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Target on Enemies List

[Connecticut State Police Intelligence units were out to covertly put the self-employed out of their homes, break up their families, have police informants beat and terrorize them, and put as many in prison as is possible]. A man rapes a 3 year old and the police, and riggers of the courts rather go revenue collecting, after the self-employed, and target legal gun owners, then to go after actual criminals. Authorities farm crime, they want job security. If Governor Dannel P. Malloy is okay with the above, is he okay with Connecticut State Police, or other operatives possibly shooting children at the Sandyhook Newtown, Connecticut, school to end the 2nd Amendment in the US? [I ask him, click for text
stevengerickson AT yahoo.com

video added July 12, 2012: raw footage that will be shown to US Congress and will be part of final cut of movie, "Lawless America" [Updates, more videos, links] [more videos]
"Person of Interest" designation for Steven G. Erickson, widely distributed among Troops of the Connecticut State Police, Capitol Guard, Hartford Police, and Special State Police Investigative Unit. The above is a poor copy off a pdf file, copied from the original distributed among police, probably in color as part of the Connecticut State Police Secret Enemies List special day handout. Is [this] what Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell, or her staff, would want me arrested on sight for?

A printed copy of [this blog page] was part of the file.

I have a liveleak.com video to go with this post that isn't ready to post yet. The above picture was part of a packet distributed at police role calls in Connecticut, mainly at the time of Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell's inauguration, and parade, in Jan. '07. Why should a blogger's name, picture, and information, along with one of his blog posts printed out for large amounts of police officers to read? There are about 3 and 1/2 million people in Connecticut. I was one of about 5 individuals on their daily "target" list with very prominent mention, page after page, of their police memos. I knew if I was seen out in public, I would be arrested on sight in public in Connecticut. Ken Krayeske did show up in public, and was then arrested on sight.

How professional can a police department be considered if they arrest citizens to face prison for having tested free speech?

The Connecticut State Police Goon Squad didn't want any parts of their memos disseminated to the public or media. If you click to make the below bigger, you'll see there is a warning to insiders not to share the memos.

click image to make bigger

Chris Kennedy talks about stalker judge, Jonathan J. Kaplan

Steven G. Erickson and Ken Krayeske are set up near CNN filming and taking pictures of candidate, Barack Obama. Neither of us worried about being arrested on sight for being near Obama.

added Jan. 12, 2010, 9:50 AM EST:

This is part of a comment I received by email:

"Good job on the story - but a few quick corrections you need to make.

[mid-section of anonymous comment, snipped]

i would have the blues if i saw this for the first time, too.

muddy water blues...."

Thank you, that was Paul Rodger singing "Muddy Water Blues" in the background of a posted video above.

I know how "the list" and targeting of citizens evolved. Barbara Sattal [pics and story], a police informant, tasked for ruining me, and setting me up, shared her information with me. I wrote letters to the editor and proposed Civilian Oversight of Police legislation. I saw part of my file that was distributed to police officers at roll call. Police in Connecticut sometimes stop at nothing to really do in citizens.

Tax dollars are used to pay private investigators and police informants to do the spying, dirty work, beating up, killing, and/or setting up of citizens with "Big Mouths". I know from talking to, and hearing testimony, and getting tips from police informants and those who have worked as, or with, private investigators.

I have talked extensively with retired police officers, insiders, judicial branch insiders, and others who each have a piece of the puzzle. Without having actual paperwork, for each of the pieces, I have only scratched the surface on most of what I post.

A copy of what I wrote printed in letters to the editor, color photos of me, taken without my knowledge while I was working fixing up my Connecticut properties, my former properties, before being taken down by police and rigged courts for being on "the list".

Ritt Goldstein [video and post] organized a special hearing in front of Connecticut Judiciary Committee legislators in Dec. 1996 and was so terrorized by police he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum. Goldstein proposed Civilian Oversight of Police legislation. Do you see a pattern here?

For writing what I did in newspapers, printed as letters to the editor, for proposing court reform and civilian oversight of police legislation, and for exposing the Connecticut State Police "Prosti-tot" involvement with underage girls and prostitutes, drug dealers, running their own crime ring, the Connecticut State Police brass wanted me to surfer horrifically and then be killed.

Stephen Murzin, a US Marine who came home to Connecticut made a police misconduct complaint having seen Phil Inkel being beaten up by police officers for having made a police misconduct complaint for having seen the same officers beating up a teen at McDonalds for wearing baggy pants. The officers were caught and prosecuted for having paid a police informant $10,000 cash to kill Inkel and Murzin. Todd Vashon got cold feet and it ended up on the news. Murzin was then stabbed multiple times by a felon on probation. Murzin was arrested and faced 6 months in prison for being stabbed, the felon who almost killed him and two others wasn't even violated on probation. Do a word search on Stephen Murzin.

