Sunday, January 04, 2009

Anonymous threatening, Mayhem, and Big Brother?

When do you take anonymous comments seriously?

Excerpt from the first comment from [this post]:
"... I expect to be dead soon anyway, so i will take a lot of them with me. Unfortunately, they really screwed with the wrong guy this time."

I have no way of knowing who made the above comment. In the past, I was told that if there were three arrests on my rental properties I used to own in Connecticut, they could be seized under the nuisance statute. So, I was forced to snitch. I called the police to report the teens drinking on my front yard all hours, using my yard as a toilet, brothel, smoking marijuana, and selling crack cocaine and heroin off my front yard like it was a 24 hour McDonald's drive thru. I reported prostitutes and was told I would be arrested and prosecuted by Rockville Connecticut Superior Court prosecutor Keith Courier if I evicted prostitute Lana Thompson. I did and Courier made sure I went to prison for resisting being mugged on my property.

Reporting crimes to police may get the complainer a false arrest, prison, loss of his/her job, family, home, and the sum total of his/her life's work.

So, anonymous' frustration might just be justified.

In America, I have found there are no checks and balances, justice doesn't exist, and the police, courts, and the government is just a load of crap ...


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