Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Circle "F" of Judges and their legislator cronies

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It should be a conflict of interest for lawyers who are legislators to confirm, discipline, and/or sit in a panel over judges they hobnob with in courts. Lawyers butter their bread in the Judicial Branch, they have no business pretending to represent "The People" in the Legislative Branch. Something should be done about this issue nationally.

Do you see the conflict of interest, public corruption, and dilution of the US Constitution possible?

No wonder families and the economy seem to be under siege.

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Police and "Payoff Sex"

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Subject of email sent to those on the Legislative Fatherhood Task Force in Connecticut, January 15, 2009, 4:30 PM EST:
Bill Cosby

Do you have to be [Bill Cosby] to be listened to by elected officials?

With the Fatherhood Task Force studying and finding solutions to Fatherlessness should take individual accounts and their offers for solutions to the problem into account. Why aren’t you taking information from citizens by email, mail, by phone, and in person AND THEN responding?

This letter to you is being posted at the bottom of [this post]

One of the biggest problems with Connecticut is with its courts. If a judicial branch employee exposes felonies being committed by judges and judicial managers, and then the employee is suspended and faces being fired, is there really any justice in Connecticut? Just ask Andrea Wilson, former or present, librarian at the Stamford Connecticut Superior Court. Scroll down in [this post] for video of Andrea testifying at an official Connecticut hearing.

I owned a home, had a great relationship with my then 14 year old daughter, and had built up a small business over 2 decades. I complained that Connecticut State Police were rude and refusing to help with heroin, cocaine, and prostitution problems in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. I went to elected officials. Instead of getting answers from elected officials, police contacted me telling me I was not allowed to propose legislation regarding them. I had also proposed court reform and removing Judge Jonathan Kaplan for his bias in civil cases. Kaplan retaliated by giving me a year in prison for resisting being mugged on my own property AFTER I had complained about him in previous civil cases.

State Police threatened me with arrest and prison if I didn’t shut up and leave the State of Connecticut before Kaplan colluded with former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada to railroad me to prison. Do legislators on the Fatherhood Task Force condone Connecticut State Police and Judicial Misconduct?

Should children face being fatherless and their father being sent to prison just for talking to YOU elected officials regardless of whether you do anything to help fix the public corruption problems with police, the courts, DCF, and the prison system?

Will you Connecticut legislators look into [these accusations with a docket #], and get back to me with an answer?

[click here] for text and video to go with Chris Kennedy’s “We appoint judges who are dishonest” post.

Chris Kennedy’s 3 children, my daughter, and other children would probably not be fatherless if judges like Jonathan J. Kaplan were removed and faced arrest and prosecution for their illegal acts. [video]

Shouldn’t judges who display attitudes and judgments consistent with being a sociopath or psychopath be removed?

There currently is no way to get justice in Connecticut courts, will you elected officials help us to reduce fatherlessness by listening to our testimony and then consider remedy?

Do you with to fix the public corruption revealed to you above, or do you wish to help cover it up by ignoring it, and us?

Please let US know.

Thank you,

-Steven G. Erickson

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