Sunday, July 19, 2009

Unmanned Planes for US Domestic Spying?

file photo "UAV"

I was listening to New Hampshire Public Radio this morning. A topic was on the misuse of US Military unmanned, Predator, spy planes to be used to spy on the American citizenry.

Getting the American public used to seeing these spy planes is already in the works. In North Dakota these aircraft were deployed to "help" in flood zones, identifying problem areas etc. Technicians can hone their flying, filming, and targeting skills. Manned helicopters are probably more effective and cheaper. What is the need for stealth in humanitarian aid inside the US?

Border patrol was another proposed, or already "in use" proposition.

Should taxpayers pay for their own abuse?

Actor Roy Scheider portrayed a law enforcement official alarmed at the proposition of technology being abused to spy on and harm the public. The film, "Blue Thunder", warns the public about upcoming debates. That film is already outdated, but the message is as fresh as ever.

Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis, and others star in "The Siege" about how a government could engineer a state of emergency to declare Martial Law and seize total power. What parallels can be drawn from this movie released in 1998?

I'm currently producing and shooting an independent film on how local and state law law enforcement, the courts, and the government are getting away with, and expanding their abuse the public schemes, scams, and programs.

What type of individuals are doing the domestic spying? [pictures and post, click here]

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Is big media complicit with the rigging of the court system, public corruption, and agreeing to only report what the Good Ole Boy Network allows to be reported? [click here]

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[click here] for:

"Cash for Clunkers" Government Spy Program?



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