Monday, January 12, 2009

On Gaza

The below is an excerpt from Kenny's Sideshow blog, the below [found here]


There was no justice on Saturday’s local NBC TV affiliate that ‘reported’ on the March for Gaza at Lake Eola Park.

There was NO video of the over 2,000 strong and nonviolent activists.

There were NO interviews with any of the organizers of the event.

But WESH TV did interview one of about two dozen counter protesters. His ignorance was blatant, but there was NO follow-up question from the ‘reporter’ holding the microphone.

While still flaming, I phoned WESH and expressed my distress to the patient and calm man at the News Desk. He then connected me with the voice mail of his superior and I left a message that I am a citizen journalist who has been to occupied Palestine 6 times since June 2005.


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