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Judges Bribed $45,000 Each to fix LA Cases?

I spent a half hour tonight listening to someone who wishes to remain anonymous. I need to sift through mounds of evidence. The gist, or main allegations, is that Countrywide Home Loans has stolen 100 million (or billion, I thought he said it with a "b"), from taxpayers, and lawyers in LA are being put in solitary confinement and in mental hospitals [one example] when they question the theft and judicial corruption and other misconduct of judges. So, tonight, I feel a little strange, as I believe the evidence, and what I have been told. The magnitude of this story has the potential to be quite great.

The new president of Bank of America is alleged to have received $200 Billion in taxpayer bailout money.

I wanted to sit on this story to negotiate with others to produce a documentary. Anonymous told me that a major television news reporter wanted to run the story, but was told it was a forbidden subject to cover by the corporate owner. Documents and tips were allegedly given to the Los Angeles FBI and they're refusing to investigate and follow up on leads for ten years. Would there have been a financial crisis if the FBI did their jobs? Is California judicial corruption the epicenter for the worldwide economic free fall?

Allegedly judges are paid by the State of California and LA illegally slips them $45,000 each for the last ten years to rig cases. Anonymous claims that evidence on computers is completely fabricated and/or false in large numbers of cases. Victims of the abuse, and targeting, are reportedly in the 10's of thousands. There might also be evidence that those who had to testify and/or give evidence to Congress, gave false statements and manufactured bogus files.

A key perpetrator in a possible major banking scandal bankrupting the entire country is a judge who likes to take pictures of naked women painted as cows. [Judge Alex Kozinski pictures and story, including pic of nude woman painted as a cow]Alex Kozinski, chief judge of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, might just decide the fate of up to 50 million people in the California region of courts, himself.

Another tip involves a lobbyist paid for with judge bribe money to have legislators secretly hide a pardon for all California judges for wrongdoing in the financial crisis. The legislation was allegedly sneakily passed Feb. 2009, possibly as budget legislation with a lot of pages to bury it from prying eyes.

How the bulk value of mainstream America's cash and assets have been plundered by corporate crooks and their judge friends could possibly be revealed by this one story. Once an entire country has been ripped off beyond penniless, maybe having to work a lifetime to pay back debt incurred due to the largest banking crimes to date, where do you go from here?

The monarchy of judges has gone medieval on average Americans, and especially on attorneys who have broken ranks.

The scope - over 10 years, over 200 judges, over 100 commissioners, it is the largest court system in the US, and it was caught racketeering as a whole. ALL JUDGES GOT PARDONS ON FEBRUARY 20, 2009. The US Department of Justice, those who were told weren't sleeping.

Level of political figures involved:
Diane Feinstein, US Senator - issued congressional inquiries
Kenneth Kaiser - assistant director FBI - provided fraudulent response to congress
Kenneth Melson - director, Office of US Attorney General - provided fraudulent response to congress
Alex Kozinski - Chief Judge of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, issued a fake order to cover up on racketeering by judges.
Brian Moynihan - President of Bank of America
Angelo Mozilo - former President - Countrywide.

More as I dig through files and video testimony.

* * * *
* * * *

10-01-19 Addendum to Complaint filed with US Dept of Justice Inspector General Glenn Fine.
Glenn Fine, Inspector General
US Department of Justice
By email and by fax

Dear Inspector General Glenn Fine:

Please accept this letter as an addendum to complaint against Kenneth Kaiser - Assistant Director, FBI, and Kenneth Melson - Director, Office of US Attorney General. The complaint alleged that these two senior US officer refused to perform their duties, and engaged in fraud on US Congress, in written responses to August 2008 inquiries by the Honorable Dianne Feinstein, Senator, and the Honorable Diane Watson, Congresswoman. Such inquiries pertained to my requests that the US provide equal protection for the ten million residents of Los Angeles County, California, in view of overwhelming evidence of widespread corruption and racketeering by the judges in this county.

