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Free Speech Abolished?

Text with below video:
I leave a message for Connecticut State Senators John A. Kissel, and Anthony "Tony" Guglielmo.

I asked citizens of the world to call and leave messages for these two elected officials. If I am not willing to do it myself, why should I ask others to. I ask here:

Should any citizen be a target of a secret State Police "Enemies List" as I am in Connecticut:

This blogger's email: stevengerickson@yahoo.com

I handed [this text] to Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers. She said she'd look into my complaints against Rockville Superior Court Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan. I called Governor M. Jodi Rell's office, today, talked to a staffer about the nature of my complaint against Judge Kaplan, asking that he not be re-appointed by her office, and was allowed to leave a message on Rell's legal counsel's voicemail. So, all three branches of Connecticut government have been notified about Kaplan by me, and also by Chris Kennedy.

"Corporate Thugs" post [click here] for documentaries, videos, text and more

More information:

Janice Smolinski, Mother of Billy Smolinski, just wanted police to investigate the case of her missing, kidnapped, and/or murdered son. No arrests were made in her case, accept for police arresting her for just asking them to do their jobs.

Police in the state of Connecticut celebrate false arrests for DUI, called the "100 Club". Police have golf outings paid for by taxpayers. False arrests lead to the break of marriages, to the break up of families, job loss, and the ruining of lives. In Connecticut this abuse is cause for celebration. Check link above.

Text with video:
Former Norwalk, Connecticut, Mayor William "Bill" Collins talks about police officers abducting citizens while wearing ski masks to beat the suspects at abandoned waterfront warehouses.

Police were showing citizens and elected officials who was really in charge.

Bill Collins testified in front of Judiciary Committee member legislators at the Hartford Capitol. Click link below for the complete Ritt Goldstein, Civilian Overight hearings:

* * * *

* * * *


Procedures for the general public

The procedure for filing a claim with the Commissioner of Claims is as follows
(refer to Chapter 53, Section 4-141, et seq. of the Connecticut General Statutes):

  1. Claimant must file himself, or by an attorney.
  2. Include the name and address of the claimant.
  3. Provide a concise statement of the claim including the date, time, place and circumstances surrounding the claim, the state agency being filed against, and the amount of money requested. The claim must be filed in duplicate.
  4. Statement should include sufficient allegations to show what the State did or failed to do which caused the damage or injury complained of.
  5. A filing fee must be submitted with each claim. The check or money order should be made payable to the Treasurer, State of Connecticut, but be mailed to the Office of the Claims Commissioner. Effective July 1, 1992, Public Act 92-6 requires that a filing fee of $25.00 be paid on each claim for $5000.00 or less, and $50.00 be paid on each claim in excess of $5,000.00.
  6. Claims in amounts of less than $5000.00 must be sworn and notarized and supported by bills, estimates, etc, for exparte hearings.
  7. Claims must be filed within one year of the date of incident.
  8. If the claim is for property damage or personal injury, the claimant should look to his/her insurance carrier for reimbursement. In the event of a deductible, a claimant may file with the Commissioner for the amount of the deductible. An affidavit concerning the existence and amount of coverage, the deductible, and the amount received or to be received from insurance, or the cover sheet of the applicable insurance policy should accompany the claim.

*Claimants should refer to Section 4-142 of the Connecticut General Statutes to insure that statutory notice limitations and statute of limitations are met for "excepted" claims or defective conditions, Section 4-146.

Office of Claims Commissioner
999 Asylum Avenue
Hartford, Connecticut 06105

* * * *

Office of State Ethics


Office of State Ethics
18-20 Trinity Street, Suite 205
Hartford, CT 06106-1660
Main Phone Number: 860-263-2400

Human Rights and Opportunities:

Freedom of Information in Connecticut

Judicial Review Council

* * * *

Victim on Secret Police Enemies List

Text with video:
More info, CLICK HERE:

Steven G. Erickson interviews Stephen Murzin May 22, 2006, about being stabbed 13 times and then arrested when he woke up in the hospital.

Felon on probation, David J. Taylor, wasn't even violated on probation for almost killing 3 people.

Should police officers suck as much as do Colchester Connecticut Officers James Nardella and Scott Thomas do. Should they get away with paying $10,000 to Connecticut State Registered Police Confidential Informants to beat people up, set people up for arrests,and even kill people?

Phillip Inkel was also a victim of police misconduct. Todd Vashon played a role.

Connecticut State Police misconduct is legendary, they shouldn't have a secret "Enemies List" to go after and ruin citizens.

Do we live in a free country, or what?

Police Brutality US Marine gets beaten by Connecticut Police his brother gets beaten by Troop K Connecticut State Police

* * * *

Ex-Wife of Police Officer Lets Loose

Text with video:
Ex-Wife of Police Officer Lets Loose. Cathy Ellison talks about ex-husband in East Haven Connecticut, domestic assault, police misconduct, DCF women getting drunk with police officers, drug use of police etc.

This phone interview gets best towards the middle and end.

The East Haven mayor was allegedly caught by police using drugs and police helped cover it up.

Cops allegedly getting drunk with female DCF workers in bars passing out baggies of pot.

East Haven Police Officers were allegedly to drunk and high on drugs to return cruisers to the next shift.

White officers target minorities to keep them out of another primarily "White Only" town.

Police retaliate against landlords that don't want prostitutes living off them for free, video:

* * * *

Are Judicial Corruption subjects censored on Wikipedia?
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