будет лучше

世界正在等待二〇 〇九年一月二十〇號的美國總統布什下台。



Anonymous Anonymous said...

please spread this document to other forums and all your friends and DO NOT credit me. thanks.

Credits are to the authors, you know who you are.

this document is divided into four parts:

1. Cogent Communications is monitored and powered by CIA
2. Cogent hosts
3. Cogent powers terrorist sites
4. Cogent hosts Chechen Rebels website

1. Cogent is monitored and powered by CIA

A few weeks ago while speaking with a friend, I was alerted to a very interesting article he had found (article bellow 2. Cogent hosts about an Internet crack site ( was actually powered by the CIA.

At first glance I thought to myself, could be I mean it would make sense. The US Government tracking who visits a crack site would very interesting information. So I decided to look into it further, and lets just say I found some VERY interesting things.

But first a word to the wise, and a word about references. I probably don't need to remind you, the Internet is a very dynamic place. For example, within 24hrs I can move my site to anywhere in the world fairly easily. So by the time you read this, some of the sites discussed may have moved to a new ISP to cover their tracks. But I promise you at the time of this writing the sites were verified to be hosted where we say they were hosted.

So lets begin ::

Cogent Communications

A little history
8/99 - Cogent Communications is founded
2/00 - Cogent receives $28 million in equity funding
3/00 - Cogent signs $100 million dollars deal with MetroMedia to lease long haul fiber lines
3/00 - Cogent signs $280 million dollar partnership with Cisco Systems to use their equipment
4/00 - Cogent signs Chromatis contract
5/00 - Cogent signs $280 million dollar deal with Williams Communications to lease fiber lines
7/00 - Cogent receives $90 million in equity funding
11/00 - Cogent activates (or lights up) their backbone
1/01 - Cogent roles out access to 4 major cities
3/01 - Cogent lights up 500th building

Now that only goes to 3/01, after that cogent went on a buying spree. Purchasing the assets of bankrupts ISP's like PSINet, Netrail, and others. Meanwhile they continue to provide Internet access by wiring straight into apartment buildings (What better way to monitor traffic?) as well as collocation facilities. The promise of full 100mbps bandwidth for $1000/month is just too hard to look away from! As a result you can see Cogent has rolled out service to every major city in the US and are now expanding to Canada.

You can also see Cogent ramped up VERY quickly signing over $600 million dollars in deals in less then 6 months of operations.


From Yahoo Finance -
Cogent Communications Group, Inc. provides high-speed Internet access and data communications to businesses, other telecommunications providers, application service providers (ASPs) and Internet service providers (ISPs) located in large commercial office buildings in central business districts of major metropolitan markets. The Company offers Internet access at speeds of 100 megabits per second (Mbps) and one gigabit (or 1,000 megabits) per second (Gbps). Cogent also offers other similar data communications products for point-to-point communication along its network. The Company has facilities for provision of its services in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Miami, Santa Clara, Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa, San Diego, Sacramento, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Seattle and Toronto.

The Interesting Stuff

Recently Cogent has not only been liked to the CIA through the research we found (and research later removed from the Internet). Cogent has recently been linked to the hosting of the Chechen Rebels website (article here 4. Cogent hosts Chechen Rebels website) as well as having direct ties to a company called Metacarta who is funded by none other then In-Q-Tel, the CIA venture funding front.
So if that wasn't bad enough. Once we started to look into Metacarta things started to get really strange! For instance, Metacarta who "Using the human-centric filters of geography and time, organizations can leverage the value of their existing knowledge to create a cohesive picture that accelerates the understanding of intricate situations and associative networks." Or in other words has a computer based association mapping system, uses a spider to gather information.
That spider called "Flunky" actually comes across the network and is officially tagged as Metacarta/Cogent (do a search for flunky)). So if we read this right Cogent is the front end for their indexing system! And to be hoenst can you think of a better way? Because Cogent wires building with ISP access they have thousands of ISP customers already on their network!
And If even that wasn't enough, Pravda, while doing research on the Cogent/Chechen connection actually found information indicating that Cogent was funded by MetaCarta AND In-Q-Tel.

So what does this all mean?

Well it could mean a lot of things. Cogent's product offering of 100mbps for $1000 is completely ludicrous, and as a result they are loosing $100 million per year! But Cogent continues to stay in business? How? Good question, most likely because someone wants them to. I think we are seeing a Black project in action, and Black Projects have HUGE budgets.

Another Interesting Thing

The use of an spider to do these relationship mappings is the perfect front end for the Carnivore System, not to mention Echelon and a few other information mapping services those men in black actively use. Also the ties of some of the executives from these companies is amazing, and very scary!

But What Does it Mean?

Basically this research means that if you are using Cogent as your ISP or if Cogent powers your ISP or even if it doesn't I suggest you use encryption!

2. Cogent hosts

article here

3. Cogent powers terrorist sites

Kavkaz Based in the USA

Even those who know nothing about web sites have probably heard about the kavkaz site. In short, this is the official web site of Chechen separatists, a stronghold of terrorism on the Internet.

