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War on Fatherhood?

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In by email:

Response to mediators letter

Dear Mediator,

Thank you for your letter.
I hope you are indeed a Good mediator as you mentioned.
Almost every mediator, judge and lawyer I have met is terrible.
They delay, drag, destroy and then bill.
The swindle innocent men to lose their God given rights.
But God says, the curse causeless does not come.
Your country is dying off.
Math shows it.
I love math and the math agrees with me.
Math has very little wiggle room.
It is hard to spin and manipulate math.
The math in America is bad.
The math shows that
for good reason many men do not want to get married.
Many men do not want to have kids.
Western culture is dying off.
I am from Europe.
Native Europeans will only be seen in museums in a few years
just like the native American Indians.
America is following Europe.
The corrupt mediators, judges and lawyers laugh all the way to the bank.
They think well we suckered another man out of his kids and his money.
Mediators get men to give up their rights without a fight.
But look out the window, your country is in ashes.
America like Rome is rotting in its own corruption.
Your finances are wasted.
Your families are broken.
Your kids are illiterate.
Your industry is gone.
Detroit has half its families in family court
and it has enough empty homes to house all the people of San Francisco.
Only men get beat up in court so they tune out and drop out.
96 percent of all prisoners are men.
Woman can not go to jail unless they make special request
so they can write a college research paper about jail.
Woman do not go to jail for falsely accusing their husbands.
Most men never get primary physical custody
Many men get driven into poverty with back door alimony.
So called CHILD support.
Now men do not want to play the marriage game anymore.
The sports bars are filled and the wedding chapels are empty.
Mediators, judges and lawyers turned marriage into financial suicide.
Men see too many broken and torn bodies lying around everywhere.
The lying corrupt media can not cover the stench.
Men work with guys complaining all the time about
how they can not see their kids and all their money is stolen in corrupt courts.
The lying media tries to convince everyone that these men are all
just big mean guys who beat their poor innocent wives every night.
But men are not buying that lame story line anymore.
Approaching half the population lives alone.
People are spending a lot more money on their dogs.
Men get their love from paper dolls.
Men get their championship from their sports bar
talking about meaningless ball games for hours.
What a wonderful world our mediators, judges and lawyers have made.
Again I hope you are a good mediator.
You are probably the last good one on the planet.
As you go back and research your case files
remember there are 30 days in a month
and equal means 15 days for dad and 15 days for mom.
Funny how for the few men that get to see their kids
it ends up 26 days for mom and 4 days for dad.
I guess some would spin that to say that is good mediation.

Lord bless thee,

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New Surfdom
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On a New Form of Indentured Servitude

The Confluence
November 10, 2009

UPI Editor Equates 9/11 Truth Activists With Fort Hood Killer

There's so much going on in the USA that warrants attention these days

that it's hard to know where to start. But, since I'm an economist I'm

going to start here.

"There are families not eating at the end of the month," said

Stephen Quinn, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at

Wal-Mart Stores, and "literally lining up at midnight" at Wal-Mart

stores waiting to buy food when paychecks or government checks land in

their accounts.

* * * *
* * * *

Do police officers get drunk with Department of Children and Families, DCF, workers, hand out baggies of pot, beat their wives, and break up families for fun? Well the ex-wife of a police officer in the State of Connecticut speaks about than and police misconduct:

Is domestic assault okay for police officers?

* * * *

Former Norwalk, Connecticut, Mayor William "Bill" Collins talks about police officers wearing ski masks to beat them at abanodoned waterfront warehouses. The officers allegedly threw beer bottles on his porch, vandalized his house, and pasted police union stickers on his house and vehicles:

[click here] for:

The Inner Spider Web of Corrupt Government?

The post talks about the control of our government which the union AFSCME-AFL-CIO International has over almost all law enforcement, court, and government operation.

* * * *

John Dibiase, Jr., and his parental alienation van. John runs the Meriden, Connecticut, Divorced Father's Association. He is an advocate for non-custodial parent rights:

* * * *

Chris Kennedy of Ellington, Connecticut, speaks out about "Stalker Judge"

* * * *

Donald Christmas of Enfield, Connecticut, talks about police officers leaving the scene of accidents drunk, driving around with their 16 year old prostitute girlfriends, and having their 16 year old prostitute girlfriends attack citizens so their can be false arrests and imprisonment for those who make police misconduct complaints.

* * * *

Father, former US Marine, and victim on the Connecticut State Police secret enemies list, Stephen Murzin speaks out about police abusing citizens using police informants:

[click here] for more of the Stephen Murzin saga. Should police officers be able to use tax dollars to pay for and order "hits" on citizens?

* * * *

Former tenant, and Steven G. Erickson friend, Sue Johnston, tells about the Steven G. Erickson saga:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not all the people in this post know each other. They aren't a group, and some individuals have strong disagreement with each other. The only agreement between many of these people is that there is something wrong with the system. Each would have their own suggestion for a solution. It will take unity, to fix the court system.

Sunday, November 15, 2009 11:15:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

<<" Tens of thousands of children a year are losing contact with their fathers because of “failing” family court system and disastrous custody arrangements, a study has found.">>

Oh yeah? They are telling us this now? As if no-one knows? Have we not known this all along in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, India, South Africa, Europe and the rest of the "west" ? We have known this for years ! And did we not try to tell the media and the politicians how much damage was being done? And now here they are announcing what we all know in a new "study" and a "poll". Good heavens we provided them with concrete evidence. Real life case histories. For Years ! Was no-one listening? Are they still not listening to us? How many of the Fathers on these lists could provide personal witness, evidence and testimony to any "study" wherever it is in the world? And its the British Media which reveals this to us in North America? Where is OUR own media? Where are OUR politicians? Where are OUR studies? Well we have those alright (ask Dr Ed Kruk for a start) but no-one pays any attention when they come out.

Monday, November 16, 2009 8:58:00 AM  

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