Sunday, August 23, 2009

High on a Mountain

Steven G. Erickson wearing "Death is Mandatory, Really Living Optional" tee-shirt. Picture taken half way to the peak of Mt. Chocorua [info], New Hampshire, not far from Mount Washington. [Mount Chocorua pics on the web]

Climbing a mountain is more than just hiking here on Mt. Chocorua. Each step must be done carefully. Rocks are slippery. Rocks can roll and be pulled on top of the climber. Falling off a cliff is not impossible. Pulling your weight up, and onto rocks, is an adventure. Getting to the top is less than half of the battle. But, being on the top, knowing that the mountain has been conquered as the view is taken in, is just plain nirvana.

It rained on the way down. The whole experience was suddenly altered.

I watched the climber in the last picture, to study his skills in descending the mountain on slippery, wet rocks. I wasn't sure whether or not the loud thuds, crashing, and twigs breaking in the distance of darkening woods was a bear, moose, or just a deer. I escaped my adventure, and the later, completely dark woods, with a flashlight I was glad I packed ...

August 22, 2009, was just another life altering day and life experience for me.

I will climb this mountain again. I will climb others. I am no longer a mountain climbing virgin, the seal has been broken.

Video shot near top:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the pictures!!! what an amazing day for you :) LU

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 10:02:00 AM  

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