Thursday, May 14, 2009

My first chocolate orgasm

My first chocolate orgasm occured yesterday about 7 PM Eastern Standard Time in Walpole, New Hampshire at L.A. Burdicks [their website].

This chocolate is known internationally in the chocolate world. It is right next to the main post office in Walpole, NH. It is an extremely quaint New England town and it was extremely scenic from my drive out of Vermont into New Hampshire. I regretted not having my video camera or even a still camera with me.

I had love with a large cup of hot chocolate, a chocolate mousse tort, and an orange and chocolate cake. If it is possible to get high and altered on chocolate, I did last night. I'm not a sweets person, but I had recurring dreams last night, and daydreams today of chocolate ...

If you're in the Brattleboro Vermont/Keene New Hampshire/Greenfield Massachusetts area, this place is worth the drive. They have a store, coffee/hot chocolate shop, and restaurant where entrees seem to be in the $16 to $22 range. They also seem to have a hot international mail order business.


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