So, these papers from Jan. 2007, sent out for the inaugural parade, and swearing in of Governor Rell, are only the tip of the iceberg. The reality of what the police, members of the judiciary, and powerful people behind the scenes; what these people are actually doing might be too disturbing for most citizens to actually believe to be able to be occurring EVERYDAY.

Thanks for taking time to email me.
-Steven G. Erickson

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[click here] for more information

Activist Claims State Police Engaged In 'Political Spying' Online

Jon Lender Government Watch [source, The Hartford Courant]

A political activist and free-lance journalist who is suing the police over his arrest in Hartford at Gov. M. Jodi Rell's 2007 inauguration parade says he has found evidence that state police used phony e-mail identities to gather information on political activities.

The state police engaged in "political spying" using "cloaked Connecticut State Police addresses" to "subscribe to e-mail bulletin boards and lists … that contain political information relating to the Green Party, the Democratic Party" and political activists, plaintiff Kenneth Krayeske of Hartford says in federal court papers.

The office of state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has filed a reply saying that Krayeske "relies not upon reasonable inferences drawn from the facts … but, rather, on innuendo and speculation."

John Danaher, the state's commissioner of public safety, said he cannot comment on the pending lawsuit. Speaking generally, he said that while state police "frequently use assumed identities" for criminal investigations, politics is off-limits.

"It would be limited to the investigation of criminal activity only," Danaher, whose department includes the state police, said in a Dec. 7 interview. He said that under state police rules, it is "prohibited to investigate political activity, overtly or covertly."

Krayeske's claims are in a thick stack of papers he filed Nov. 25 in hopes of persuading a federal judge to reconsider a Nov. 6 decision granting motions to dismiss Krayeske's case against the state police — leaving intact only one claim to go to trial against the Hartford city police officer who arrested him.

Krayeske was arrested Jan. 3, 2007, as he took pictures of Rell during the parade. He was charged with breach of peace and interfering with police, held 12 hours on $75,000 bail, then released after it was too late to lead a protest outside Rell's inaugural ball. The charges were dropped later.

Krayeske, who acted as campaign director for Green Party gubernatorial candidate Cliff Thornton in 2006, says he was targeted because he criticized Rell publicly — partly by means including his website, the40yearplan.com. He was identified by state police as one of several "persons of interest" who might pose a threat, and his picture was in a two-page state police security flier given to Hartford police on parade duty.

Now, in support of his pending motion for reconsideration of the federal judge's Nov. 6 ruling, Krayeske has submitted copies of e-mails that he obtained from state police files in the course of the 2-year-old lawsuit. The printouts contain two electronic addresses: theseriousbrother@ yahoo.com and eforpeace@hotmail.com.

Courant e-mails sent recently to both of those addresses drew automated replies of "undeliverable."

"Theseriousbrother" address was on an e-mail that the state police provided to Krayeske in response to a request for public records. The e-mail, kept in police files, contained a copy of a Green Party campaign release dated Oct. 16, 2006 — and Krayeske claims that "theseriousbrother" account was used by state police to subscribe to the yahoogroups.com account to which the Green Party sent updates.

The state police blacked out "theseriousbrother" e-mail account name when they gave it to him, on the grounds that it was an investigative technique they didn't have to disclose, Krayeske said.

His lawyer at the time, Kevin M. Smith, questioned state police Lt. Mark Cassista about the e-mail in a sworn deposition last Feb. 13: "Do you have any idea who theseriousbrother, a Yahoo e-mail account, was?"

Cassista, who had participated in the state police inauguration parade security operation as then-commander of the department's central criminal intelligence unit, said he didn't know who "theseriousbrother" was but went on to say that "we have e-mails we use in the intelligence [operation] as to try to cloak our identities as being police officers" to "gather information."

"About political parties?" Smith asked.

"No, sir," Cassista answered.

But Krayeske says the state police violated their own prohibition by using the unexplained e-mail address to transmit internally a Green Party release.

He makes a similar charge with regard to the "eforpeace" e-mail account, which he said was used in 2006 to send a copy of another activist's upcoming political protest to an internal state police e-mail address referred to as "Trooper, Governors."

