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VIDEO: American Resistance Movement?

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Bob Chapman's Friday Report on Alex Jones Tv 3/4:A New World Currency Based Upon Carbon!!

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Veterans Group Calls On Soldiers to Refuse Orders to Deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq

By Dahr Jamail (about the author)

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Jared Rodriguez / t r u t h o u t;
Adapted: US Army Africa, The U.S. Army

In response to President Barack Obama's announcement on December 1 to deploy 30,000 additional troops to the occupation of Afghanistan, the organization March Forward!, comprising both veterans and active-duty members of the US military, has called on all soldiers to refuse their orders to deploy.

"March Forward! calls on all service members to refuse orders to deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq," reads a press release from the group from December 3. "We offer our unconditional support and solidarity. Join us in the fight to ensure that no more soldiers or civilians lose their lives in these criminal wars."

Michael Prysner, a former corporal in the Army who served from 2001-2005 and a veteran of the occupation of Iraq, co-founded the group with another Iraq war veteran, James Circello.

Truthout asked Prysner how he responds to those who believe a soldier should always follow orders, no matter what.

"In my experience the majority of people joining the military today join out of necessity, like money, jobs, help for their family, etc., so most don't join for ideological or patriotic reasons. Most are driven into the military by economic conditions. We see this playing out now, as people are joining in droves because of the economy."

Prysner added, "Yes, people do sign a contract to follow orders, but those orders are wrong and unlawful. We want to educate people to the fact that these are immoral orders, and they [soldiers] are being used as muscle for corporations, to colonize the developing world, and it's not legitimate. People who join and take this oath seriously who think they are in [the military] to defend the US, this is not what we are being used for in the military today."

Prysner has written about his experience in Iraq, "... there was no computer screen separating me from the suffering civilian population. I spent 12 months in Iraq, doing everything from prisoner interrogations, to ground surveillance missions, to home raids. It was my firsthand experiences in Iraq that radicalized me. I believed I was going to Iraq to help liberate and better the lives of an oppressed people, but I soon realized that my purpose in Iraq was to be the oppressor, and to clear the way for US corporations with no regard for human life."

After he separated from the Army in 2005, Prysner "understood that the occupation I was a part of was a crime against humanity. I understood that illegal conquering of Iraq was for profit, carried out by a system that serves a tiny class of super-rich whose endless drive for wealth is at the expense of working people in the United States and abroad."

According to Prysner, the lessons he learned from being part of the US occupation of Iraq taught him that, "I still had the same drive to fight for freedom, justice and equality as I did when I joined, and I understood that fighting for those things meant fighting against the US government, not on behalf of it."

To those who call him and his organization "anti-American" and/or "unpatriotic," Prysner has this to say:

"I would say that I have more in common with my sisters and brothers in Iraq and Afghanistan than I do with these people in DC who've sent us to war. If that's unpatriotic, then yes, I am. But patriotism and racism are the only things the military has to fall back on to convince people to do the things we are being asked to do today."

March Forward! was founded in 2008, and the aim of the organization is "to unite all those who have served and who currently serve in the US military, and who want to stand up for our rights and for that which is right."

"We are new and growing," Prysner explained. "We have seen somewhat consistent growth, and we're expecting this to accelerate now."

The group's statement from December 3 adds, "On December 1, we got a clear order from President Obama. For many more years, we will be sent to kill, to die, to be maimed and wounded, in a war where 'victory' is impossible, against a people who are not our enemies. For over eight years, we have come home in coffins, in wheelchairs, with our skin burned and with our days and nights haunted by the trauma of war. We return home to a VA whose services are so inadequate that active duty soldiers who succumb to suicide outnumber those killed in combat."

ames Circello is a former Army sergeant and veteran of the US occupation of Iraq. Circello, who joined the military in 2001, describes his experience in Iraq as follows:

"During the occupation of Iraq, the truth about what the United States government has done to the country of Iraq became more apparent. Open wastewater flowed through neighborhood streets where children played soccer. Families were thrown out of their homes with simple accusations from others. Vehicles were taken on sight by the military if individuals couldn't provide proper documents claiming they own the vehicle. These events and others helped in strengthening my opposition to the so-called 'War on Terror.'"

In April 2007, Circello left his base in Vicenza, Italy, and went absent without leave (AWOL) in protest of US policy in the Middle East. In November 2007, he turned himself in to the military at Fort Knox and was discharged within three days.

Circello has remained very active with his work against US Foreign Policy, having worked with Iraq Veterans Against the War and the group Courage to Resist before joining March Forward!.

