Saturday, March 28, 2009

What happened to Steve?

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No, the picture above is not me, Steven G. Erickson.

I've been getting numerous emails asking whether I am alive, in jail, or what. No, I work in an office, receive a salary based on 45 hours a week and am usually working 7 days a week. I'm working more than 75 hours a week on average. There just isn't time to chat on the phone, for personal emails, or even personal phone calls.

I fear going to Connecticut on a day off and being arrested for just expressing my opinion, driving through, or being in Connecticut visiting friends. [click here for what I'm talking about]

Imagine possibly losing your job, your home, your car, your significant other, your family etc for just driving through or being in an "American State"?

Elderly people have just driven into Connecticut, gotten sick, gone to the hospital, and these elderly citizens will then sometimes be put on lock down at a Connecticut mental hospital unable to see their adult children, a lawyer will then be appointed in "their best interest", and the lawyers and the state of Connecticut will split the person's assets. The adult children, the future heirs, are screwed out of their inheritance. [example, scroll down to comments]

The best example of what is wrong in America, should start with the Richard "Ritt" Goldstein case. He was a prominent Connecticut businessman and Democrat. He was the key speaker at a special judicial hearing on Connecticut Judicial and Police misconduct and the need for civilian oversight of police. He was then so terrorized after making [this video], he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum.

A US Marine, Stephen Murzin, came home to Connecticut. He was stabbed 13 times and arrested by police and faced 6 months in prison for creating a disturbance having been stabbed, waking up alive in the hospital. The felon on probation, David J. Taylor, wasn't even violated on probation for having almost killed 3 people. [that story]


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