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The American KGB

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If you think the US President has any real power, think again. Watching the History Channel last night about the sex lives of Presidents with a feature about J. Edgar Hoover just reaffirmed believes I have held. Whomever has the most dirt on others, and is willing to use it, is in charge.

For as long as Hoover was head of the the FBI, he ruled the US. Hoover, for whatever reason, protected the Mafia, and refused to let agents investigate organized crime. The means to murder, to foster prostitution, gambling, roughing people up, fixing investigations, domestic and international spying/espionage, the holding of political prisoners in the US, murder-for-hire, drug dealing, loan sharking, obstruction of justice, racketeering, and the covering up of police, judicial, CIA, attorney, official, and prosecutorial misconduct etc. was all in the realm of the FBI. There is now some entity, or group, that is bigger than the FBI; it might not even be headquartered in the US.

Those in the banking industry, war corporations, and international drug cartels all seem to have a hand in running the USA behind the scenes. These unseen power managers keep stealing every dollar they can until every average citizen is bankrupted. When the sheep finally rise up, there will be special camps waiting. There has never been so many inside agents, informers, and private contracted goons in the US, ever. There has never been such a rise of these sorts of people, combined with the cessation of rights, ever, without the people being subjugated with mass murder being just one of the symptoms of an ongoing process.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy may have gotten in the way of the Mafia/FBI monopoly on the heroin trade by allegedly having CIA and corrupt military bosses set up shell companies to supply advisers in Vietnam, so that military and CIA transports could fly heroin into the US out of Laos. What did Reagan and Ollie North do with cocaine? They allegedly had the CIA and military transports bring as much of the stuff into the US as was possible to fund Black Ops and to make the "important people" rich.

This theme [expanded here with video]

The inner spiderweb of the courts, government, and police: [Goon Unions]

Whom are you writing a blank check to spy on you at will, steal your money and possessions, break up your family at will, and to enslave you? Do you think these behind the scenes people need to be investigated and have their official agencies and puppets subjected to civilian oversight?

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FBI Founder J. Edgar Hoover's Blackmail Files Part 1

text with video:
Here is a documentary on all the people who the Founder of the FBI "Blackmailed", etc. This guy was one "sick puppy". He had control of the US Government for over 40 years. Listen to what this freak did.

J.Edgar Hoover,his oil-friends & his 'non-existant' mafia #1

text w/ video:
Amongst the comments are by Bobby Baker himself.

Mentioned figures vacationing at Murchison's Hotel Del Charro; Hoover,'key-leutenants' of Carlos Marcello, Richard Nixon, 'powerful' people.

D.H.Byrd owned the Texas School Book Depository and founded the Civil Air Patrol which Oswald was a member of.

Seymour Pollack comments on Meyer Lansky of his speaking of their 'immunity'. He and his friends. Marcello and Trafficante were untouchable.

They knew of Hoover's relationship with Clyde Tolson.

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