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Shadow Government, Agents Needed?

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Is the new government goon motto, "Trading your liberties for our security"?

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Secret Government

Diary Entry by 911insidejob

The Federal Reserve Bank by its power to control the money supply and interest rate controls the military industrial oil complex. The Federal Reserve Bank together with the military-industrial oil complex is the Secret Government described by Bill Moyers in his documentary aired on PBS in 1987. The CIA is its secret Army.


Since the creation of the CIA by Congress in 1947, the CIA grew quickly into a very powerful secret element of this government. At the end of his two terms as president, President Eisenhower warned against the increasing power of the military-industrial complex.

What President Eisenhower failed to warn against was the insidious, well hidden power of the private central bankers of the world, namely the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of England. Neither the Federal Reserve Bank nor the Bank of England are departments of the federal government. Each is a cartel of private banks. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, about 75% of the Federal Reserve Bank is owned by the Bank of England.

These central bankers convinced the political powers in each country to allow a private central bank to print the money for the country and then lend it back to the country at interest. If they were not able to be convinced that this was beneficial to the country, then the bankers paid those politicians whatever their “price” was to go along with this scam.

The Bank of England sent their lobbyists to the United States Congress in the early 20th century to lobby for the third reincarnation of a private central bank in this country. The previous two private central banks in the United States had been disbanded as a result of members of Congress and various United States presidents realizing the evil of allowing a private bank to control the supply of a country’s money. The United States Constitution gives the power to print money only to Congress. Some of these well-known United States politicians who realized the evil of a private central bank were Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

President Kennedy had passed an Executive Order six months before his assassination. This Executive Order called for the federal government to start printing money based on the silver standard. This would have been the beginning of the end of the Federal Reserve Bank. Benjamin Franklin was very clear that one of the principal reasons for the American Revolution was King George’s insistence that the colonists use the Bank of England currency. Benjamin Franklin was very clear that this would just place the colonists in debt to the Bank of England. Of course, the history books do not tell us this reason for the American Revolution.

The Bank of England reached an agreement with Woodrow Wilson so that the President of Princeton could be elected president of the United States. The agreement was that the Bank of England paid for his campaign and in return he would allow the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. Woodrow Wilson allowed the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank and then sanctioned the passing of the federal income tax amendment so that “we the people” would pay the interest charged by the Federal Reserve Bank for printing without any constitutional power the currency of this country.

The Income Tax Amendment to the United States Constitution was illegally and improperly signed into law by the United States Congress without the necessary number of states ratifying this Amendment. The United States Supreme Court ruled that this amendment gave no additional taxing power to the federal government. Despite this Supreme Court ruling, which has not been overturned, the IRS and most people in this country act as if the federal income tax is legal and enforceable.

After Woodrow Wilson left office, he was quoted as saying that he had done the worst thing that he could have done to his country by allowing the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. Henry Ford has been quoted as saying that, if the people knew what the Federal Reserve Bank was doing relative to printing money and lending it to this government at interest, then the people would be revolting in the streets the next day.

Bill Moyers Secret Government documentary which aired on PBS in 1987 warned of this "secret government". I have not watched this video in a good while but my memory tells me that Bill Moyers did not touch upon how the Federal Reserve Bank has the final say in what the military industrial complex does. Since the Federal Reserve Bank controls the supply of money and the interest rate, it then controls the ability of the military industrial complex to manufacture weapons of mass destruction. Moreover, the United States government could not afford the huge military budget which facilitates the domination of those countries whose resources are needed by this complex without the Federal Reserve Bank creating the money from nothing and then lending it to the United States government so that they can purchase weapons from the military-industrial complex.

So getting back to President Eisenhower. I question how he could not have known about the insidious power of the Federal Reserve Bank while he was president. So many former United States Presidents had known about this and warned about this. It was under President Eisenhower’s watch that the CIA overthrew the government of Iran.

However, I do not think President Eisenhower would have guessed that in the few years after leaving office that the CIA would move its operations onto United States soil and kill President Kennedy. He was clearly warning that the military-industrial complex was gaining too much power.

He surely knew the potential for the CIA to go on to overthrow by political means including assassination many government leaders in various countries. This of course was explained as necessary in the Cold War. In reality, the CIA supported the military industrial complex in its plan to steal the resources of what we refer to as "Third World countries". They are third world countries because the "economic hit Men" manipulated them into irreversible economic hardship for the benefit of the military-industrial complex.

Let’s jump ahead in time to the establishment of the neoconservative think tank known as the Project for New American Century. The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) is an American neoconservative think tank based in Washington, D.C., co-founded in early 1997 as a non-profit educational organization by William Kristol and Robert Kagan. The PNAC's stated goal is "to promote American global leadership. Fundamental to the PNAC are the views that "American leadership is both good for America and good for the world" and support for "a Reaganite policy of military strength and moral clarity.

