Sunday, May 03, 2009

Some of Connecticut's Corruption History

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Continued Connecticut State Police Follies

[click here] for the Connecticut Officer Robert Murtha story

[click here] should White Connecticut Police Police Officers get away with executing Blacks on sight, shooting them in the back in the state of Connecticut. Is ANY Police misconduct okay in Connecticut?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laws giving broad discretionay authority to
Law Enforment; i.e. Police
and Judges affords bias,
favoritism, nepotism and the ability for political
influence to obstruct justice.

CT needs to 'tighten' up laws: utilize courtroom video equipmnt as well as transcriptionists to ensure
human error and influence does not obstruct Justice. Video cameras on Police cars curbs misconduct and poor judgement by Police for corrective actions: training, penalities, etc.

Juvenile and probate courts must operate with Transparency to ensure fair and just decisions. Jury Trials for Family Courts. Court monitoring and checks and balances in CT civil courts. Effective monitoring of Judicial conduct. Laws to impeach bad judges and no more slipping referee judges into their planned retirements w/pensions as penalty for judicial misconduct. Prosecutors should be required to turn over evidence at the first hearing instead of using 'unkown' evidence for threats to take plea bargains or face full penalties if convicted for exercising the right to Trial Juvenile's should also be afforded the right to Jury trials w/o additional penalty of Public exposure on Judicial Websites and should not have to lose their youth offender status to pursue justice when falsely arrested. The Criminal Justice System needs to work for 'innocent until proved
guilty'. Justice should not be obstructed due to political and/or economic standing as it is today. Summary Judgements for criminal offenses would prevent the emotional and financial devastation of having to 'prove' innocence as the justice system is easily corrupted to destroy 'tareted' citizens

Prosecutors n

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