Monday, February 23, 2009

Was a Divorced Father wrongly accused?

John Dibiase Jr. stands outside a television station in Connecticut. William "Bill" Coleman has been on a hunger strike and has been a story in Connecticut newspapers.

There is a controversy over whether or not it is legal to force feed him in prison. [click here] for a blog posted on this subject on the Connecticut News Junkie blog.

Many think Coleman was wrongly accused of raping his ex-wife. Too often mothers make false accusations to keep a father from seeing his kids, living a normal life, and want him out of the way falsely arrested and imprisoned. I am not saying that fathers don't commit crimes and don't deserve to be punished when laws are broken. The "justice" system is fatally flawed. We the People need judicial reform.

John's email:

[click here] for a blog on the subject of fatherlessness and judicial abuse of families and children which includes a picture of John Dibiase Jr.'s "Parental Alienation Van"

Please comment on this post or email me with more information on this story and I will consider posting it.

[click here] for my videos on various subjects including Vincent Bugliosi's push to have US President George W. Bush indicted for murder and Bill Cosby on Fatherlessness and Fatherhood Task Force speaking at the Hartford Capitol in Connecticut etc.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Police State Terror Tactics?

John Dibiase Jr.'s "Parental Alienation Van" [video click here]. John is an advocate for non-custodial parents rights and runs the Meriden Connecticut Divorced Men's Association. He is a key advocate for judicial reform and is active informing the Legislative Committee on Fatherless and the Fatherhood Task Force.

Chris Kennedy and I attended the hearings regarding whether or not, Connecticut DCF, Department of Children and Families, is allowed to act Unconstitutionally, and whether a parent should lose complete custody and contact with their child, or children, with no hearing, no prosecution, no basis, and no ability to lodge complaints against DCF for their misconduct, public corruption, and citizen abuse, even when there is no basis for legitimate excuse to remove children from a parent's life.

A DCF former employee, a whistle blower tells how DCF workers have no supervision, their is no accountability, and if you speak out you are retaliated against:

I, Steven G. Erickson, add my two cents at yesterday's hearing at the Hartford, Connecticut Legislative Office Building, The LOB:

[click here] for the raw footage of the hearing I shot, I was late and missed a lot of the testimony which is available if you search around the CT-N website.

If you check out the end of the raw footage, a Mr. Frazzinelli (sp.?) who used to be the selectman of Stafford Springs, Connecticut is again stalking me. He allegedly saw to it that Stafford Constables and Connecticut State Police Troopers were posted outside of the Town Hall to keep me from speaking at public hearings. I was on probation for having resisted being mugged after being sentenced to a year in prison after being attacked on my property in Stafford Springs, CT, and could have easily been railroaded back to prison. Frazzinelli made the front page of the Manchester, CT, Journal Inquirer newspaper for trying to keep me from speaking at a public Town Hall meeting where there was to be public comment. [post on Connecticut State Police misconduct]

Mr. Frazzinelli stalks me around the Capitol when I am there as a blogging journalist and advocate for judicial and governmental reform. I have seen him point me out to the Capitol Guards where they can pull me over for walking, detaining me, and where they stand in pairs, threes, or even four across as if they were the stamping master template for making "Gorilla Cookies".

The Connecticut State Police Capitol Guard use intimidation and terror tactics to allegedly try to terrorize members of the public from exposing the gross judicial and police misconduct in the State of Connecticut.

Colonel Thomas Davoren
, aka "Trooper Doofey", "Doofey Duck", "The Duck", "Doofey", etc was the Leutenant of Troop C, Tolland Connecticut who allegedly instuted the "no dating policy" where I dumped a Connecticut Registered State Police Informant for being a lying slut, and she informed me that if I didn't continue dating her that "Dad", the head of Troop C, who at the time was Davoren, would see to it that I was arrested, lost my property, lost my daughter, and went to prison if I didn't date her. I was in no trouble, wasn't on probation, and had no trouble pending when Barbara Sattal (Sattel?) made the threat. [more]

I ended up in prison, lost my property, and contact with my daughter.

When I and Chris Kennedy left the LOB in Hartford Connecticut last night, a Capitol Guard, Connecticut State Trooper, pulled in behind Chris Kennedy when I got in his car to be dropped off at my vehicle on the other side of the Capitol grounds. The Trooper immediately pulled almost against Chris' bumper and turned on the top panel lights, but not the flashing lights, to make his, or possibly her, presence known. That trooper, or another one, tried to position his, or her car, when I got in the vehicle I had borrowed to drive to the Capitol and I was almost not able to leave, then he, or she, pulled almost against my bumper, turned on the panel lights, but not the flashing lights, and tailgated me as I drove away from the Capitol and drove around Hartford to get on the Higway.

