Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Partially losing my will to bitch and complain

I work about 80 hours a week, am spending money, and have little time.

Filled out a job application and where it came to the criminal record part, just filled it in, "beat up guy who tried to mug me on my property". Job opportunities and offers abound.

I don't currently own property, but I would beat a mugger up again and I'd enjoy it. Probably wouldn't get arrested in Vermont, New Hampshire, liberal Massachusetts, or in any other state except Connecticut as they are the official "Asshole State". They can eat shit in Connecticut, the officials that is, if they act [like this].

For me the economy is booming, life is great, and there is nothing but opportunity, a future, and happiness. I could risk it all just driving into or through Connecticut.

It can happen to anyone if the elderly just driving through Connecticut can be attacked by the system, officially robbed, and immorally confined, [scroll down in this post]

My advice: Enjoy life and avoid Connecticut


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