Sunday, April 12, 2009

Freedom, Vermont

Today is Easter, I spent it by working. I had a car to sell and do the paperwork. So, I did. The rest of the day turned out very well considering a life changing event occurring today.

Life has its unexpected changes.

You can only hold on for the ride sometimes. Other times you can just enjoy the moment, look around, and just be glad to be alive. The scenery, the ambiance, and how I feel today seems to be the norm, not the exception. Where you choose to live and visit has a lot to do with how you feel.

I found myself out driving in the mountains of Vermont with no destination and no time to be back anywhere. I was getting out with my Dodge, a V8 5 speed pickup. It's not really mine, but it might as well be as I am seeing to it that it gets what it needs before it is sold. It's hopped up, and yes, I was getting into it, turned the radio on, and "Oh yeah!"

I ended up somewhere that had the best mushroom soup, homemade, that I have ever had. I had a natural greens salad with some top grade beef sliced, very rare, probably about 3 ounces, or so. I ran into a 70 something gentleman with a lot of stories to tell, or his riches, and his life's experiences, I would have listened to more, but I wasn't going to have another beer for various reasons. A woman introduced herself, ask me my name, and told me where other good food could be had, and where she'd be later on in the week ...

I really don't have much to complain about lately, the "Nightmare in Connecticut", is farther, and farther off in my mind. I love Vermont and those I know here are really treating me well.

My heart and soul might still be in Mississippi on the Gulf Coast and somewhere near Bourbon St. in New Orleans, Louisiana, but for now, I'm loving Vermont.


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