Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vice President Richard "Dick" Cheney in a Wheelchair

I have a number of questions regarding Cheney's injury moving boxes out of his office.

Why did he wait so long to do this? Did he expect not to have to move out of office and out of power? Did "stay in power" plans, or a plot, fall through?

Why did Cheney move boxes himself? There are plenty of helpers to do that sort of thing, and Dick Cheney is dirty rich.

Something doesn't pass the smell test.

Dick Cheney In A Wheelchair On Inauguration Day 1-20-09

Would [this sort of thing have happened] if George W. Bush was not our US President the last 8 years?

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My break with George W. Bush

posted on OpEd News [found here]

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On Spiro T. Agnew

Richard M. Nixon and Spiro T. Agnew were the first US President and Vice-President team to resign from office. Agnew was known to have a coat with large pockets hanging in his office at all times. First as Maryland Governor, and then as Vice-President, Agnew expected visitors to his office to just load the large pockets of his hanging coat with bundles of cash. Agnew and Nixon spent no time in jail. The time of the "free-for-all" should end. See to it that Bush DOES jail time.

Bush, Prostitutes, & Cocaine

Steven G. Erickson and Charles Manson Prosecutor and Author, Vincent Bugliosi, walk around Montpelier, Vermont, talking to passersby about prosecuting George W. Bush for murder in Vermont.

A former Texas topless dancer working at the time George W. Bush was drinking heavily, alleges that Bush was doing cocaine and cavorting with prostitutes.

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