He says in his court papers that the "eforpeace" e-mail was used to sign up for bulletins from the Central Connecticut State University Progressive Student Alliance Committee. When one of those bulletins advertised an October 2006 rally for DeStefano's Democratic gubernatorial campaign, an "eforpeace" e-mail went to the state police containing a copy, Krayeske's documents say.

Danaher, the public safety commissioner, wouldn't comment on whether "theseriousbrother" or "eforpeace" addresses were used by the state police, saying he couldn't talk directly about the case while the lawsuit is pending.

But, in general, he gave the following examples of legitimate police use of false identities: a police officer posing as a 13-year-old girl in a chat room while investigating a suspected child molester, or an officer "trading e-mails" with someone in a violent organization to see if criminal activity is planned.

Krayeske, now a law student, also said Rell's chief of staff, M. Lisa Moody, forwarded to the state police governor's security detail an e-mail that a state employee had sent to her, in which Krayeske had advertised a civil rights rally on the steps of the Supreme Court Jan. 30, 2007, while his criminal case was still pending. Krayeske cited it as another indication of improper scrutiny of political activity. Rell's office declined comment on the allegation.

•Jon Lender is a reporter on The Courant's investigative desk, with a focus on government and politics. Contact him at jlender@courant.com, 860-241-6524, or c/o The Hartford Courant, 285 Broad St., Hartford, CT 06115.

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Mr Lender ,the rule of law is of the most primary of the USA & Mr Krayeske's certainly seem to have been violated. The more people that know of this case the more likely a fair judgement will be made & criminals among the police punushed. This is what newspapers & the First Amendment were created for. Thank you.
ricbee (01/02/2010, 9:48 PM )

Jon - stop going after the (boring) low-hanging fruit. If you ever hope to win the Pulitzer, I recommend you remove the horse-blinders and look into Chris Dodd and the other seditious, corrupt career pols that have RUINED this state.
CunninLinguist (12/23/2009, 8:30 PM )

More important issues, Joe? Really? More important than the Hartford cops singling out a political opponent and rousting him for taking pictures at a parade? More important than the possibility that the State force is actively involved in political espionage?

You may think Krayeske's a crank. And I would agree. But few matters would be more important than finding out whether State cops "monitor" legitimate political discussion, just to make sure nothing gets too damaging to the Governor or her administration.
doejowns (12/20/2009, 7:48 PM )

More important issues out there John to write about. Find them please.
Joebigcat (12/20/2009, 4:50 PM )

aah, danaher, if it's prohibited, then cops play nice? bs. cops always break the law. maybe if it wasn't so rampant, we'd believe you. COINTELPRO!!!
bicyclereporter (12/20/2009, 1:48 PM )

RE: indy-ct's comment - "this bufoon", to whom are you referring? Mr Krayeske? or one of the CT law enforcers? I see it that all of the CT law enforcers mentioned in the article have smeared mud all over the incident.
HartfordCitizen (12/20/2009, 12:17 PM )

See the documents here:
wtcards (12/20/2009, 11:27 AM )

Although I find Mr. Krayeske's column not to be the most enlightened, I agree that the State of CT's law enforcement agency is out of line. The reference to there being a line between criminal and politics.. is that part a joke? The party which was being 'threatened' was the state of Connecticut governor. I think that the 'security threat' was a convenient way to thwart adverse policital opinion, and that falls under freedom of speech. I'd use that as my defense. Do I think that any CT judges read blogs, no. But I still have a need to express my opinon, freely.
HartfordCitizen (12/20/2009, 9:47 AM )

i predict a poor law career for this bufoon
indy-ct (12/20/2009, 8:36 AM )

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My email: stevengerickson@yahoo.com

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Added Oct. 5, 2010:

At about the same time Connecticut State Police were out to arrest blogger, journalist, and Green Party Campaign Manager Ken Krayeske for coming up after a google alert for Governor M. Jodi Rell's name, he was arrested on sight. Criminals who invaded the home of Dr. William Petit, sodomized his 11 year old daughter, raped his wife and other daughter, and set them and the house on fire were at large. While police are chasing bloggers for exercising free speech the real criminals roam free.

[click here] for:

11 year old sodomized and set on fire

From left: Hayley, Michaela and parents Jennifer and Dr. William Petit.

* * * *
* * * *

[click here] for:

Soldiers and Cops have Dibs on Girls and Women

Steven G. Erickson, pictures below, before police, judge, lawyers, and government official retaliation for his free speech, wanting to improve Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and for proposing Civilian Oversight of Police and Judicial Reform to elected officials. Ritt Goldstein proposed Civilian Oversight of Police before legislators on the Connecticut Judiciary Committee back in December 1996 at an official hearing in Hartford, Connecticut, and was then attacked on his property, arrested, and was so terrorized by police that he sought political asylum in Sweden. [This is the video that pissed off police and the revenue collection system of lawyers, judges, and court operators].