Circello's decision to go AWOL was his way of refusing to deploy to Afghanistan.

I had been fighting myself internally after my time in Iraq, about whether to deploy again," he explained to Truthout, "I ended up back in my old unit that was preparing to deploy, so at that moment I took it into my hands, and decided I wasn't going to go kill Afghans that had done nothing to me, or the American people. It was a defining moment for me."

According to Pentagon figures, since October 2001, more than 50,000 soldiers from all branches of the military have gone AWOL.

John Raughter is the communications director for the American Legion, an organization that describes itself as "a patriotic, war-time veterans organization, devoted to mutual helpfulness," according to its web site.

Raughter is clear about his stance on the rights of soldiers. "We have an all-volunteer force," he explained to Truthout, "These are not draftees. They swore an oath to obey the orders of the Commander in Chief."

According to Raughter, the American Legion does not, in any way, support AWOL soldiers or those who refuse to deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan. "Within reason, the military should be able to enforce obedience. Obedience and order are critical for the military to do its mission. People can't pick and choose which orders to obey and which not to [obey]. If it's a lawful order, they are obliged to obey."

Yet the oath enlisted soldiers must take before being deployed, reads:

"I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."

Marjorie Cohn, president of the National Lawyers Guild, is the co-author of "Rules of Disengagement: The Politics and Honor of Military Dissent" with Kathleen Gilberd. In the book, they write, "Rules of Engagement limit forms of combat, levels of force, and legitimate enemy targets, defining what is legal in warfare and what is not. (They're also) defined by an established body of international (and US) law that leaves no ambiguity."

Cohn and Gilberd argue that every US war since WWII has been illegal. Article 51 of the UN Charter only permits the "right of individual or collective self-defense if an armed attack occurs against a Member ... until the Security Council has taken measures to maintain international peace and security."

In addition, Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 (the war powers clause) of the US Constitution authorizes only both houses of Congress, not the president, to declare war. Nonetheless, that process has been followed only five times in our history and last used on December 8, 1941, after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

Nevertheless, Raughter believes soldiers who are dissenting against the occupations should have never joined the ranks. "If they are ethically opposed to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I would say that most of these people have enlisted or reenlisted since the beginning of the war. These wars were occurring when they made this oath of enlistment. It should have come to their minds."

Circello's response to those who refer to their tactic of encouraging soldiers to refuse deployment orders as being "unpatriotic or un-American?

'This is a tactic of demonization and we reject it," he explained, "The corporations profiting in these wars don't care about America or the American people. Is providing mercenaries to kill innocent people overseas, and bombs to kill innocent people, is that American and patriotic? The people who use these terms are demagogues. We can't forget that America was a land of institutionalized slavery, slavery was American, and folks like Dr. Martin Luther King, when they stood up to racism were called un-American ... so the same thing happens today. When you protest war, or call on soldiers to desert based on their own interest, you are called un-American."

Prysner and Circello's organization has stated, "March Forward! supports the right of all service members to refuse illegal and immoral orders. Orders to deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq are just that: illegal and immoral. We have no reason to fight in these wars, and we have every right to refuse to be a part of them."


DAHR JAMAIL He is author of the book Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq. Jamail's work has been featured on National Public Radio, the Guardian, The Nation, and The Progressive. He has received many (more...)

The Steven G. Erickson response posted on OpEdNews.com:

American Resistance Movement

If there is a collected, organized, and motivated group of individuals who want to take back the American government from the shadow forces of the war corporations, banksters, drug lords, and other organized criminals, they may have to meet outside the US to figure out the best way to get the word out to the most people.

Let's assume that the traditional radio, cable television, and internet can be shut off and/or completely controlled by the spooks pulling the puppet strings of US leaders. There would have to be another way to inform. We the people may have to resort to Ham radio and printing up home grown newspapers, fliers, and hand them out, person to person, having American Patriot advocates outside the US.

If US Troops swear an oath to support and defend the US Constitution, what if the likes of George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama are mere puppets poised to disassemble, and make null and void, the US Constitution? Shouldn't the US Troops then do what is necessary to restore the US Constitution serving with civilians interested in restoring America to what our forefathers intended?

Supporting organized criminals with money (taxes) and in being part of organized crime committing illegal acts is illegal isn't it? Should our US Troops be the tools of organized crime and drug lords?