In the light of the universal struggle with terrorism, it is quite natural to suppose that all civilized people in the world would want the terrorist site to be closed. However, it still exists. And this happens at the time when the police in the USA and Great Britain track visitors of the kiddie porno sites down and put them in jail. Specialists can identify the home address of these people using the IP-address only.

A simple Internet investigation allows one to determine the domain host, the IP-addresses of the server supporting the site, and the name and address of the provider where the server is located. This takes just several minutes.

Here are the results our programmers obtained.

The information given below is specific enough for those who understand computers.

Domain Name: KAVKAZ.ORG
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Updated Date: 23-feb-2002
Udug, Movladi (KAVKAZ14-DOM)
10 Bird Lane
Orlando, FL 32860
Domain Name: KAVKAZ.ORG
Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Udug, Movladi (ZWWPQJQEGI)
10 Bird Lane
Orlando, FL 32860
+1-9745572730 123 123 1234

The address and telephone number of the domain host are also available. However, more interesting things are the following.

The server address on the Internet is

whois -a

OrgName: Cogent Communications
NetRange: -
NetName: COGENT-NB-0000
TechHandle: ZC108-ARIN
TechName: Cogent Communications
TechPhone: +1-877-875-4311

What is the company Cogent Communications, and where is it located?

whois -a COGC

OrgName: Cogent Communications
Address: 1015 31st Street, NW Washington DC 20007
Country: US

Our investigation revealed that an American company with the legal address in the US capital provides the service for terrorists.

It would take five minutes to close the server down. However, despite numerous requests from Internet users and Russian state structures asking for the server to be closed, nothing is done.

From now on, before taking the USAÂ’s statements on its struggle against terrorism into consideration, remember please who breaks the laws on international terrorism and provides hosting for this terrorist site.

According to the latest information, the Internet site kavkaz doesn't exist any more.

Translated by Maria Gousseva

Read the original in Russian:

4. Cogent hosts Chechen Rebels website

Telecommunications and Spying practices

Spiegel Online of October 24, 2002
article by Frank Patalong
Mr. Patalong of Spiegel reported that soon after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, government authorities, especially in America, began to crack down on web sites having to do with Islam, Mujahdin and al Qaeda. This was done with such thoroughness that Islamic interest groups in the USA protested the closings of harmless sites. Some sites, however, seemed to have escaped the dragnet. That includes Kavkaz, the primary news source for the Chechen Mujahdin. The site's been in operation for two years. The site lists Mavladi Adogov, the "Information Minister of the Chechen exile government," as contact, but it may be operated by Movladi Udug.
The web server is tended by the Bosnian in exile who gives an Orlando address. He has apparently kept in touch by cell phone with Movsad Barayev since 1999. Barayev, leader of the kidnappers in Moscow, has been Udug's most cited source for ages. In any case there can be no doubt that the Kavkaz pages are the real thing, but the question remains of how such a radical propaganda outlet operate in America since September 11? Mr. Patalong says there may be a good reason for that. He says that a tracerouting, which means to follow the path which the computer bytes take between web site and the browser, tells an interesting story. All traffic goes through Chicago and seems to involve two American companies that have close connection to American intelligence services.
All browsers in Europe that look at go through New York. From there, straight to Chicago, where the Electronic Crimes Task Force of the NSA resides. AboveNet conducts data traffic from New York to Chicago until the end of the year, when the service will be taken over by Metropolitan Fiber Networks (MFN), who bought AboveNet. Since February 2002, the boss is Harry D. Gatanas, a well-connected person.
Gatanas made it up to chief weapons acquisitions officer before he served a similar role in the NSA, serving as acquisition chief for the Trailblazer and Groundbreaker programs. In the course of those programs, the NSA began to build monitoring programs for non-mission-essential networks and to buy companies that specialize in data- and tele-communications. This is where Gatanas transferred to MFN.
After Chicago, the flow of data to Kavkaz is routed by Cogent Communication, headquartered in Washington, and which hosts the Kavkaz pages. Cogent financial supporters include the Metacarta and In-Q-Tel companies. Metacarta is headquartered in Boston, same as the NSA's New England Electronic Crimes Task Force, and specializes in "fingering" (identifying) users and documents. The US intelligence agents have customized the Metacarta software a little. They use the technology to track movements of individuals.
It was relatively easy to find where the other money for Metacarta came from. In-Q-Tel lists on its home page that it is a private, not-for-profit corporations "financed by the CIA." More information can be found at
Of course none of this, wrote Mr. Patalong, is proof of anything, just that the companies that provide service to and from the Kavkaz site have close connections to American intelligence services. It would not be all too great a leap of faith, however, to speculate that not only are the users collecting information from the Kavkaz web site, but that the CIA is collecting information on them. It's a two-way street.
Perhaps in this way can it be understood how such an apparently radical web site can exist unmolested in Washington, D.C. It could almost be said to be a two-way deal, too. The intelligence services would have a chance to look at who was interested in the Mujahdin movement, and the web site operators would have an additional advantage. Besides providing information to the generally interested public, they have a main line to their primary target group, a direct connection to the political powers that be.

