Friday, October 16, 2009

Cellphone Spying and Tracking Technology

I learned about a lot of the capabilities of spying on people, using cellphones the hard way. I have been told recently that I have to be concerned about my safety and about being tracked so harm can be done to me. Am I being paranoid?

Well, I have been told that I would not be safe in any state by a former employer who has allegedly committed at the minimum of infractions, if not broken state and federal laws. For whatever reasons I have not been staying in the same place and have altered my schedule and who I visit. And I do nothing on any set schedule and have no predictable place to be. I have learned in the past how criminals with connections operate. [post on the criminal/cop connection]

In Connecticut when I owned rental properties I had a feud with the Connecticut State Police over lack of protection and service. They were "utilizing" drug dealers, vandals, prostitutes, and other criminals as "informants". I tried to have Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan of Rockville Vernon Connecticut Superior Court removed through legislators for his bias against landlords, the self-employed, and contractors in civil cases. I wrote letters to the editor critical of the court system and of police. I later found out that the Judicial Branch is mainly about defrauding taxpayers and in protecting insiders of a rigged system. [insiders speak out]

I wondered how Connecticut State Police Officers would find me, usually in pairs of cruisers, no matter where I was shopping, working, or socializing. I would be followed around hours and even days at a time. I back out of my driveway to have a cruiser follow me around everywhere. I was told that if I didn't sell my property, shut up, and leave the state that they, the Connecticut State Police would arrest me and see me off to prison.

I found out from an alleged Connecticut State Police Registered Confidential Informant Barbara Sattal that my cellphone was being monitored and my location was being tracked by police. She told me that all that I did, read, and received on the internet was being monitored by police and they had planned on seeing me beat up, maybe killed, and/or set up to be railroaded to prison for my "Big Mouth". [that story][more background and links].

If parents can spy on their kids, use GPS to find the exact location of their kids 24/7, and if their conversations can be monitored in real time or recorded for later review, anyone anywhere has to have concerns regarding their complete lack of privacy whatsoever.

So, if you are a woman with a male stalker, political activist, or just piss off someone willing to go the distance, anything you say, do, or anywhere you go can be monitored if you don't pay attention.

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World Tracker turns anyone into a cellphone spy

Mobile Cell Phone Number Tracking Tracing

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If police officers are getting caught with drugs, scales, sale paraphernalia, are handing out guns to known felons, and judicial branch managers are defrauding taxpayers, what does that say about the current state of affairs in the USA? [post]

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How to take back America with a "People's Grand Jury System":

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