Saturday, July 04, 2009

Propaganda and July 4th

What are we Americans really celebrating. We the People have never freed ourselves from the tyrants.

If a 13 year old girl can be accused of being a lesbian in school for passing notes to another girl where is the "independence"? Should a 6'5 Homeland Security goon being interrogating little girls for passing notes to each other? [video]

I recently went to Concord, New Hampshire. I toured a history museum there. Back in the early 1900's lawyers made, on average, ten times what farmers made. Lawyers made more than medical doctors and probably still do. Touring such a museum, you can see where we were, and now where we are.

Should elderly citizens who are unfortunate just to drive through a state such as Connecticut be confined to mental hospitals if they happen to get sick, and then have lawyers appointed for them by a State's corrupt court system where lawyers and the State can liquidate a citizen's assets? [scroll down in this post]

Pictures from July 2, 2009, Concord New Hampshire (click on picture to make bigger):

Protester saying he wants to go to Africa to help those without water. I think he's a scam artist substance abuser.

Larger view:

Concord New Hampshire State House

Stone at front door:

More pictures taken in Concord, New Hampshire, by Steven G. Erickson July 2, 2009 [click here]


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