Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fire in a Vermont Wood Stove

No rocket science here. I am just keeping warm in Vermont, enjoying the fire in the wood stove. The video runs about 6 and a half minutes. The only real "excitement" is when I stoke up the fire at about one and a half minutes in.

Barack Obama was sworn in as US President earlier today. I was really worried that he would be killed, shot, or George W. Bush would refuse to step down, concerned about being prosecuted. I really have not worried about any President being assassinated, but I do worry about Obama.

Massachusetts US Senator Edward "Teddy" Kennedy has collapsed at the Presidential Inauguration festivities. I have mixed feelings on Teddy. He was most likely drunk, his driver's license had expired, and he left the scene of a fatal accident where he was at fault back in the late 1960's. When I was married, my European lingerie model then wife was asked to sit next to Teddy at his table at an AIDs benefit dinner in Springfield, Massachusetts, back in 1994 or 95. I was "allowed" to sit at Teddy's table next to my then wife. Teddy was late for the dinner. I decided to tell a joke, whispering in my wife's ear, "What did Ted Kennedy's date say?"

The answer I whispered in her ear was, "Blub, blub, blub ..."

Reporters there asked me to give the signal if I was to tell the "joke" to Teddy. Before cellphones were so prevalent, Teddy's staffers and handlers ran to the payphones in horror, to tell Teddy not to show up at the benefit because there was an "asshole" sitting at his table. I had about 3 Scotches on ice before telling that joke. I don't think I ever enjoyed a drink as much as then ...

I'd like to see George W. Bush prosecuted for murder using [this blueprint]

I intend on writing President Barack Obama, Vice-President Joseph "Joe" Biden on [this subject] asking for a pardon and for the subject of the national scourge of judicial and attorney misconduct to be addressed.

Even though I have learned the hard way that public corruption is more the rule, than the exception, I am actually happier with my destroyed life, knowledge, true friends, and path that will probably eventually have some greater purpose. I have faith that good things will happen.

... I'm just amazed and sitting here eating popcorn ... President Barack Obama ...

-Steven G. Erickson



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