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Black Listed in the USA?

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If you are a rival candidate in a US election, their campaign staff, or just an annoying blogger like me, can you be blacklisted, put on a State's Secret Enemies List where you can be arrested on sight, charges made up, and you are whisked off to jail to be held as a political prisoner? Well a plaintiff in a Federal Case regarding being on target lists is in process now. His name is Kenneth "Ken" Krayeske How this case is handled might just determine whether America is really a "Free" Country and might also be concrete proof that all courts in the US are just complete bullshit, rigged before cases are even held. [click here for the story]

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US Blacklisting and Rigging Federal Cases?

Will the handling of a current federal case prove that the US is the new Soviet style abuse State?


If you are a rival candidate for a position, a member of their staff, or a journalist covering the election should you be Blacklisted, put on a State Police Secret "Enemies List" and then arrested on sight, charges made up, evidence manufactured, witnessed coerced, and false police reports originated? Well, it looks like that is the case in Connecticut and probably in ALL US states.

Ken Krayeske might be the individual who proves the United States is not a free country, the US Constitution is null and void, and if you speak out and question the government or about rigged courts, you are to be arrested and held in a US prison as a political prisoner.

Attorney Norm Pattis might just be the best civil right lawyer in Connecticut, was Krayeske's lawyer and may have been terrorized by the State into intentionally dropping the ball. Krayeske, currently a law student, has reportedly obtained a new lawyer.

A confidential source tells me that the Federal Case against state officials in Connecticut seems to have been fixed from the inside to prevent justice. The major perpetrators of the official abuse have allegedly been removed from the civil case by an insider judge in the pending federal case with plaintiff, Ken Krayeske. The Hartford Police Chief seems to be the only one left to be sued civilly by Krayeske. The assumption would be that once the police chief goes to trial, if the case isn't just thrown out without consideration, he'll blame state officials who have already been let off the hook.

I don't have the money or resources to properly report this story. I either need help or I need someone else out there to pick up the ball. I could have major facts incorrect. Krayeske's case might prove there are no checks and balances and courts aren't for the people, there only for citizen abuse, retaliation, for revenue collection, and for protecting the integrity of a government without any hint of honesty or honor.

The reason that I am so concerned about his case is that Ken Krayeske was the Green Party campaign manager for Connecticut Governor in 2006, and I might have been more of a target than Krayeske just for blogging about public corruption. It looks like the Republican Governor, or her staff, may have put rival candidates on the secret enemies "Watch List" to be discredited and ruined, even arrested if an excuse could be found or manufactured. Imagine just running against a candidate with political power and having your life ruined, your family broken up, and having no hope of recourse just for assuming America is American?

I was critical of Republican Governor M. Jodi Rell in my blogs. It looks like I was a more prominent target for the arrest on sight list than was Krayeske. The list is revealing in what is there, and what is not there. A special security detail is given a politically motivated, hunt and ruin, list, and supposed real threats like Al Qaeda, hate groups, and anarchists don't get top billing on an arrest on sight list! Is the terror threat really just manufactured state terror of citizens?

So, the biggest threat to State, and possibly, the nation, are "Idiot Bloggers", like me who expose what we see? So, in the US, free speech can get you a "Go to Jail", "Do not get out for Free", "there is no card", and America being free is just cruel propaganda taught to children?

Do Americans have to fear being hauled off in the middle of the night to face secret detention and any means necessary to extract a false confession? Does anybody out there have any guts and will you do something about this?

Steven G. Erickson is a freelance cameraman, blogger, photographer, documentary producer, screenwriter, sometimes journalist, and can and will travel anywhere if the terms are right. His objective is to reform America's courts, creating a "People's (more...)





Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you thought firing a bad cop was hard, try firing his bad boss

This month in Connecticut, the Republican American reported that a combination of state laws and contractual agreements in place at most law enforcement agencies in Connecticut make it prohibitively difficult to dismiss even the worst of police chiefs there. Apparently, state statutes demand that police chiefs can only be fired after a city proves “just cause” which requires physical evidence of “overt malfeasance”, which puts the burden of proof almost on par of a criminal conviction.

But, so difficult is it to fire police chiefs that towns often have to resort to bribery to buy them out. The report details one case of a police chief from Madison CT who had been accused of solicitation, fraud, and other criminal activities but couldn’t be dislodged from his position until the town paid him $41k a year to retire, on top of his $71k retirement pension.

The article does site legislative efforts in the past to change this, but apparently those failed and the only one they could mention was a bill put forward in 1992. Apparently nothing has been tried since.

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