Monday, February 23, 2009

Was a Divorced Father wrongly accused?

John Dibiase Jr. stands outside a television station in Connecticut. William "Bill" Coleman has been on a hunger strike and has been a story in Connecticut newspapers.

There is a controversy over whether or not it is legal to force feed him in prison. [click here] for a blog posted on this subject on the Connecticut News Junkie blog.

Many think Coleman was wrongly accused of raping his ex-wife. Too often mothers make false accusations to keep a father from seeing his kids, living a normal life, and want him out of the way falsely arrested and imprisoned. I am not saying that fathers don't commit crimes and don't deserve to be punished when laws are broken. The "justice" system is fatally flawed. We the People need judicial reform.

John's email:

[click here] for a blog on the subject of fatherlessness and judicial abuse of families and children which includes a picture of John Dibiase Jr.'s "Parental Alienation Van"

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[click here] for my videos on various subjects including Vincent Bugliosi's push to have US President George W. Bush indicted for murder and Bill Cosby on Fatherlessness and Fatherhood Task Force speaking at the Hartford Capitol in Connecticut etc.

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