Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hostile Work Environments

Not all hostile work environments are as cut and dry as sexual harassment, violence in the workplace, and/or obvious unprofessional conduct and threatening actions and words. It is good to keep a diary with dates, details of incidents, and witnesses to the offenses. There can be criminal as well as civil infractions. Compensation can come from either the civil or criminal side, or can even be a combination of both. These cases can often generate a lot of publicity and damages to be recovered can be quite large.

Some cases one can possibly pursue Pro Se. Enduring sexual harassment and a hostile work environment might not be a good case to pursue yourself. Lawyers can be searched for here:

Crimes, misdemeanors and felonies, should be reported. Unfortunately, if the abuser settles a civil case, a criminal case might be averted, and an abuser might not get criminally punished for criminal acts.

There are many issues to consider before considering continuing to work in a hostile work environment, or in considering taking any actions. Retaining an attorney who has experience and a track record in these cases just might be your best bet.

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