Sunday, November 08, 2009

Hartford Cops Investigate Police Brutality

Updated 8:38 AM EST, Sun, Nov 8, 2009


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It’s another potential black eye for Hartford. This time, officers are investigating three of their own for police brutality.

Chief Daryl K. Roberts tells NBC Connecticut an internal investigation is underway into the alleged assault of a suspect inside the Hartford Police Department booking area.

“We caught it. We initiated the investigation after word of the attack spread. We didn’t wait for a police brutality complaint to come forward,” said Roberts.

Police will not say why the suspect was initially arrested, but according to Roberts he became violent with one of the officers while behind bars-that’s when two officers fought back.

The alleged attack was all caught on tape by several surveillance cameras.

“It’s something we’re not going to tolerate in the police department. I’m very upset about the officers’ performance and conduct. We are investigating it fully and the officers will be disciplined accordingly,” said Roberts.

Those officers and the supervising lieutenant are now under investigation for the incident, but police are not releasing their names at this time. NBC Connecticut has learned one of the officers is a department veteran who is eligible for retirement.

Hartford residents say the news is disappointing, but don't think it reflects the entire department.

“The police have a job to do. I know there are some crooked cops, but overall I think we have a great police department,” said John Davis of Hartford.

At this point, the Chief says he’s investigation whether the officers committed any criminal offenses. If the investigation turns up any criminal offenses, Roberts says charges will be filed.

First Published: Nov 7, 2009 10:47 PM EST

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