Friday, January 23, 2009

Holding the Culprits of 9-11 Profiteering Accountable?

The image of Bernie Sanders was stolen from [here]

Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders, a professed Socialist, is interviewed by Rob Kall of OpEd News. [OpEd post]

Mr. Kall's text with above video:
"Rob Kall and Bernie Sanders talking Economics

Rob Kall interviews Senator Bernie Sanders (I- VT) on:

-how big companies that are too big to fail are using bailiout money to get bigger

-on investigating who and what caused the economic crisis

-on investigating people who profited from 911

-on where's the bottom-up in the bailout"

* * * *
* * * *

[click here] for my letters to Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy and Congressman Peter Welch on a similar subject.

* * * *

Text of email I just sent to Bernie Sanders:

Sir, I just watched a video of you being interviewed by Rob Kall of and would like to commend you.

I am posting this open letter to you [here].

I would like to see those who were involved in profiteering from 9-11 on, brought to justice. I would also like to see those who caused the unnecessary deaths of our US Troops in the ground war in Iraq brought to justice and charged with murder here in the US. If we weren't lied into war, they would not have been so much suffering, death, and our US economy wouldn't be in shambles.

If George W. Bush and his co-conspirators aren't brought to justice, we could eventually have a regime similar to Saddam's here in the US. Please help us and the US to make sure it doesn't happen. Let's make it so that George W. Bush is the first American President to be arrested, hauled off in handcuffs, fingerprinted, has his mug shot taken, and is then ferried by paddy wagon or prison barge to the appropriate lock down facility or prison. Let's make sure his co-conspirators are similarly situated.

I also would like you to look into [this constituent complaint for remedy].

Steven G. Erickson

Post Office Box Eight Seventy-Four
Brattleboro, VT

Bush/Cheney Indict Vote Brattleboro, VT 03-04-08

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Blogger kenny's sideshow said...

I would be interested in seeing how Sanders replies, if he does, please let us know.

My senators and their staff don't even bother answering anymore. They don't have to tell lies if they say nothing.

Friday, January 23, 2009 5:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheney WAS indicted for crime in Willacy county, Texas by D.A. Guerra,
but the local Judge killed the grand jury indictment. Go see: to
see how we can take back america.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 4:08:00 AM  

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