This is definite harassment and the terrorizing of citizens. Ken Krayeske, a journalist, and former campaign manager for the Green Party candidate for governor. Ken spoke out against Governor Rell and was then placed on the Connecticut State Police "Secret Enemies List" and was then arrested on sight. [story]

To backtrack, many victims of DCF misconduct, talked about the attorney misconduct of Attorney Michael H. Agranoff, the self-proclaimed "DCF Specialist", allegedly just takes as much money as possible, makes empty promises, and leave victims of DCF and judicial corruption high and dry. [click here] for my complaints against Agranoff.

Text of my email to Connecticut State Representative Toni Walker complaining about the above [found here]

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[click here] for "Connecticut, The lack of a Constitution State"

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Changing Gears?

Proactive cleaning up the energy, financial, and legal US Quandary?

by Steven G. Erickson
Originally posted on OpEd News

I don’t know if it is within OpEd News guidelines to propose solutions to problems AND then ask for help in funding the proposed solutions. If I am in violation, I would both apologize, and then remove this post at Rob Kall’s request.

We are looking for someone with experience writing requests for funds, both public and private.

We are looking to get money to fund our documentary project and our green energy "Sky Train" monorail. We wish to expose judicial corruption and offer solutions to it while interviewing Congress members and US Senators in DC as part of our documentary project. [click here] for a video that is a “very rough” draft of what would be an installment of our documentary series, “In the Interests of Justice”.

We are also looking for someone to write requests for funds, both public and private, to get our version of "Sky Train" from the model stage to reality. We were able to secure a $100,000 grant ourselves to have a model built. That scale model is in storage in Florida. We need to build a scale model of a substation to show that project's true potential.

The monorail train can run along existing rail lines and highway in any country, work as national emergency evacuation, public transit, and as a way to help reduce congestion on highways by having stations near large, cheap, parking areas. The technology is green and can even generate power with the solar panels that run with the monorail track to bolster the grid, and when there is not enough power to run the train with the sun, the existing power grid can be used, as well as any other means of generating power in substations. The substations can also have a dual purpose as being back up electrical power during national emergencies.

The offer is 1/10 of a percent just to write the documents for us to use. More compensation is possible if you have the connections, or ability to make them, to get us to the table. We are after $1,000,000 grants, various amounts larger than that, and a 3 billion dollar green energy grant. Do the math ...

Serious inquiries only.

Steven G. Erickson is a freelance cameraman, blogger, photographer, documentary producer, screenwriter, sometimes journalist, and can and will travel anywhere if the terms are right. His objective is to reform America's courts, creating a "People's (more...)

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Imagine all the ribbing the cop in the below story is going to get. Imagine also, if the porn stars were female, how much jealous ribbing that same cop would have gotten.

Unzipped Magazine’s February 2009 cover shows Aden and Jordan Jaric. The [Boston] Herald has blurred some wording that might be construed as offensive to Herald readers.

Alleged cop escort for gay porn stars probed

By O’Ryan Johnson and Jessica Fargen
Friday, February 6, 2009

An alleged police escort given to two gay stripper porn stars to a Boston nightclub has prompted police to yank one officer off the beat while Internal Affairs investigates the free-ride claim.

Police Commissioner Edward Davis said the Oct. 24, 2008, incident was a misuse of a police cruiser at a time when department resources are stretched thin.

“These are troubling allegations,” Davis said in a statement. “The department is taking this matter very seriously and it will be fully investigated.”

A law enforcement source said police believe the officer was escorting the male strippers to the Roxy nightclub club, but it is unclear for what purpose. A Boston police source identified the strippers as Jordan and Aden Jaric.

The Jarics, a real-life couple who live in the Sacramento, Calif., area perform at live shows around the country and star in gay porn films together, according to their Web site. The two have appeared together in 2007’s “Endless Crush,” and in 2008’s “Winter Heat,” according to the online movie database

The night after the show at the Roxy, the Jarics performed at Trixx, an all-male Providence strip club, according to NBC 10 TV station in Providence. NBC 10 reported yesterday that Boston police are investigating the claim that a BPD officer escorted the Jarics to the Roxy.

Police refused to release the officer’s name or any other details. Police said the reason for the escort and other specifics of the incident are under investigation.

The officer was transferred and placed on administrative duty, pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

The Jarics could not be reached.,

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