Thursday, February 04, 2010

Disturbance in the Force, My New America

Given my current employment, social, and economic status, and the fact I do not have a PhD or Masters Degree, I'm surprised at the number of people contacting me by email and who I've talked to by phone ... some real brains with impressive life accomplishments.

I've been talking to others all over the world lately. Such a variety of life experiences to draw on.

On many subjects, I fumble around in the dark, trip over something, and think I know what it is. Sometimes I'm right, other times I'm so wrong, it's embarrassing. I'm enough on the right track on some subjects, others are coming out of the woodwork to sharpen the fine points with me. Most would like to continue to be anonymous. Fine with me, I like what I'm learning.

I talked to a prominent attorney that would show well in a documentary. He's enjoyable to talk to and seems to be a nice guy. Surprising for me to say about any lawyer ... [This] is what I thought of the conversation. We haven't traveled in the same circles, so the guessers out there are really out of luck.

I'm probably going to have to tone down my obvious disdain for lawyers, as if things go well, I'm going to be elbow to elbow with them on a project outside courtrooms, probably a documentary with not so subtle overtones.


What advice would I give to my own kids, if I had them to give advice to, or if I had a young adult son or daughter willing to listen to my advice?

Don't get married, don't buy a house, don't buy much, learn a foreign language, keep contacts with others outside the US, consider work outside the US, have a valid passport packed and ready, don't have kids, and be ready with a small amount of cloths, a toothbrush, and be over the border if, and when, things look that bleak ...

* * * *

George Carlin tells it like it is ...

They (politicians) want it all from you to give to their criminal friends on Wall St. We have owners. We keep electing rich prick assholes who don't give a fuck about us. It's all a big club, and you ain't in it. That's in a nutshell what George had to say. RIP

* * * *

"Connecticut State Police Misconduct" or "Connecticut State Police Brutality" ... here are some google word search results:


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