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Connecticut Governor not running next election

Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell out relaxing. Is there a smoking gun in the Rell administration? Scroll down for pictures and more.

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Rell's Decision Puts New Face On Race For Governor


November 11, 2009, The Hartford Courant

With Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell's abrupt departure from the race, Democrats and Republicans are suddenly scrambling for front-runner status as they prepare for primaries next August.

If the Democratic primary were to be held today, Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz would be the winner with 26 percent of the vote, followed by Greenwich multimillionaire Ned Lamont with 23 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday.

Dannel Malloy, the longest-serving mayor in Stamford's history, was third in the poll with 9 percent. Former House Speaker James Amann captured 3 percent, state Sen. Gary LeBeau of East Hartford got 2 percent, and Ridgefield First Selectman Rudy Marconi, the least-known Democratic candidate, was last with 1 percent. The margin of error in the part of the poll that focused on Democrats was plus or minus 4.5 percentage points.

The race remains wide open, however, as 33 percent of the registered Democrats polled were undecided.

Rell Mum
Rell would not endorse a Republican candidate Tuesday, undermining Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele's statement Monday night that she had assured him of her support for the GOP nomination.

Instead, Rell mentioned that several qualified Republicans are potential candidates, and volunteered the name of former U.S. Attorney Kevin O'Connor, who lost a race for Congress in 1998.

When reminded about what Fedele had said, Rell responded, "He is one of many people right now that have expressed an interest. He hasn't declared yet that he's running."

Rell said she had heard that House Republican leader Lawrence Cafero, Senate GOP leader John McKinney and O'Connor might run.

"They're all great Republicans, and they're all very competent," Rell said.

Among the Democratic candidates, Malloy has lost ground even though he and Bysiewicz remain the leaders in the amount of money raised and in the number of campaign contributors.

Amann said that Lamont's entry into the race last week dealt Malloy a severe blow, draining his core support in lower Fairfield County. Lamont is from Greenwich; Malloy is from neighboring Stamford.

Malloy, though, went to the Capitol press room on Monday evening to tell reporters that Rell's decision to drop out of the race does not change anything for him.

Despite running statewide TV commercials and spending nearly $4 million before losing to New Haven Mayor John DeStefano in the Democratic gubernatorial primary in August of 2006, Malloy is still not widely known around the state. The poll showed that 67 percent of respondents have not heard enough about him to form an opinion, including 74 percent each in Hartford, Windham, Tolland and New London counties.

"That's a problem for him," said Douglas Schwartz, the director of the Quinnipiac poll. "It's always been an issue for him."

Rell, too, noted that Malloy had little name recognition in the poll when compared with Lamont, a cable TV entrepreneur who won an August 2006 primary against U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman before losing in the general election.

But Roy Occhiogrosso, a strategist for Malloy, said: "Doug Schwartz's poll showed Dan losing to John DeStefano by 20 points 18 days before the primary, and he lost by less than two points. ... Polls this far in advance are meaningless to everyone except the people who do them and the inside political world. This early in the game, they are purely a function of name recognition."

If Cafero, a Norwalk Republican, were to run against Fedele, he would be opposing a close political and personal ally.

"He's one of my dear friends," Cafero said of Fedele. "I think Mike's a wonderful guy. I think he'd make a terrific governor. I think I've earned the right to make that consideration myself."

As a state legislator since January 1993, a deputy leader for 10 years, and the top House Republican since 2007, Cafero said he believes that he has enough experience at the state Capitol to be seriously considered for the governor's office.

He criticized all of the Democratic gubernatorial candidates for remaining virtually silent and largely out of the fray during the tough budget months of February through September as the legislature was battling over the state's worst budget crisis in decades.

Among Women
In an intriguing facet of the poll, Bysiewicz — the only woman in the Democratic field — led Rell among women voters in a theoretical election matchup. The poll, taken in the days before Rell's announcement that she will not seek re-election, showed that women voters preferred Bysiewicz to the governor by a margin of 4 percentage points. Rell, however, held a 46 percent to 40 percent advantage over Bysiewicz once men were included in the sample.

What it all might mean next year is unclear with Rell now out of the race, but Schwartz believed it was worth mentioning at some length. He said that although Bysiewicz showed strength among women against Rell, two of her Democratic competitors for the party's nomination — Lamont and Malloy — trailed Rell among women voters.

Bysiewicz "wins the women's vote, while both Malloy and Lamont lose the women's vote," Schwartz said.

Democrats outside the Bysiewicz camp suggest privately that her strength among women in a matchup against Rell no longer means what it might have.

The poll of 1,236 registered voters was conducted Nov. 3 to 8 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percentage points.

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M. LISA MOODY, the Governor's Chief of Staff, testifies before the Government Administration and Elections committee about her role in a controversial fundraiser to benefit the governor. (SHANA SURECK / May 16, 2006)

Why did M. Lisa Moody and M. Jodi Rell go out and get first initials together? I can understand getting tattoos together ...

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Is law student and former Green Party campaign manager for Connecticut governor proof of Governor Rell's and the Connecticut State Police, secret "Enemies List"?

Kenneth Krayeske

[click here] for the best evidence that if you complain or piss off the governor's office in Connecticut, lodge a police misconduct complaint in the State of Connecticut, and/or lodge a judicial misconduct complaint, your name can be placed on the secret enemies list and you can promptly be arrested and either be railroaded to prison, threatened with prison, and/or terrorized into silence.

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Is the ethics committee in Connecticut ethical? [more] Duggan, below, is still getting her 6 figure salary paid for by taxpayers.

MAUREEN DUGGAN, right, addresses the committee reviewing misconduct charges against her related to a fraudulent letter she wrote in 2004 while a staff lawyer with the State Ethics Commission. The letter led to the firing of ethics chief Alan S. Plofsky. Her lawyer, Hope Seeley, is at left. (BOB MACDONNELL / HARTFORD COURANT / November 5, 2008)

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Will corrupt operatives in Connecticut "Corruptikourts" see to it that it is okay for While Police Officers to execute Blacks on sight, shooting them in the back, in the State of Connecticut?:

First Witness Testifies In Lawlor Police Shooting Trial White Connecticut cop shoots 3 Blacks in the back and calls himself an "American Patriot", police misconduct in any state doesn't get any more ridiculous than that. [click here] for "The Teflon Badge"

After almost 4, or so year, former Hartford Detective, Robert Lawlor, is finally facing a "trial" in Connecticut. [more]

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Behavior only covered while working?

Are Connecticut Judicial Branch only immune from honest investigations, audits, and prosecution if they are "working" for taxpayer funds? [post]

Judicial License to Steal?

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