Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crystal Ball Predictions?

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My mind can wander when I have had scares of life altering occurrences happening. Recently, I feared being beaten, imprisoned, and/or killed just for continuing to lodge complaints, and trying to have a tyrant judge removed, Jonathan J. Kaplan, of Vernon Rockville Superior Court GA #19, Connecticut.

If I had a crystal ball in front of me, what would I predict for America's future?

Well, things have a way of coming full circle, and I can talk from personal experience better than I can from a collective.

I often wonder what would have happened if I had never left Vermont, having moved here in the late 1980's. I had planned on becoming a State Police Officer and living in the outback, buying a cabin, getting married, raising a family, and retiring after living the simple life. I had cop friends, was running, and exercising to pass the physical to go to the academy. Contracting work took off in Massachusetts, I traveled to Europe, met a lingerie model, married her, and missed the HUD auction by one day, and ended up buying a house in Connecticut ... oops!

Well ... back to my predictions.

I thought of becoming a lawyer. Then I saw how sleazy the whole process was, and didn't want to go back to college to become one.

If lawyers were the precipitate to our current dilemma in America, maybe they are the route out too. There are so many lawyers who are legislators. They have an alliance to each other, and where they make money, the Judicial Branch, before they even consider us, We the People, in the Legislative Branch. Ideally there is not supposed to be any co-mingling of the branches, with corrupting backroom deals and influence. The police, governor, Department of Administrative Services (some say domestic spying and procurement agency), and the State's Attorney General, as in Connecticut, are part of the Executive Branch.

If lawyers legislate themselves unlimited power and access to our US tax dollars with immunity and secrecy, Judges and Judicial Managers, are the recipients of monarch-like power. Unchecked power immediately creates tyrants. That is basic human nature.

The lawyers who sold their souls selling us out, are soon to get sold out too. When they are cut out from making money, losing their homes, losing their kids, and their marriages suffer the fate of the rest of us, they'll be the first to scream and get actual action. If lawyers get hauled off to concentration camps, you'll know all bets are off.

Many police officers are starting to voice their concerns. Many of them, when it comes down to it, believe in what is right. If their handlers want to so piss on the US Constitution, most cops would probably break ranks and stand with, and in front, of the abused people.

The worst in our US Government would have to raise a foreign army to put us down. CIA's Al Qaeda, North Korean regulars, and/or mercenaries out of Africa, who don't speak English, could be utilized by the Evil Ones currently controlling the puppet US politicians who appear less, and less, in charge. If foreign armies do invade America at the bequest of America's real ruling elite, fighting back is not treason.

We the People, should work on restoring the US Constitution, the rule of law, and government which represents the people, not corporate, bankster, war industry, organized crime, and drug lord interests.

This is where we are:

I think lawyers, legislators, police, officials, and members of the ruling elite and judges who have sold their souls long ago will begin to break ranks and join us. The pendulum has swung over so far to one side, it has to swing back the other way ...



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