Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Government Stupidity Exemplified

The cash for clunkers is going to cause more harm to the economically challenged than the current recession/depression.

Inexpensive running vehicles used to pull trailers, for contracting, for an extra vehicle will become even more scarce. Elderly people driving a couple, to a few miles, a week would be best served by an inexpensive "clunker".

US used vehicles exported to other countries bring in revenue to the US and to US business people. That revenue is now being lost.

I sell used cars. A customer came in with his new Jeep that he traded in his pickup for and got $4500 for in trade. He still needs a pickup and can't find one to replace the one he sold for the money he got for it. Business has immediately dropped to less than half.

People without credit and with limited means by used cars they can afford. This program is slamming the poor and the shrinking lower middle class. It is however, giving more tax dollars to the already affluent. The "trickle up" factor is still in place.

[click here] for my most recent past post on this subject that includes video. Is "Cash for Clunkers" a Government Domestic Spying Program funded with taxpayer dollars?


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