Linked below [1] is my most recent correspondence in this matter with the office of the Clerk of the United States Court, Los Angeles, Terry Nafisi. Such correspondence goes back at least half a year, pertaining to my requests to access court records, to inspect and to copy, and my allegations of fraud in design and operation of case management systems - PACER & CM/ECF at the United States Courts. Such systems were employed to pervert justice in the following two cases, among many:

1) [names snipped] et al (2:08-cv-01550)

Defendants included ten (10) judges of the Los Angeles Superior Court, Countrywide/Bank of America, Angelo Mozilo – then President, Sandor Samuels – then Chief Legal Officer, and others. Allegations were of conduct that amounted to racketeering by Countrywide/Bank of America Corporation and others at the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles.

2) Fine v Sheriff Department of Los Angeles County (2:09-cv-01914)

Petition for a writ of habeas corpus by Richard Fine, 70 yo, former US Prosecutor, seeking his release from false hospitalization by the Los Angeles Sheriff since March 4, 2009. His false arrest, with no warrant, took place in open court, Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, less than two weeks after retroactive immunities/pardons were signed for all judges of that court, following exposure by Richard Fine that all judges of that court took illegal payments for over a decade, at over $45,000 per judge per year.

It was alleged that in both cases, complaints filed in the US District Court, Los Angeles, were adulterated, and justice was perverted by a team that included:

1) Magistrate Carla Woehrle

2) Clerk of the Court Terry Nafisi

3) Deputy Clerk (“Pro Se Clerk”) Chris Sawyer

4) Magistrate Woehrle’s Courtroom Assistant Donna Thomas – falsely acting as Deputy Clerk.

5) US Judge Virginia Phillips ([names snipped]), and US Judge John Walter (in Fine v Sheriff).

Refusal of the US District Court to allow access to the court files in these cases and others, is inexplicable. Refusal of Clerk of the Court Terry Nafisi, for months, to answer any questions regarding integrity of the dockets and court records in these cases, must likewise, be interpreted as nothing more than “taking the Fifth”.

Conduct of the US Court, Los Angeles, upon review, must be deemed as collusion in racketeering by the judges of the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles and Bank of America Corporation – recipient of some $200 billions in bailout funds in the current financial/integrity crisis.

Circumstances exposed in Los Angeles County, California, in such cases as listed above, provide the ultimate explanation for the dysfunctional US banking regulation system. There was and there is no way to exert honest, valid, and effectual banking regulation on the foundation of corrupt courts.

Dated January 19, 2010.

[name snipped]
Los Angeles County, California

1) Brian T Moynihan- President, Bank of America Corporation (BAC), former BAC General Counsel in the period pertaining to the complaint to US Court, Los Angeles.
2) Office of the US Comptroller of the Currency, as an addendum to complaint against BAC # 00971981
3) UN High Commissioner on Human Rights
4) Basel Accords Committee, including Kevin Bailey – Deputy Comptroller of the Currency, and US Representative to the Basel Accords Committee
5) Mary Schapiro -SEC Chair, as an addendum to complaint against BAC, receipt confirmed by MS Schapiro on January 6, 2010.
6) David Kotz – SEC Inspector General, as an Addendum to complaint regarding failure of SEC to enforce the law on BAC.
7) Eric Thorson – US Department of the Treasury Inspector General, as an addendum to complaint regarding failure of Office of Thrift Supervision and Office of Trade Commission to enforce the law on Countrywide in 2007.

* * * *
* * * *

Imagine having Banksters stealing millions from you and a judge who conspired with them puts you in prison to cover up the crime. Richard Hettler doesn't have to imagine that. Law enforcement officials came to his house putting guns to his head telling him not to lodge complaints against the judge in his case.

Richard Hettler's testimony to Congress and the US Senate, regarding Petters and the Banking Scandals

[click here] for:

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tom Petters, International Scammer, a Flight Risk

I just talked by phone with a victim who was swindled out of millions. He says Tom Petters probably bought one of his airplanes just with the millions, he stole from him. There are countless other victims, and complicit judges are the main culprits for this abuse being so blatant and widespread. US Congressman and US Senators, such as Patrich Leahy, have been informed of this problem. There are a number of us out to film and document these courageous efforts.

Tom Petters


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