My former wife, I, Steven G. Erickson in Florida in some time 1994 to 1996

Steven G. Erickson's current phone number as of November 2012:

Judges + Lawyers = Organized Crime?

Look at what we have for "candidates" in America:


[click here] for text of email to the Connecticut Judiciary Committee which includes a video of me testifying in front of the Judiciary Committee and more links.

My complaint to the USDOJ that wasn't looked into or passed on [click here]

My complaint to the FBI [click here]

My email: stevengerickson At Yahoo Dot Com


Steven G. Erickson mugshot, Opednew.com post [click here]

Steven G. Erickson in 2001 before being a victim on Connecticut's "Target List"

Police told me that they did not wanting me having a Corvette and did not wanting me dating any women. Police followed me around, sometimes 2 cruisers at a time to enforce their "No Dating Policy" on me. An owner of a pizza and delivery restaurant who is not white, was run out of business and out of town for dating White girls and women that Connecticut State Police figured they had dibs on.

My current address as of today, Nov. 16, 2012, is PO Box Eight Seventy Four Brattleboro, VT 05302 USA.

In the US, it is okay for police and "important" people to think they can take your wife, your daughter, your home, and run you out of business on a whim. There are no legitimate courts, judges, lawyers, and there are no checks and balances. This is what you paid tax dollars for, to take this away from me:

UN/Corporate Peon, not US Veteran?

Text with video shot Nov. 14, 2012:
I. Steven G. Erickson, got asked today if I have thanked a US Veteran for my freedom. I was so angry I could crap my pants, but I decided to let go here on a LiveLeak.com Your Say. [Click here for links to more of what I am talking about, scroll down in post]

Are soldiers and US veterans just being used as slaves and medical experiments by international organized crime, bankers and corporate pirates?

Why not word search the NDAA, Smedley Butler, forgotten founding father James Wilson, the Patriot Act,, Martial Law, Aaron Russon, the US Police State, SOPA, PIPA, and if you are in New York, New Jersey, parts of Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and other states hit by Hurricane Sandy, you know first hand about the lying puppets of international organized crime called "The US Government".

Is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA something that lawyers and judges use in their paperwork which really is a foreign corporation because it is capitalized and considered another entity by them? [more]

Would you like to know where DHS Homeland Security Fusion Centers are so you know after you are sent to FEMA Camp? [US locations, click here]

The UN can set up check points in the US, called "Choke Points" as they may own the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, Independence Hall in Pennsylvania, and about 98% of "public land" and probably you too. [post]

And yes, the TSA molests children ...

Do you as a UN Slave called a US Citizen want to sign a petition to secede from the Union? It is probably an issue in 34 States with the possibility of Texas and Maine getting the highest percentages of signatures. Opednews.com has an annoying pop up. It is where great minds go to write and read. Rob Kall has a wonderful website, too bad he turns off first time visitors with an annoying pop up you can click out of once for the day. [Opednews.com piece on 34 States and the petition to secede] from UN International Corporate Bankster Organized Crime

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Nov. 8, 2013, update to this post:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Steven:

I looked up your blog, and I realize that you possibly have not connected the dots, or otherwise, refrained from stating the obvious.

Undercover narcotic police and other agencies control the drug markets in urban areas, at least in Los Angeles, and making large sums of moneys in the process. You were interfering with their business...

The story was exposed in Los Angeles twice:
a) First - in 1997 report of the US Justice Department regarding CIA trafficking of cocaine to Los Angeles County - purportedly to fund Iran-Contra.
b) In reports regarding the Rampart scandal (1998-2000). The scandal itself erupted when Rafael Perez, an undercover narcotics officer was caught stealing 6 pounds of cocaine from police safe. In the aftermath, a Consent Decree was signed in June 2001, where one of the key stipulations was a requirement for periodic financial disclosures by undercover narcotic officers. However, the Overseer for Civil Rights pursuant to the Consent Decree, US Judge Gary Feess, never enforced that stipulation.


[Name snipped]

I never heard back from you after your first message. Please let me know if you are still interested.

Sunday, January 17, 2010 12:12:00 PM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

Phone # above is no longer good for me. I don't check my email as often as I should, but my email is stevengerickson@yahoo.com

Friday, November 04, 2016 11:11:00 PM  

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