Friday, October 16, 2009

The World War One Origins of Corporate Communism

Excerpt from [here]:

The Wilson Administration gained control by repressing the Constitutional Rights of citizens; upwards of 150,000 of them were sitting in prison for questioning government policy and entry into the war.

A woman wrote to a newspaper. "I am for the people and the government is for the profiteers." For her dangerous sentiment she received a sentence of ten years.

A number of corporations and their political hacks utilized the sedition laws to suppress and to disband labor unions.

Federal Agents tied up the motion picture "The Spirit of '76." They claimed the film showed the British redcoats in an unfavorable light. The film producer got ten years in jail for his effort. [more]

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Comment to Steven G. Erickson from Jason Paz, author of the above:
The USA Remains a Dictatorship

One of my sources for the article stated WWI Germany was more democratic than the WWI USA. That was contrary to everything I had been taught about the era. It showed me how hard it is to shake off the myths of propaganda and information control.

George Pullman [of sleeping car fame] had Eugene V. Debs locked for leading a strike by the sleeping car porters' union. Lawyer Clarence Darrow defended Debs by proving the railroad officials had colluded to frame Debs for interfering with the US mails. Acquitted on the mail charge, Debs returned to prison by a bogus conspiracy charge.

Later, corrupt Los Angeles officials almost convicted Darrow with a bogus charge of bribing a juror in an anarchist bombing case. If the first corrupt official doesn't get you, the second one will.

I am somewhat familiar with your railroading in Connecticut. If you want to swap horror stories, you have my address.

The Federal Marshals falsely accused me of Airport terrorism.

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If police officers are getting caught with drugs, scales, sale paraphernalia, are handing out guns to known felons, and judicial branch managers are defrauding taxpayers, what does that say about the current state of affairs in the USA? [post]


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