I bought into the BS of the "American Dream" pre 9-11. I got in the way of prostitution, heroin and crack cocaine distribution, and stood to try and fix the public corruption and the organized racketeers of crime that is the Connecticut State Police and courts. The campaign manager for the Green Party candidate for Connecticut Governor was put on the Connecticut State Police Secret Enemies List and arrested on sight to face years, if not decades in prison, based on typical Connecticut State Police filing of false reports, the suppressing and manufacturing of evidence, perjury, and acting as a goon squad employing drug dealers, prostitutes, vandals, and other vermin as a gang called "Confidential State Registered Police Informants".

The system of goon squads is nationwide. To truly be "free" and "American" at the same time and to feel free exercising "Free Speech", We the People might just have to do this outside the borders of America in some safe place. I would like to be part of any outside the US, "Real News Network", or in helping advise, helping to get work, and helping to get lodging those who are Patriotic Americans unwilling to be slaves and used by organized criminals to finance their evil deeds, beatings, bombings, rape, murder and the wholesale rip off of the world. I would like to be part of any organized, US Constitution supporting Patriotic Ex-Patriot American movement.

by Steven G. Erickson (8 articles, 0 quicklinks, 101 diaries, 430 comments [123 recommended, 0 rejected]) on Tuesday, Dec 15, 2009 at 10:27:08 AM

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การ เคลื่อนไหว อเมริกัน ทน

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ขอ สมมติ ว่า ตัว ดั้งเดิม เคเบิล ทีวี, อินเทอร์เน็ต และ สามารถ ปิด และ / หรือ ควบคุม โดย สมบูรณ์ spooks ดึง สาย หุ่น ของ ผู้นำ สหรัฐอเมริกา. ก็ จะ ต้อง แจ้ง ทาง อื่น. เรา คน ที่ อาจ จะ ต้อง ไป รีสอร์ท วิทยุ แฮม และ พิมพ์ ขึ้น บ้าน หนังสือพิมพ์ ปลูก, fliers และ มือ ของ พวก เขา ออก ไป คน คน มี advocates คน รัก ชาติ อเมริกัน นอก สหรัฐอเมริกา.

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สนับสนุน กระทำความผิด จัด เงิน (ภาษี) และ ใน ส่วน ของ การ จัด อาชญากรรม committing กระทำ ผิด กฎหมาย ไม่ ผิด กฎหมาย หรือ ไม่ยก บาท เรา ควร จะ มี เครื่องมือ ของ อาชญากรรม และ การ จัด lords ยา?

ฉัน ซื้อ ใน BS ของ ความ ฝัน อเมริกัน "" ก่อน 9-11. ฉัน ได้ ใน ทาง ของ โสเภณี, เฮโรอีน และ โคเคน แตก กระจาย และ ยืน พยายาม แก้ไข ความ เสียหาย ของ ประชาชน และ จัด racketeers อาชญากรรม ที่ เป็น Connecticut State ตำรวจ และ สนาม. ผู้ จัดการ แคมเปญ สำหรับ ผู้ สมัคร Green Party สำหรับ Connecticut ราชการ ได้ วาง Connecticut State List ตำรวจ ลับ ศัตรู และ จับกุม ใน สายตา เพื่อ ปี หน้า ถ้า ไม่ ทศวรรษ ใน คุก ตาม ปกติ การ ยื่น Connecticut State ตำรวจ รายงาน เท็จ suppressing และ การ ผลิตของ หลักฐาน, การ เบิกความ เท็จ และ ทำ หน้าที่ เป็น หมู่ คน โง่ จ้าง ตัวแทน จำหน่าย ยา prostitutes, vandals และ บุคคล ที่ น่า รังเกียจ อื่น ๆ เป็น กลุ่ม ที่ เรียก ว่า "ความ ลับ ของ รัฐ จดทะเบียน ตำรวจ Informants".

ระบบ squads คน โง่ เป็น ประเทศ. ที่ แท้จริง เป็น "ฟรี" และ "อเมริกัน" ใน เวลา เดียวกัน และ โปรด ใช "ฟรี สุนทรพจน์" เรา คน เดียว อาจ ต้อง ทำ นอก พรมแดน ของ อเมริกา ใน ที่ ปลอดภัย บาง. ฉัน ต้องการ จะ เป็น ส่วน หนึ่ง ของ ที่ อยู่ นอก สหรัฐอเมริกา "Real News Network" หรือ ใน การ ช่วย แนะนำ ช่วย รับ งาน และ ช่วย ได้ พำนัก ผู้ ที่ อเมริกัน ด้วย ความ รัก ชาติ ไม่ เต็มใจ ที่ จะ ปวง บ่าว และ ใช้ โดย ผู้ กระทำความผิด จัด ให้ การเงิน ของ พวก เขาชั่ว, beatings, ระเบิด, ข่มขืน, ฆ่า และ ตัด ขายส่ง ออก ของ โลก. ฉัน ต้องการ จะ เป็น ส่วน หนึ่ง ของ การ จัด สหรัฐอเมริกา รัฐธรรมนูญ สนับสนุน การ เคลื่อนไหว ด้วย ความ รัก ชาติ อดีต คน รัก ชาติ อเมริกัน.

