Friday, August 21, 2009

War Profiteers Private Island Getaway?

I talked with a gentleman who is familiar with Limnos (also Lemnos) Island in Greece, who travels there often, and he talked about the war profiteers, George H. W. Bush, and others meeting and/or investing huge sums of money in businesses and property in Limnos. The newer houses and resorts went from nothing to unbelievable in just over a decade, has the world noticed?

It is an island dirty little secret with locals.

Maybe half of the war contractor funds paid out by taxpayers are was wasted, was fraud, and is an absolute abomination. We were lied into a second ground war in Iraq. The first and probably the second Bush “election” was stolen and paid for by the Bush dynasty. This was in front of the world and American public and they got away with it, unpunished.

There is a whole army of domestic spies paid for by war booty stolen by the war profiteers, and there are thugs on the ground in America ready to take care of any individuals to squash any movement set up to get justice.

How disgusting does the royalty in America have to get before the world and the American people get off their collective hindquarters and act? Should there be an independent audit done in Limnos, and the investors there asked where they got such huge sums of money to invest in estates, resorts, and trinkets? Are these individuals in the jurisdiction of the Hague and international justice?

Well, if so, let's get on it.

Lemnos Island info and pictures:


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