If a group of people made a public statement saying that having a new Pearl Harbor would be the only way the public would support their agenda, and these same people were in positions that would allow them to conduct, permit or enable such an event when that event actually took place...would they deserve your suspicion? Well this is EXACTLY what happened. The very people with established motives for conducting an event like the one that took place on 9/11/2001 were responsible for national security when we had that most unlikely, unrealistic and implausible complete catastrophic failure of every single defense procedure in operation. Yet Americans look to these people for protection now.

The US military was running as many as 15 defense drills that day. Some of these drills were live fly hijacking simulations. Some of the drills were practicing for the possibility of having planes fly into government buildings. Could it be that someone decided that these drills would go live! Why have the corporate news media refused to report the drills to the public? Could it be because you would start asking REAL questions about that day? Well, it is time that you start asking questions because you may just be supporting the real terrorists!

After hundreds of hours of research, it is my opinion that 9/11 was an inside job planned and orchestrated by elements of the United States government with probably the assistance Mossad, the Israeli secret service. I will not get into all of the reasons for my opinion but you can find these reasons in the form of many articles and videos on my website which is

This false flag attack was the linchpin that allowed this neoconservative government to implement PNAC’s world domination and New World Order agenda. It has allowed this government to decimate the United States Bill Of Rights and to illegally attack Afghanistan and Iraq resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

This false flag attack has allowed the neoconservative executive branch to start the “fake war on terror” in order to support its agenda of world domination by spending trillions of dollars for the military and for homeland security. This neoconservative executive branch was made up of at least 32 Israeli dual citizens, many of whom are members of PNAC. The anthrax attack on leading members of Congress in 2001 made it clear to members of Congress that if you “are not with us, then you are against us” and in addition, something detrimental will happen to you.

The military-industrial oil complex, which is funded by the private central banks of the world, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Bank of England, etc. has over the past eight years perpetrated an economic 9/11 on this country.

The Congress and White House together intentionally allowed the “mortgage and credit bubble” to expand exponentially over the past eight years. The White House stopped all “in progress” prosecutions of mortgage companies by State Attorney Generals, including Eliot Spitzer in New York. Eliot Spitzer wrote an editorial in the Washington Post newspaper several weeks before he was politically assassinated by the Bush administration. In this article, Attorney General Spitzer blew the whistle on the White House’s role in allowing the decimation of the US financial markets. The purpose of this intentional economic 9/11 is to destroy the US dollar, create a new North American currency and further the agenda of a one world government with one currency and one private central bank printing the money for the world. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Do you honestly think that the people behind this New World Order Agenda, who facilitated the stealing of the last two presidential elections, would actually allow a president to be elected who would stand in the way of their agenda. The 2004 election was stolen by electronic voting machine fraud and voter suppression. You will not hear this in the mainstream media but the strong, irrefutable evidence is clearly spelled out on my website.

It was a win-win situation in the 2008 presidential election for the military-industrial oil private central banking complex. Both McCain and Obama have signed on to PNAC’s world domination agenda and their “fake war on terror”. They both have also signed onto furthering the catastrophic impact of the economic 9/11 by supporting bailouts and the Federal Reserve Bank’s printing of trillions of more US dollars.

The printing of this debt-based money will devalue the dollar to almost nothing. The value of the dollar has decreased 95% since the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. Obama Is supporting the devaluing of the dollar to zero. He has appointed a Federal Reserve Bank President and many of the other bankers who implemented this entire financial fraud knowing full well what the end result would be.

In other words,Obama Is the front man for this secret cabal whose purpose is to create a New World Order. It is the perfect set up. Most people, even those who consider themselves to be very well-informed and politically astute, think that Obama will save us. No matter what I or any of those few people, who realize that Obama was put there to further the agenda of the New World Order say, we will be marginalized and thought to be pessimistic. People will say “I am going to give him a chance” or “anything is better than George Bush”.

In my opinion,Obama will be at the helm when martial law is declared as a result of the economic 9/11and people will accept his word that it was necessary. People will accept his word that Israel was compelled to attack Iran. People will accept his word that a new monetary currency is necessary since the US dollar is now defunct.

Unless we wake up now, it is my opinion that it is a done deal.

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I am an attorney and the webmaster of The day after the 2004 presidential election I started reading numerous articles on progressive Internet news sites about how Bush stole the election by computer fraud. I am a member of the Coalition against Election Fraud which was founded several weeks after the election. We lobbied the electoral College in my state and actually were instrumental in the electoral College passing a unanimous vote on the floor of the electoral College December, 2004 asking for a full investigation of the presidential election in Ohio. We lobbied the United States senators for the purpose of having them object to the certification of the electoral College votes for Ohio, Florida and other states. About 15 of us met with 15 different United States senator's aides on January 5, 2005 in Washington, DC for the purpose of educating them about how Bush stole the election by computer fraud and voters suppression. As you know, Senator Boxer at least had the nerve to object to the certification.

In early 2005, I started researching 9/11. It only took me less than one hour of looking at the evidence to know that the official 9/11 conspiracy theory was completely bogus and unsupported by the facts.About one year later I started investigating the Federal Reserve Bank. It did not take long to realize that it is the biggest scam imaginable and it's main purpose is to devalue the dollar and make us a debtor nation.

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