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Charles Ponzi

Charles Ponzi

Charles Ponzi is credited with being the originator of the "Ponzi Scheme".

[click here] for a post on Bernard "Bernie" Madoff and a link to the story of the originator of the Ponzi Scheme.

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[click here] for post called:

State Police "Mob Hits", "Pay to Play" for Gambling Racketeers, etc?

The way courts and prisons are run all over the country, can often be connected to schemes tried first in Connecticut. The State of Connecticut might just be the capitol of police, judicial, attorney, prosecutorial, and official misconduct.

There were allegedly top prison policy officials from Connecticut who may have been the precipitate for Abu Ghraib.

[click here] for:

America's Face?

I watched a documentary called "Standard Operating Procedure" about how the US treated prisoners in Iraq. The whole Abu Ghraib scandal, complete with the review of the globally notorious photos is examined. I review "Standard Operating Procedure" [here]

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The George W. Bush regime was just a Ponzi Scheme with a standing arming and nuclear weapons.

-Steven G. Erickson

Time to prosecute Bush and crew too. [more]

There would be so many Ponzi Schemes, public corruption, police misconduct and brutality, banking scandals, governor such as Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland and Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich taking bribes and selling America's soul, and a tanking economy if we had an effective Grand Jury System. System explained and the argument for why we need one [click here].

Randy Kelton of Texas shows how Grand Juries can be used to keep public officials in line. [post]

Deborah Stevens and Randall Kelton


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I believe the George W. Bush regime is a more elaborate and expanded criminal form of drug dealing, violence, and crime syndication as was shown in the movie, "Rise of the Foot Soldier".

[click here] for:

Movie Review "Rise of the Foot Soldier"

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Former Texas Stripper tells about George W. Bush's days of heaving drinking and allegedly paying for prostitutes with cocaine:

I shot the above video when I was hanging out with Vincent Bugliosi walking about the streets of Montpelier, Vermont.

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Why does GEICO automobile insurance absolutely suck? Scroll down for my comments in [this post] for the answer.

I have seen how the legal and legislative system "works" in Connecticut. There is no fairness. There is no semblance of justice.

Those who want reform of the judiciary and a government out of control, have been active and banging their heads for a long time. Some for decades.

A judge can be completely out of control, harm children, families, the economy, twist and mangle "justice" and still not be removed by legislators who claim that is their job. [scroll down in this post for pictures, video, and stories of judges out of control]

The Lawyer Mafia runs legislatures. If they didn't, a lawyer paid 6 figures wouldn't be allowed to keep her taxpayer paid job after lying, committing perjury, manufacturing evidence, obstructing justice, and committing other felonies. [story]

So, when GEICO recently screwed me and medical providers out of being paid what is owed, and doing so timely, to date, I considered going to Washington, DC, to personally lobby US Senators and Congresspersons to do something about the scourge that passes as insurance in this country. I had planned on going down to plead my case and press [this legislation] anyway.

I'll talk to friends with vast legal knowledge and ask them that if I have someone draw, or paint a picture of the GEICO gecko, borrow a shotgun, and post a video called, "GEICO Gecko vs. Shotgun", drip blood red paint over the picture, "Will I end up in civil or criminal trouble if I do this?"

If I feel I can get away with it to expose GEICO for the scumbags I believe they are, I probably will.

[click here] for:

GEICO has the highest amount of complaints in Hawaii


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