Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Taser Company Man, Lobbyist, AND Cop

video shot yesterday at the Hartford Capitol in Connecticut in front of the Public Safety and Security legislative committee

Do you think there is a conflict of interest if a Taser International Company man is lobbying legislators for your tax dollars while being paid tax dollars to be a police officer?

Do you find this more than a little sleazy?

Do legislators in Connecticut get a piece of the action?

The population in Connecticut has gone down, but government and spending, hiring of government workers, and the building of government buildings may have risen 30%!

Can you say, "Pigs"?

A woman friend, and former landlord, has a daughter, they now live outside of Connecticut because of Connecticut State Police misconduct, brutality, and the pervasive abuse of citizens in Connecticut. "T.M." was raped and left bleeding and naked in a Wilmington, CT, parking lot. The Tolland, Troop C Connecticut State Police Detective who was too lazy to do an investigation threatened to arrest "T.M." for making a false statement regarding being raped. That is what police in Connecticut do to avoid having to do any work, they threaten and arrest victims of crimes, too often.

T.M. was recounting the rape to two officers, who then both tasered her, arrested her, and then took away her cloths at lock up, so she wouldn't "hurt herself". Her large breasts were left exposed for officers.

Should animals like this wear badges and carry guns?

A need for Civilian Oversight of Police is needed more than ever. I also appeared in front of the Connecticut Public Safety and Security Committee in Hartford Connecticut, yesterday. [video]

Ritt Goldstein testified in front of Connecticut legislators with international experts on Civilian Oversight of Police and was so terrorized after making [this video], that he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum. Should we still be living in a Police State?

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Sue J. talks about the Steven G. Erickson saga:

my email:

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Police in the State of Connecticut can, and will cover up for murders, rapists, organized criminals, drug dealers, other cops, and will even act as look outs during break-ins.

This video was also shot yesterday at the Hartford Capitol. Police cover up for murderers, this is still going on:

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A US Marine who returned to Connecticut, witnessed police beating up a man for having lodged a police misconduct complaint because the same two officers had beaten up a teen for wearing bagging pants at the same McDonald's, was arrested when he woke up in the hospital with 13 stab wounds for causing a disturbance having been stabbed.

David J. Taylor, a felon on probation, wasn't even violated on probation for almost killing 3 people.

[This case] should prove to all doubters that the courts and police in Connecticut are corrupt and need to be cleaned up.

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Christopher "Chris" Kennedy made a police misconduct complaint after being assaulted by a Connecticut State Police Officer and "Stalker Judge", Jonathan J. "Jackass" Kaplan. Chris was arrested the next day and faced 30 years in prison for accidentally checking the wrong box on a family court financial form.

Chris talks about "Jackass" Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan:

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Donald "Donny" Christmas talks about being attacked by a police officer's 16 year old prostitute girlfriend in front of his wife and child, for his evicting the 16 year old prostitute, her prostitute sister, and her prostitute mother.

Only Donny faced a year in prison for being slapped in the back of the head and yelled at, attacked on his own property. Donny speaks:

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