Saturday, December 05, 2009

"Behind the Black Robes: Failed Justice"

a book written by former candidate for Massachusetts Governor and disbarred Attorney, Barbara C. Johnson. She tells it like it is in the below audio interview recorded on youtube, posted at bottom. An attorney can be disbarred and end up in prison if he, or she, acts in your best interest, not in the interest of a corrupt judicial system. Barbara is now in Costa Rica and allegedly a Supreme Court Justice requested a signed copy of her book. Barbara Johnson talks about that and more below.

Last 11 minutes of interview with Barbara Johnson, 12-4-09

Uncut, one and a half hour, 20 minute, Steven G. Erickson interviews Barbara C. Johnson, 12-4-09:

[click here] for post on Barbara Johnson, called:
Looters' Pretend Justice System and Barbara C. Johnson


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