Thursday, January 07, 2010

Has my luck run out?

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If you ever wake up to the reality of what is real life, each day after is like living in the Twilight Zone. White is Black, Black is White. For me, it was realizing that all I learned about American freedom, fair courts, how the US Government, and police protecting and serving the public etc. allowed me to be a citizen in the “best country in the world”. I believed the propaganda I had been taught all the way into college. Realizing the truth and then trying to inform others cost me everything once, almost my life, and I fear losing my life again. The powerful lying, and conniving me back into prison again is currently a possibility.

My biggest mistake was investing in the American Dream.

I had traveled to Europe and the former USSR and marveled how nice downtown living was. I grew up in middle upper class suburbs with an in ground swimming pool, tennis, golf lessons, and ski vacations. So, bringing a lingerie model wife [pics, story] who I had met while in Europe, to buy a house in downtown America, was a big mistake. A police officer thinking he had a chance with my wife may have had it out for me, to arrest me, and have me filed away in prison on false charges seemed to be his plan.

If that wasn't it, maybe it was the selectman of Stafford Springs, Connecticut, telling me that if I didn't sell my properties at a loss to his “more important” friends I would really be sorry. I started getting harassed and followed around by the Connecticut State Police after that. I then contacted State Senators John A. Kissel and Anthony "Tony" Guglielmo, proposing Civilian Oversight of Police and court reform. I told each that I planned to sue the Connecticut State Police for violating my civil rights.

The next thing I know I have a druggie felon police informant at each of my property locations threatening me, harassing, and stalking me. State Police had told me before that if I didn't leave the state and shut my big mouth and leave the state I would be arrested and go to prison. Redressing grievances to elected officials may also lead you railroaded to prison.

Reporting Kenny Miers (sp.?) for being a drug dealer, carrying a loaded pistol, who allegedly raped a child, before I was attacked on my property only caused me to be followed around by more cruisers, to and from work, daily. Reporting Stephen Weatherwax for selling drugs, having his kids sell drugs, stealing guns after breaking into houses, and carrying a stolen gun, got me threatened by State Police, saying to me I would be arrested for interfering with police if I didn't shut my big mouth. Stephen Weatherwax even shot a pig in the head [pics, story] in the middle of downtown. So, I learned that police in some states are part of an organized crime organization paid for with tax dollars. Police informants who are prostitutes, vandals, drug dealers, thieves, thugs, and other vermin are their street soldiers. These soldiers even help with the filing of fraudulent police reports, making false statements, perjury, and railroading targeted citizens to prison. Informants might even be paid tax dollars to whack citizens for filing police misconduct complaints.

I got sentenced to a year in prison for resisting being beaten up on my own property by a police informant that had been stalking and harassing me for weeks, and tried to, or did attack me 7 more times before my kangaroo trial. Recently a drug dealer son of a candidate who may run for Connecticut Governor either tried to commit armed robbery or did and got probation. Rapists, violent criminals, and others can commit crimes while on probation and not get prison. A probation officer can commit hundreds of counts of rape and not go to prison and gets a full pension paid by taxpayers.

Jobs are hard to come by for anyone who had been convicted of anything and who has gone to prison. I really wanted to keep my mouth shut about an alleged former cocaine dealer who I worked for selling used cars. I was his top salesperson. But, I didn't want to put up with the groping, sexual propositions, and hostile work environment either. He would take money out of my pay almost every pay period. He did it to others, drove home from work almost everyday drunk, drove drunk with his young kids, talked about having sex with kids, including his own, etc. In America it could cost you your freedom, your life, and/or all of your money and assets reporting powerful criminals to powerful criminals in the system.

The used car dealer told me that he would pay $10,000 cash to have thugs he knew in New York, take care of me. That is if I tried to collect unemployment, informed on him, and/or if I tried to bring him to court. I also believe my life could be in jeopardy for reporting the used car dealer's former boss to the State of New Hampshire and Vermont for questionable business practices selling new and used cars. So, for reporting crimes, being ripped off, and trying to get remedy in court, I might get beaten up by hired thugs, get falsely arrested and again railroaded to prison, or maybe this time, killed.

So, if I end up dead, maybe I should have learned to keep my mouth shut. Powerful “business people”, the police, and their minions in the court system actually run everything and complaining can only cause your family to break up, for you to lose your job, home, the sum total of your life, maybe even your life. So, is Free Speech really free in America?

Mark Lanoue had promised to pay me, reneged twice. I planned on taking all of my blogs and videos down, and working out of the area, living a new life. Staying here might just lead to my death with no funeral, no marker, no fanfare.

-Steven G. Erickson

If I had learned the lessons put out by out in a book and video:
"End of America" by Naomi Wolf, would I have ever blogged, shot and posted video, or have reason to?


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