Thursday, January 08, 2009

My "illegal alien" job

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My father once stated that he couldn't understand why anyone can't get a job as even illegal aliens can get jobs.

My criminal record for having "overreacted" to being mugged on my former Connecticut property, by resisting and fighting back caused me to have a criminal record involving prison. Without a record I was sentenced to a year in prison for pepper spraying a mugger.

I've been hanging around various auto auctions in Massachusetts, getting to know used car dealers, and driving cars for them when I can. Most used car lot owners deserve their reputations. I still think they are a step above most lawyers.

Today I was to ride with the brother of a used car dealer from an auction lot near Boston to one near Taunton, Massachusetts. The 39 year old brother of a used car dealer was offered $50 to bring me to one lot to the other so I could drive a vehicle to another used car dealer's lot. The brother was missing his front teeth and looked like he could be in the Mafia as one of the street thugs. He told me he owed his brother $500 for the Ford Crown Victoria Police Cruiser he was driving.

When the 39 year old found out that it wasn't a local drive, but one that would be over an hour, he was livid. He was swearing, saying he was going to visit his brother tonight with a baseball bat to "talk". We left the lot near Boston sideways, driving on sidewalks, almost hitting several cars. I would have asked to get out of the car, but I had less than $4 on me in change.

The 39 year old then told me about his life. He never graduated high school, got involved with hard drugs, the wrong crowd. He and friends stole a car, were high on hard drugs and alcohol, did donuts in a field and ended up flying over a road into a house causing serious injuries to the home's occupants. They all got prison, about 6 month each. Getting any job after prison was just about impossible for him. His probation officer violated him for having been addicted to crack cocaine, but the judge only extended his probation telling him he'd have to stay clean for 6 months, as he did his time, and to go on with his life. Because of his connections he got a taxi license, and worked for 12 years as a taxi driver. A criminal record can prevent just about anyone from getting any kind of occupational license.

The 39 year old said he had suffered a heart attack just weeks earlier. If I had a video of this man's antics, behavior, and spaying his words out his mouth through the gaps due to missing teeth, those that know me would ask, "What the hell are you doing, Steve?"

I helped deliver an SUV to Gloucester, Massachusetts, just outside a Coast Guard facility this past Saturday. 2 fishermen had gone down with a fishing boat called, "The Patriot", after the boat had possibly caught fire and then sank. Their bodies were flown in by helicopter as I waited for the Coast Guard guy to come out to where I was. Families, friends, and the media descended on the scene as I waited with the vehicle.

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