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Considering becoming a Patriotic US American Ex-Patriot

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It may not be about loving one's country being a factor on one deciding to leave. Not liking the current government and its mismanagement, thinking that a financial crisis will interrupt the basics of life, not feeling there is free expression and freedom, etc, can all be reasons to consider living outside the US. If you are thinking of possibly looking into the possibility of living, working, and pursuing life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness outside the United States of America, I hope you contact me.

I am considering contacting interested persons in Costa Rica and Ecuador about helping provide information to Americans considering becoming Ex-Patriots. I am also looking for individuals interested in becoming Ex-Patriots and/or in becoming business partners in providing opportunities, lodging, finding work, etc. outside the US. I will not share email address, personal, and other information of those contacting me unless asked to do so.

Are you a US citizen considering the possibility of living, retiring, and residing outside the US, but are not willing to give up your US Passport or citizenship? Please email me.

Thank you.

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I found the below doing a blog word search

The below [found here]

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Trip Start Dec 08, 2008
Trip End Ongoing
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Where I stayed
Apartment in San Telmo

Flag of Argentina , Capital Federal District,
Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We used and found a well-lit, well-located apartment on calle Peru in our favorite part of Buenos Aires, San Telmo. We thought we would give living in the big city a try even though we had many red flags popping up the day of our arrival. But these flags kept on coming. Like, one day, we got a list of apartment building rules shoved under the door of our apartment with a rule about no loud music and television during the quiet hours - 1pm - 4pm and 11 pm and 6 am everyday - highlightred with yellow flourescent ink. Now, I am not sure that this was intended directly for us but I am pretty sure it was. We didnt have any high powered amplifier or even use the television - we would listen to music or radio programs through the computer, just using the built-in speakers within the computer. Apartment in Buenos Aires
Apartment in Buenos Aires

Big Avenue 9 July
Big Avenue 9 July
Avenida 9 Julio
Avenida 9 Julio
In BsAs
In BsAs

Yes we did need to adjust to city life again. Or did we? We began to think about whether we really needed to live in such a big city. We just spent the last 20 years of our lives in Paris and New York and the times were great - but we were working, making money and enjoyed being around other people doing the same. Dont get me wrong - Buenos Aries would be a great place to live - just like New York - if you are making good money and getting everything you need to live comfortably. But we really want to do something new.

Everyday we hear more news about the economic crises worsening. It is clear that the dollar is going to become worthless in the next year or two and when this happens there is going to be chaos in the US. Without the dollar as the world reserve currency it will be next to impossible for America to buy imports - oil, goods and everything it is currently importing will become so expensive. There will be few food deliveries to grocery stores and things will become bleak there. Argentina has been through this sort of crisis recently. The situation in America may carry over to other places, to Argentina and everywhere. People in Buenos Aires take stupid rules too seriously and maybe years under Peron still make them this way. I dont know its just the feeling you get there...The police state in the US and here maybe, too, will just get stronger as people become desperate and crime soars.... We really want to be somewhere where we can be more self-sufficient. I think if this were a year ago we would have stayed in Buenos Aires and built our future there, but with all that we have experienced and learned in the past year, we now know its time for a change...

Harley Davidson Buell in Buenos Aires
Harley Davidson Buell in Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Buell Dealer
Buenos Aires Buell Dealer
Guillermo, Buell Mechanic
Guillermo, Buell Mechanic
Harley Davidson Buell in Buenos Aires
Harley Davidson Buell in Buenos Aires
We got the Buell completely serviced. We had the fork seals replaced, and the cause of all the problems we were having was discovered to be the alternator wasn't charging below 2,500 rpms. I had the clutch plates replaced and the front wheel bearings replaced so they wouldn't have the same fate as the rear bearings. So the Buell is now again like new and ready to ride. With all the parts in stock, the bike was surprisingly ready to get back on the road in about 3 days. I thought it would take at least 10 days.

So we got everything ready, checked out of the apartment early, got our security deposit back and got ready to head to where we felt the best in the past - Ecuador and Colombia. We decided to move to Ecuador because there is a growing community of ex-pat patriotic Americans moving there and building a community. It is also very easy to get permanent residency there - an investment of $25K is all that is needed. It is $250K in Colombia, thus making Colombia our second choice.

Its about 5,000 miles back up to Ecuador and we used our time in Argentina preparing for the next leg northward - getting the bikes ready, helmets visors replaced, re-organizing and repacking everything we have with us...

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Coming to America

My Great Grandmother, Anna Sandness, emigrated from Norway to the USA. Her brother made her the jewelry box to take over aboard ship. The picture is of her jewelry box.

My Great Grandmother, Lena Cassatt's clock. She is of German and French descent.

I'm related to the French Impressionist Painter, Mary Cassatt, friend of Edgar Degas.

My Great, Great Grandfather Sven G. Erickson came from Sweden to settle in North Dakota. He lived in a sod house. Dirt cubes were cut out of the ground and a house was made. It is almost arctic cold in North Dakota. It was so cold, furniture was once burned in my Great, Great Grandfather's home. If they didn't do that to keep warm, I may not be here.

Will there be a push for Americans to consider leaving America to be "Free" and "American" elsewhere. I talk about the possibility of leaving for Costa Rica, Ecuador, or other destination in [this post].

Steven G. Erickson's reason for wanting to live outside the US:

This blogger's email:

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OpEd News post with video [click here]


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