Friday, December 18, 2009

Daniel Ellsberg interviewed

Vietnam era photo of Daniel Ellsberg

Rob Kall, founder of interviews Ellsberg. At least the first 30 seconds, or more, are dead air and Kall making promotions of businesses. [audio link for interview]

Ellsberg is famous for the Pentagon Papers. Mr. Ellsberg calls Obama a conman and talks about the excuse we have for a justice system. Daniel Ellsberg is a patriot, period.

Excerpt from Wikipedia: "Later, Ellsberg said the documents "demonstrated unconstitutional behavior by a succession of presidents, the violation of their oath and the violation of the oath of every one of their subordinates".[4] He added that he leaked the papers to end what he perceived to be "a wrongful war".

From Rob Kall:

[link to his entire post]

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Ellsberg, who changed the course of history by courageously releasing the Pentagon Papers, talks about Obama's deception, the positives involved in his 70+ arrests for civil disobedience, Iran, Afghanistan and more. One listener said there were four different articles in it.

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