Monday, June 29, 2009

America's Boss Tweed Court System

One of the biggest things wrong with the US is its court system, and the lack of independent oversight.

Bosses of the judiciary can appoint friends and family. Money management is in secret and contracts are given to friends and family. Taxpayers are being rooked. Positions are made up and “important people” need not even show up to make 6 figures. Contracts are handed out like candy and money doesn’t need to be managed or accounted for because many court systems operate in secret, video cameras used to keep them honest aren’t allowed, and there is no audit or honest accounting taking place. [example]

If you are a judicial branch employee, and if you blow the whistle, you’ll have thugs showing up at your house, intimidating your friends, and you’ll be suspended or fired for trying to do what is right.

Just ask Andrea Wilson. She can be seen in [this video].

Should your tax dollars be spent on a Boss Tweed style court system?

Should bosses like Boss “Uncle Joe” D’Allesio (sp.?) in Connecticut be immune from prosecution, for racketeering, obstruction of justice, nepotism, and the rigging of the courts?

Judges are getting kickbacks to send as many citizens to prison as possible, guilty or innocent, it doesn’t matter. Taking away kids and breaking up families is another profit maker for the judiciary. If the rest of the Country is following the example, the Mafia runs and builds prisons, and most everything official is run like the Soprano’s trash hauling business.

Our government isn’t “self-cleaning”. We have to Hurricane Katrina style "flushing" ourselves.


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