Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scott Brown asks Mitt Romney to be his GOP VP

Above picture was maliciously stolen [from here] with disregard for ethics and copyright

Scott Brown after viewing Obama's State of the Union address last night was heard to have said, "Is that joker really President?" [1]

After tipping back several dark brews, not from the Samuel Adams brewery, Scott Brown told a casual eavesdropper, me, that he intended on having Mitt Romney run as his Vice President on the Republican ticket in 2012. Brown did pee on my shoes in men's room as he spoke with someone sounding like Romney on his cell phone. He turned to where I was peeing in the adjacent urinal, hitting my shoes, saying "yes" to the caller on the phone. [1]

Brown didn't hit my socks, nor did he get any on my pants that would show, and none soaked in. I looked down and said, "You better have me as part of your cabinet, and I think I can do a better job than Hillary Clinton. Will you consider me?" [1]

Brown belched, kissed me on the cheek, and said, "Yes." [1]

I walked out back to the bar and asked the bartender for the sweetest 12 year old he had. I was poured my favorite single malt 12 year old Scotch Whiskey on the rocks.

I got word that Biden told Obama, recently, that he is just too old to be VP next time around and that he (Obama) had a snow ball's chance in hell of being elected next round, and found out that Obama is considering Rod Blagojevich as his Vice President in the upcoming election. Obama was heard to say, "If Donald Trump can respect Rod's business sense, so can I." [1]

Image stolen [from here]

I had more Scotch, drank some more beer, and told my buddy Scott that Obama looked green on my old television that surprisingly still worked. Scott Brown broke out in a Sesame Street tune, "It isn't easy being green." [1]

I didn't have my video camera, and I couldn't find a video that would match what I heard, but this is a much more militant, and better version, of what I could find that would be appropriate, but posted it below anyway:

It's Not Easy Being (a) Green (Revolutionary)

Text with above video:
A resurgence of protests across Iran this week, sparked by National Student Day -- and the expected crackdown in return. A special guest dropped by In The Loop to offer his reflections.

Jeff Horwich is the non-frog in the picture.

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