Thursday, January 01, 2009

Big, Bad Heroin Dealers?

Punishments fitting "The Crime"?

Diana Pais

David Flattery Jr.

Robert DeCarolis

Police said they seized 200 bags of heroin, two cars and more than $1,700 in cash (COURTESY OF GLASTONBURY POLICE, Connecticut)

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Waging "Gee-I-had" in the US

OpEd News Blog Entry by Steven G. Erickson

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Soon there will only be the “Haves” and “Have Nots”.

Those in government, who are friends and family of those in government, and the corporate executives who grease the politicians’ palms will all be the “Haves”.

Those without, are probably soon to wage a huge “Gee-I-had” a job, a family, a home, a country I could be proud of, and a life. We have taken it long enough, and more, and more, of us our going to protest legally, and start a movement. Others might not do things so legally. Our country will either go the direction of healing, and reform … or we may go the route of the Roman Empire, just descending quicker.

What goes on in “American” courts and passes for “justice” would be comical if it weren’t so appalling. The Lawyer Mafia running our legislatures, town halls, executive branch, and all business, legal and illegal, needs to be toppled. The last vestige of a monarchy needs to be abolished, judges. We need Grand Juries with teeth. There would be no President Sociopath George W. Bush doing as he pleases. There would be no Republican Governor John G. Rowland breaking up families and putting kids in facilities for his and his Mob buddies profit [story]. There would be no Illinois Governor Scandal if he feared Grand Juries [more information].

Steven G. Erickson

A woman helps tell my story [a video]

Steven G. Erickson is a freelance cameraman, blogger, photographer, documentary producer, screenwriter, sometimes journalist, and can and will travel anywhere if the terms are right. His objective is to reform America's courts, creating a "People's Grand Jury" system, exposing and fixing public corruption, corporate abuse of the public, and punishing police, official, prosecutorial, judicial, and attorney misconduct.

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[click here] for:

Standing up to the "Judencia", The Attorney Mafia

One of the alleged Connecticut Kingpins of the "Judencia", Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

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