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American Movimento de Resistência

Se houver um coletados, organizados e motivados grupo de indivíduos que pretendem ter de volta o governo norte-americano das forças sombra da guerra, corporações, banqueiros, traficantes e outros criminosos organizados, eles podem ter de realizar fora os E.U. para figurar a melhor maneira de obter a palavra para a maioria das pessoas.

Vamos supor que as tradicionais de rádio, televisão a cabo, internet e pode ser desligada e / ou completamente controlada pela fantasmas puxando as cordas do fantoche dos líderes E.U.. Teria de haver uma outra maneira de informar. Nós, o povo pode ter de recorrer à Ham rádio e impressão de jornais cresceu em casa, folhetos e entregá-los para fora, uma pessoa para outra, tendo advogados americanos Patriot fora os E.U..

Se as tropas E.U. juramento de apoiar e defender a Constituição E.U., o que se gosta de George HW Bush, George W. Bush, e Barack Obama são meros bonecos pronta para desmontar, e tornar nula e sem efeito, a Constituição E.U.? Caso não as tropas E.U. então fazer o que for necessário para restaurar a Constituição E.U. servindo com civis interessados em restaurar a América para que os nossos antepassados se?

Apoio criminosos organizados com o dinheiro (impostos) e em fazer parte do crime organizado a cometer atos ilegais é ilegal, não é? Caso as nossas tropas de E.U. ser os instrumentos do crime organizado e os senhores da droga?

Eu comprei no BS do "sonho americano" pré 9-11. Eu estava no caminho da prostituição, a heroína e distribuição de crack, e parou de tentar corrigir a corrupção pública e os gângsteres do crime organizado que é a Polícia do Estado de Connecticut e tribunais. O gerente de campanha para o candidato do Partido Verde para Governadora do Connecticut foi colocada na Polícia do Estado de Connecticut Secret lista de inimigos e detidos em vista a enfrentar anos, se não décadas na prisão, com base no depósito típico Connecticut Polícia do Estado de falsos relatórios, a supressão ea fabricação de provas, falso testemunho, e agir como um esquadrão goon empregando traficantes, prostitutas, vândalos e outros vermes como uma gangue chamada "Confidencial" Estado de registro da Polícia informantes ".

O sistema de jagunços é de âmbito nacional. Para ser verdadeiramente "livre" e "americano", ao mesmo tempo e se sentir livre exercício "Free Speech", Nós, o povo só poderia ter que fazer isso fora das fronteiras da América, em algum lugar seguro. Gostaria de fazer parte de qualquer fora os E.U., "Real News Network", ou para ajudar a aconselhar, ajudando a conseguir trabalho, e ajudando a obter unidades aqueles que são patriotas americanos não querem ser escravos e utilizados por criminosos organizados para financiar suas maldades, espancamentos, ataques, estupro, assassinato e rasgar o grosso fora do mundo. Gostaria de fazer parte de qualquer organização, E.U. Constituição apoio Patriótica Ex-Patriot movimento americano.

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[click here] for a post and more links on the theme of considering becoming a Patriotic US Ex-Patriot

This blogger's email: stevengerickson@yahoo.com


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I mean that you have a 'progressive' president that is only doing conservative things. You have a, by dictionary definition, Fascist state, you live where the army and police are in conjunction, there is no governance in congress, there are 2 1/2 wars and troops are going into Yemen NOW, threats to Iran by our parasite Isreal and driving us into a collision there, army suicides are the highest ever, AWOLs are over 50,000 now, nations are considering NOT using the dollar as reserve currency, unemployment is double the 'official' number reported (remember the gov't changed to account rules of who goes on the rolls to cut the number by 50%), no more manufacturing, no credit, bankers hoarding more and more money while their profits skyrocket, and and and and and ................. can I add more to this list? Yes!
Can you think of any reason to stay there?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 2:14:00 PM  

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