Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Legislation for a US Police State?

In Connecticut, legislators are having a public hearing on [this legislation].

What does it say about a police department's ability to "protect and serve" if they don't even have enough confidence in each other, not to be protected to want their addresses unavailable to the public?

Women are raped, citizens are terrorized, crimes are committed, and these victims of crimes can't be comforted knowing that police in a state don't have enough confidence in each other to protect and serve, they have to have their addresses made secret.

When citizens have no recourse, the courts are rigged, and children are wrongly taken away, police commit perjury, manufacture evidence, commit rape and acts of brutality, they should be afraid, and for good reason. Those with nothing, and nothing to lose, can be capable of anything, including, "Pay Back". I don't suggest citizens take the law into their own hands, I suggest you utilize our American System to change what is becoming a Police State, before it is too late.

If you lodge a police misconduct complaint in the state of Connecticut, you complain to a more senior officer at police HQ. Police are threatening, abusive, and can terrorize you out of a state. Free Speech tested, can land you in prison. I know this from personal experience.

Should there be "Secret Police" in the US?

I thought I was going to be arrested the last time I appeared to speak at a public hearing at the Hartford Capitol Legislative Office Building. [more]

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Added 6:00 PM EST
I went into Hartford, Connecticut, shot video, and got out. I have to edit and render. I'll be posting videos as I have time.

[my youtube.com videos]


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