Monday, July 06, 2009

Insiders’ Government

Lawyers run the courts, the legislature, and all business. In the age of the internet, why should they? Anyone should have access to the courts and to government, not just insiders who have their own language. Let’s do something about it. We can’t have fairness if we have no real access.

In Connecticut the population shrank. Districts were redrawn to have a Congressperson less. In the same time there has been uncontrolled spending, hiring, and the giving out of tax dollars to insiders and their friends. The nation’s spending is the same sort of insider scam. We’re collectively being ripped off.

The US Government, and its crooked court system, is just one pig. When are we going to put this pig on a diet?

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My thoughts on lawyers [click here]

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Take back America with a People's Court System, An Independent Grand Jury System:

.03% of population has 75% of the power in US

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