The Bloody Battle against the Russians on the Internet

by Matthias Gebauer and Frank Patalong

In this article, the authors write about the web pages at, on which there is a flash graphics program containing pictures of the faces of Osama bin Laden, George W. Bush, Tony Blair, a temple in Jerusalem and a silhouette of a Chechnian general. On the web pages can be found news in English, Russian and Arabic about the conflict raging between Russia and Chechnia, which no longer wants to be a part of Russia.

The authors report that the pages have been the mouthpiece for Chechnian the current hostage-takers in Moscow. The perpetrators gave minute-by-minute reports over the web pages, and this is also where their first demands were made.

The pages have been a forum for Chechnian resistance, meaning the violence-prone rebels, against their Russian occupation. The pages are updated daily, and are bookmarked in all the Chechnian Internet cafes.

It has been long known that sometimes the propaganda war is more important than winning a battle in the field. This is said to apply especially to the rebels. Thousands of soldiers and civilians have died in the region, and the accompanying propaganda reminds one at first of that from the Cold War era. The whole area has been shut down, and it is rare that journalists are permitted within the borders. The Information Ministry justifies this measure by saying the area is dangerous.

It is reported that the Russians have been trying to play the conflict down for years and have told the Russian public that peace prevails under Russian leadership around the capitol city of Grosny. has a different story, and shows pictures of Russian prisoners to prove it.
The pages are not, however, objective. For instance, the webmaster likes to extol use of violence against Russians. Just recently pictures of Russian trucks could be seen as they ran over and detonated land mines. There used to be pictures showing dead Russian soldiers with their throats cut, but those are no longer there. It is possible that the pictures were removed to keep from horrifying western journalists.

Western intelligence services have concluded that the rebels receive much of their financial support from the Middle East. After the war in Afghanistan, many Chechens returned to their homeland to fight Russians. Up until just recently, openly recruited for armed Mujahdin service in the mountain regions.

The German version of used to be at, but it was shut down after September 11th. It had usage tips for operation of the notorious AK-47 assault rifle and instructions on how to build your own bombs. Observers of have noticed a tendency to repeat certain Islamic phrases and to incite discontent with regards to America and its allies.

Many people, including those who work in the Russian intelligence services, would like to know who runs The presumption has always been that it was run from the Georgian republic, but the fact that all texts are available in the Swedish language is also conspicuous. In any case it is evident that the webmaster is in constant touch with fighters on all fronts. The site is hosted in the USA, in Washington, D.C., to be more exact.
The page was registered August 10, 2000 by a man named Mvladi Udug, a Bosnia exile who supposedly lives in Orlando. It is possible this is Mavladi Udogov, or another variant of the name, the man who calls himself the Information Minister of the Chechnian exile government. It is not known if these are the same person.

The authors remark that it is surprising that the radical Mujahdin were able to escape to the USA. Routing to the Kavkaz site goes through Chicago, where the NSA's Electronic Crimes Task Force has its offices. Kavkaz' service provider also has close connections to NSA, but these, of course, could never be proved. Nevertheless, the authors conclude, the main financial supporters of the provider company was DARPA, the research department of the American defense department. The Rebels and the USA apparently have good friends in common.

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, RF President Vladimir Putin was shown on Georgian television. Georgia is next to Chechnia. Following is an approximation of the report and his approximate words:

At first Georgia ... fact presence of terrorists, then the fact became acknowledged, but no measures were undertaken. Vladimir Putin, "Today nothing can be ..., but it is known to us for certain and has been corroborated by foreign information agencies, that in Georgian territory are found persons who participated in training for the terrorist action in the USA a year ago, and doers of explosions ... home in RF. We demand their extradition. Not only of them, but they still haven't given us the outlaws who were supported by the Georgian government with weapons in hand after failing in the end of July of this year in attempts to penetrate into the RF. We patiently awaited results from the so-called anti-criminal operation. The existence on Georgian territory of illegal armed formations is uncontested. Necessity of special operations for direct intervention is acknowledged. But neither blockading terrorists, nor detention and bringing combatants to trial, nor extradition or deportation of Georgian outlaws has happened yet. For us there arises the legal question: Where are they? Answer unknown. They fall back into the Georgian region. ..."


whos to say that the CIA is not hiring out programmers to write the programmes we use. are they monitoring and tracking everyone down ?

consider this....if the CIA controls a famous programme like kazaa, that gives them an instant internet profile for over 4 million users.

even this site could be monitored. Do you share sensetive files over a peer 2 peer network? are you secure and anonymous from someone like the CIA who has infinitely powerfull resources at hand?

Cogent Communications cable internet and phone was in on 9/11

if you see you know you are being spied on by the CIA or NSA. they bipass your firewall and internet security as they are the government and these companies offering firewalls and security give the government the cracks and backdoor entry

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